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Flonne App for Windom

PERSONAL JOURNAL: [livejournal.com profile] ritztheditz
AIM SN: Sugoi Tera

NAME: Flonne
SERIES: Disgaea
GENDER: Female
CANON AGE: Appears to be 12
POINT FROM WHICH THEY ARE BEING TAKEN FROM: After the last episode when she turns into a flower and comes back as a fallen angel

COLLEGE YEAR OR PROFESSION: Freshmen year, Student

PERSONALITY: Flonne is your ideal angel. She loves to make people happy and really hates when people fight or argue. However, angels tend to be a little… naïve? Okay, in Flonne’s case, not a little… a lot. Not only that, due to her angelic ways, she’s also very innocent, even as a fallen angel. This tends to cause her to look or come across like a total ditz. Don’t let that fool you, though. She’s not stupid. She’ll get the idea of whatever you’re talking about most the time. She just might not appear to be all that smart. Due to her conversion to a fallen angel, some of her innocence has gone, but for the most part, she’s still pretty innocent and inexperienced when it comes to people. She also tends to scheme a lot more as a fallen angel. Don’t let her silence fool you into thinking she’s just shy or naïve all the time.

Though she has some change in becoming a fallen angel, she is still somewhat the same. She’s kind, sweet, and gentle at nearly all times. She’ll even care for you when no one else does in the end. She’s the type of girl who will stand by your side, if you’re close to her especially, even after she’s found out who you really are. You could plot to take over the world and she’d most likely be there for you as long as she has a reason to. That being said, she’s one of the most polite people you will meet, even when she gets mad or annoyed. She hates being sad or down and will always try to cheer herself up in the end with a smile. Even when she’s in the slumps, she’ll put on an almost convincing smile. Though, that doesn’t always work out the way she plans. She tends to wear her head on her sleeve, causing her emotions to be easily reasonable. But, that won’t stop her from trying to hide them, even if she sucks at it.

Can she lie? Nope! Not at all. As much as Laharl and Etna have been around her, the time that she’s been in the Neitherworld, and her change to a fallen angel has been to her, she’s pretty terrible at lying. Part of that whole, ‘heart on her sleeve’ thing. To ask her to lie would be like saying that she needs to steal something for them. She can’t do it. Even as a fallen angel, she can’t lie and does very bad at if forced to do so. She just tries to stay away from lying and using other techniques instead. She isn’t afraid to cry for someone if they don’t. She’s quite empathetic and somewhat of a bawl baby. Don’t get her wrong, though. She doesn’t do it all the time or anything. But, given the reason, she would cry for an enemy and try to help them if she felt they really deserved it.

Flonne is a passionate person. She’ll do her best at everything she does. Even if she fails a few times, she’ll always try to get up and do it again anyways. She feels that it isn’t success if everything is just handed to you on a silver platter. She believes in hard work as being the key fundamental for true success. Nearly almost all the time, she will stand up for someone if she believes that they were innocent for what happened and even risk her own well being for them. She tends to put other people before her.

Even though she is, for the most part, very patient and understanding, that doesn’t mean she can’t or won’t lose her temper. She just doesn’t try to lose it in the first place. Things get solved with clear heads instead of clouded judgment. She can be stubborn at times, especially if it deals with love or anything to do with the heart. She’s serious about her desire to make everyone understand love and have some of their own. She’s extremely dedicated to her cause and her friends. She’ll follow Laharl and Etna anywhere with such faith, even if she doesn’t agree with them or maybe even their ways.

When it comes to love, no one is crazier about it then Flonne. She adores love and claims it to be the one that conquers all difficulties, problems otherwise hopeless, and that everyone has it; even demons. She will almost literally see love in everything. If there’s a negative, she will find the positive side and stick by it. She’ll even tend to bring it up. Even if she seems to be off her rocker with it, she does have some actual understanding about love and can be very meaningful when she wants to be. She’s even earned the nickname, “Love Freak”, from Laharl, but she doesn’t seem to mind at all. Even though she whole-heartedly believes in love and peace, she also understands that it can’t all be like that and there must be some violence to keep the balance even; Ying and Yang, if you will. Though, she’d rather talk out problems that can be easily solvable rather to fight or argue about it. She’s quite the pacifist.

Love will forever hold the number one spot as far as obsessions go, but there are other things. As odd as it may seem or look, Flonne can be quite the otaku, too. She loves things like ninjas and heroes. She believes that when a hero comes along with a speech, it should be heard because that it is the “correct” thing to do. Giant robots and spaceships are also very fascinating to her. Sadly, she even tends to be quite the shoujo lover. You know, the mushy girly stuff. Some other things about Flonne are the fact that she’s a total klutz and tends to find ways to trip over things in the oddest ways. What about cooking…? Don’t trust her in your kitchen, especially alone. You might just come back to a huge mess or even a blown up kitchen. Evnen if that doesn’t happen, there’s always the food that’s almost always burnt and lost the chance to become editable long ago. Karaoke is fun too… but it’s not for Flonne. Let’s just say Laharl called a song of hers, a “killing song”. So… no singing for Flonne.

