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Muselist Dos.


Bitty!Train Heartnet

Canon: Black Cat

Username: LJ | Xiiikiddytrain

Past Game: Somarium

Just like he was affected when he was hit by the bullet named Lucifer, Train’s body de-aged to the age of 12 while his mind stayed intact. This was the doing of one of the many cards found around Somarium.

Lucca Walken (Fandom OC)

Canon: Black Cat

Username: DW | Sweepering

Past Game: Sardenia_city

A girl who had grown up with Train while he was in his pet cat days while she lived with Carl. When Train disappeared, Lucca went after him to find him. She was ten at the time. Two years later, she managed to find him and traveled with the group. Three years later, she blossomed into a talented sweeper.

Alice Horacade (Story OC)

Canon: Bloody Rose

Username: DW | Always_running

Past Game: Mallowhallow

A Moroi (pureblood vampire) who ran away from the vampire society to be a normal teenager. She met/lived with her best friend Claryssa for three years. She was dragged back by a Dhampir (half-blood vampire) named Alec Loire, who became her Guardian, and constantly tried to run away with Clar.

Argentine (Hikari?)

Canon: D.N.Angel

Username: DW | Innocentart

Past Games: Entranceway & Somarium

Living art created by the Hikari family. Argentine became too unstable, causing the Hikari family to try to destroy him. He survived and was hidden away in a tower. Taking Risa Harada as bait to lure Dark, he learned a lot about being human. In the end, he turned into stone. He was brought back to life and became the Niwa butler.


Canon: Disgaea (Anime)

Username: DW | Ainoakuma

Past Game: Somarium

Originally an angel in training, Flonne followed Laharl and Etna around to show Laharl what it was like to love. She was punished for fraternizing with the enemy and turned into her favorite flower. Laharl raised hell and almost destroyed Lamington. Stopping at the last minute, he sacrificed himself to bring her back as a fallen angel.

Serah Farron

Canon: Final Fantasy XIII

Username: LJ | Crystal-stasis

Past Games: Entranceway, Star_kingdom, & Underworld Wars

The younger sister to Lightning who’s curiosity caused her to become branded by a fal’Cie. Serah became one of Cocoon’s enemies, a Pulse L’Cie. Snow proposed to her before she turned into a crystal after completing her focus. She later comes back to life as promised by the lure.


Canon: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Username: DW | Silentdescendent

Past Game: Mallowhallow

The silent protagonist of the game who is the son of Jenna and Isaac, the Warriors of Vale. Matthew uses emoticons for communication. Throughout the game, his teammates seem to know what he’s saying. Always the one who can’t refuse to help someone, he gets his party in a series of jams. In the end, they all follow him loyally.

Luna Lovegood

Canon: Harry Potter

Username: LJ | Blamethenargles

Past Game: Entranceway

An odd girl who believes in thins that nobody else does. Luna has earned the nickname, “Loony Lovegood” amongst her classmates; Either she doesn’t know about it or just ignores it. Luna is a very bright girl who knows a lot, despite her appearance. She becomes a huge help to Harry and her friends.


Canon: Harry Potter

Username: DW | Chokowaffle

Past Games: Arcanarum, Gargleblasted, Mallowhallow, Maison de Portes, & Somarium

The personified version of the country of Belgium. Belgium is a very kind, motherly woman who puts others before her own safety. A bit of a tomboy, she will wear dresses when necessary. She’s is strictly neutral, but will fight if she absolutely has to.

Luchia Nanami

Canon: Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch

Username: DW | Perfectmelody

Past Game: Sardenia_city

The Mermaid Princess of the North Pacific Ocean. Luchia lost her pearl, leading her to go on land. From there, she retrieved it, fell in love, and searched for the other Mermaid Princesses. Her friends summoned Aqua Regina and defeated their enemies. A lovey dovey girl who can’t reveal herself otherwise she’d turn into bubbles.

René Tamaki Richard de Grantaine Suoh

Canon: Ouran High School Host Club

Username: DW | Callmedaddio

Past Games: Entranceway & Labyrinth

The illegitimate son of the headmaster at Ouran Academy. Tamaki was raised in France until he was separated from his mother. Transferring to Japan, he started the Host Club his first year in high school. Ever dramatic, he remained the Host King until circumstances made him disband the group.

Anna Sage (Story OC)

Canon: Paranormal Rumour Agency (P.R.A.)

Username: DW | Sassyillusionist

Past Game: Underworld Wars

A British girl who discovered she had unnatural powers. Anna was disowned by her parents and called a freak when her illusions surfaced. From there, she went on with life and moved to America. There she was discovered/taken into the P.R.A.. Other people like her who would use their powers to save people from paranormal activity.


Canon: Pokemon

Username: DW | Prodigybeauty

Past Game: Somarium

The top beginner in her class at Pokemon Tech.. Giselle is quick to blame others and act like what happens isn’t her fault. She also believes she’s the best person there and that she can beat anyone. Underneath all that, she is actually a caring girl who loves to learn everything she can about Pokemon and studies.

Kanami Yuta

Canon: s-CRY-ed

Username: DW | Alterdreveries

Past Games: Entranceway & Somarium

A young girl with an Alter power that involves dreams. Kanami has a kind heart and an amazing work ethic. Only being 8, she never once complained or cried until Kimishima was brought back dead. She is an amazing little girl with a lot of will power and love.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi

Canon: Shugo Chara

Username: DW | Deviantstray

Past Games: Gargleblasted, Mallowhallow, & Polychromatic

A stray alley cat who has a Guardian Character named Yoru. His forced involvement in Easter kept him chained up. Falling in love with Amu, he confessed a few times to her. Later, he left to go search for his father, promising to make her love him. He came back later, “Everything has just begun.”


Canon: Tangled

Username: DW | Alwaysgrounded

Past Game: Mallowhallow

A girl with unnaturally long hair that heals. Rapunzel was stolen for her hair and used to keep her young. One day, Flynn/Eugene showed up and assisted her on seeing the lanturns that showed up only on her birthday. Later she found out her “mother” was really the culpret. Almost losing Eugene, she managed to save him.

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