APPEARANCE: Fallen Angel Flonne
PRE-GAME HISTORY: Well, let’s start with the basics. There are three worlds that you should become familiar with. First would be Flonne’s world, Celestia. Second would be Laharl and Etna’s world, the Netherworld. And then last but not least would be Jennifer’s world, Earth. Celestia is basically heaven in a nutshell. There’s a grand palace and beautiful flowers growing everywhere. Flonne has always loved them and when she was punished, she requested to be turned into a flower if anything. The human world is your plain & basic world. However, humans have become more daring as to go to the Netherworld to hunt “evil demons” and call themselves heros. Laharl doesn’t seem impressed, but Flonne most defiantly is. The Netherworld is the world for the demons. Most people would call it equivalent to Hell. This is where all the demons are. There, you learn not to trust someone fully. Demons are all about betrayal, self-interests, and lies. However, Flonne hasn’t come to figure this out much.

Flonne started at as an angel-in-training. She was looking forward to earning her wings and becoming a full-fledged angel. Of course, she was happy when she was able to do something to prove her worth. However, what she got was not what she had in mind. Of course, if it was Seraph Lamington, she would go without another word. Her mission? It was to “assassinate the king” located in the Netherworld. Later on we discover there were other reasons why she was sent there, but I’ll explain that when I get to it.

As she was ordered, she went to the Netherlands and searched for two years for the person she was to assassinate. It was then when she finally found the castle that she needed, only to find she was wrong. She was glad to finally find the coffin with the mark of King Krichevskoy on it. It would not open, though. She tried everything, even involving missions and such. In the end, there was finally movement. However, who she found was not King Krichevskoy. Instead, it was his son, Laharl. Laharl was outraged that he was woken up for nothing, but after a while they found a flyer about his father’s death. How did he die? Well… he died from choking on a steamed bun two years prior to that time. Laharl just laughed at his father. Laharl was going to leave without her, but Flonne somehow found her way out of the hole they were in and caught him. She attempted to fight him when a giant spaceship came crashing in.

Enter Jennifer, Gordon, and Tuesday, the robot from Earth. The Defenders of Earth. Flonne was entranced in their presence, but in the end they were flung away and Flonne gave herself a new mission. She was certain that demons could feel love and she was going to prove it. She decided to follow him and teach him how it was like to love. Laharl grew sick just hearing anything about love, but she was determined. She would prove that demons can love and what better person to prove it on then Laharl, “king” of the Netherlands? However, when they were about to leave, there were demons attempting to kill Laharl. Laharl won and took the sword as his own.

Not everything worked the way she wanted, though. After meeting Etna, the pendent that she had that was keeping her safe in the Netherlands was missing! No, Etna did not take it, nor did Laharl, but she accidently dropped it somewhere. She was desperately trying to find it and she asked Laharl to help, saying he would get some composition for it. When it was found and given to her, that “composition” was the feeling of doing something nice. He didn’t want the pendant anyways. It burned his hand holding it because he was a demon and it was something an angel would wear. The culprit in the beginning was an Arch Angel named Vulcanus. He thought she would use the demons and take over Celestia. After which, he had the humans “find it”. They eventually got it from them one way or another.

Laharl had finally claimed the throne, but Gordon and the others were so persistent to save Flonne from the demons. She was not a “servant” to Laharl and lower then the prinnies even. She didn’t mind as long as she would be able to teach him to love. What were they doing otherwise? The humans came with two million ships to take over the Netherworld. Little did they know the angels were involved. This did not go well with Flonne. She didn’t understand why it happened, but she decided to go back to Celestia. Laharl and Etna came to take over Celestia while he was at it.

Flonne, expecting to come back home to be a good then, was wrong. Instead, they were supposedly banned and not welcome. Things happened and some angels took some damage. When they finally reached they area they could find the Seraph after being forced to fight their way there, they found out that it was all Vulcanus’s doing. He wanted to take over the Netherlands and the whole universe. After defeating him, they reached the Seraph. As if it weren’t enough that he was the guilty party, he attempted to get the Seraph to finish them off. He tried saying they were coming to invade Celestia and that Flonne was a traitor.

Lamington was smarter than that. He knew that wasn’t the case and Vulcanus was guilty. After he tried to kill of the Seraph for being “caught under Flonne’s spell”, he was turned into a frog for a few hundred years. Of course, Flonne wasn’t off the hook just yet. Though she’s done so well in the Netherlands, her sin for attacking the other angels could not be over looked and she must be punished for them. Most people would protest, but Flonne didn’t. She didn’t try to get out of it or say any excuses. She fully knew the consequences and would take them without a question or protest.

She gave Laharl the pendant [Which didn’t burn him and she was glad for that] and requested one thing. If she was to be punished, she wanted to become her favorite flower. Laharl and Etna was in outrage and didn’t want her to go through with this. In the end, the Seraph respected her wishes and did so. Her wish had been fulfilled. Laharl felt love, though he’d rather kill you instead of admit it. When she was turned into a flower, for once in his life, he actually cried. He was yelling at the Seraph for doing what he did and called him crueler than any other demon. He attempted to kill the Seraph with every ounce of power he had in him, but he stopped midway, saying that Flonne wouldn’t want that.

More surprising that Laharl actually cried for Flonne’s “death”, he actually took his own life, committing the ultimate sin. He became a prinny in order to bring Flonne back. It was odd, because the next thing she knew, she was alive again. She was not an angel-in-training anymore, though. She had become a fallen angel. She found Etna had become Queen after all and started to teach demon children all about love. When Etna got a report from a prinny that the new guy didn’t work and all he did was sit around, this angered her. They came to find out that this prinny was Laharl.


[Flonne entered the campus, staring at all the people. There was so many people there. She had to wonder how well she’d fit in. She eventually found her class and found herself going up to a few people.]

Hello~ My name is Flonne. I just got here not too long ago so… I’m just trying to make new friends.

[She smiled brightly to them as they kind of conversed back.]

Friendship is amazing. The love for each other is so great! Why, without love, where would we be? I mean, isn’t it better to have someone you care about? I defiantly think that love can win over anything! ♥


Flonne was in deep thought. She was thinking about before and after she became a fallen angel. So much had happened in such a short period of time. It made her wonder how it all went by so fast. Especially since she didn’t know how she was still alive, fallen angel or not.

“Flonne-sensei?” a child called out.

That’s what snapped her out of her daze she was in. She hadn’t realized that she had zoned out and entered la-la land. Oops!

Ah! Gomen, gomen!” she replied, blushing slightly as she waved her hands in front of her frantically.

She fixed my headband, pushing it slightly out of her eye sight. She went about talking about general class time things. It wasn’t until she looked out to the side that she noticed Etna sneak in. She just did her best to ignore her, going on with class and answering questions. By now, Etna was near the front, pushing through the kids. She tried to ignore it even more, but it was hard for her to ignore things. She looked to her.

What do you need Etna-san?” she asked, putting her hands on her hips.

She watched as she looked to her. She looked around cautiously. She seemed to be looking if the coast was clear. That meant she must have been trying to escape from mountains of paperwork again. When Etna became Queen finally, she was so happy and overjoyed. Now, she seemed to have regretted it. She never thought about the paperwork that was involved. She really couldn’t say she’d like the job, either. But then, she had homework to grade from the children, so didn’t it really make much difference.

“Ne~ Ne~ Flonne-chan. How about we go for a walk?” Etna asked, whispering slightly.

She sighed slightly to herself. Didn’t she get it? Flonne was in the middle of teaching class. Not even that, she had a lot of work to do herself.

What? You’re not happy you’re the Queen now?” She asked, teasing her slightly.

She hissed slightly. “That’s not it! I just wanted to walk!” She said, obviously covering her own jumpiness.

Flonne just said nothing as she looked to the kids and back to her.

“Please!” Etna asked.

This made her surprised and caught her off guard. Did she just say, “Please”?! Wow, that was so odd. She could see her saying it more than Laharl, but… still. Wow, it was amazing. Maybe she really did have some profound effect on her and Laharl? She looked from her to the kids and sighed.

Class is dismissed. No homework for today” She told them reluctantly.

The kids scrambled off in all different directions.

Alright then, come on” she told her with an added sigh.

She looked thankful to be out. She just shrugged, walking along beside her. She kicked the dirt beneath us as we walked. She had to admit, when she had first came here, she had no intentions on staying. She figured that she could assassinate King Krichevskoy, but instead met Laharl. It wasn’t long until she had met Etna. Throughout that time, they had became good friends, maybe even best friends. So, despite the way Etna and Laharl are, she’s had to admit that they were her best friends. Ironic seeming as she was jun-tenshi when she met them and got to know them. It made her wonder what Laharl was up to. Or rather… what happened to him? Etna had never told her for sure and everyone felt keeping her in the dark was for the best.

Etna-san, do you like being the queen?” she asked, curious of what she might say.

This must have caught her off guard because she jumped slightly. Maybe she was in thought, too? She looked to her as we walked and grinned.

“That’s right! It’s amazing! So many people admire you and try to kill you!” she said.

Err… it’s fun to have people try to be assassinating you?” she asked oddly.

It seemed pretty off to Flonne.

“Well, no not that necessarily, but everything else is pretty awesome” she said.

Except the paperwork, right?” she asked, noticing her flinch ever so slightly, “Yes, I knew the reason why you all of a sudden wanted to take a walk. I’m not stupid”.

Well… first of all… Did she really have the right to say that? She was naïve anyways… Though, maybe becoming a dai-tenshi had affected some of it at least.

Etna sighed in defeat, “I can’t take it! Why is there so much god damn paper work?!”

She started to laugh. It really was a lot of fun here, even though she was technically a “traitor”. It was kind of cool to have a best friend for a queen. It came with perks. They walked a bit, talking as we went.

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