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Duck App for Luceti


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Name: Duck/Ahiru
[Either one really…. I’m not picky. Although I’ll most likely stay with Duck.]
Canon: Princess Tutu
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Wing Color: Orange

Canon Point: End of series
Canon Point Explanation: It’s the end of the series and Duck as turned back to a duck. I just figured it would be nice to see Duck as a girl again.
History: Wikia

Personality: Duck is a fairly emotional and expressive girl. All in all, she only really shows slight change when she becomes Princess Tutu, but aside from that, Duck is still Duck.

Duck is an honest girl with little things to really have to lie about. About the only thing she’d had to lie about was her identity as Princess Tutu and what she truly was. It was hardly believable to allow everyone to know that she was secretly Princess Tutu, a fairy book character. The fact that she’s really a duck may not have been as strange, considering their teacher is a cat and they’ve had birds, an ant-eater, and others like them in the story. When it all comes down to it, Duck is pretty straight forward with all but her feelings and identity.

She’s the kind of girl who is much more concerned with anybody else besides her. She’s the least important one in her life and when it all comes down to it, she’s only a duck. Because of her idea that she’s just a duck, she’s very selfless. She’s selfless to the point that she would rather give herself up for the sake of the greater good. She was always ready to return to being a duck if it meant that Mytho would get his heart back. She just wanted to see him smile and be happy. In the end, she started to hesitate, but then with courage she got from her friends, she pulled through and completed what she wanted. She has a hard time saying no. She can’t help it. She just wants to help everyone.

Needless to say, she’s a very friendly girl and tries to be friends with everyone. She’s quick to call people she just met her friend. As long as they’ve walked and talked for a short while, she considers them friends. If you really need an example of this, you can just as easily think back to her attitude with Rue. Back when they were looking for Mytho, she stated clearly that they were already friends. Even when Rue became Princess Kraehe, she continued to insist stubbornly that Rue was Rue and that she was still her friend.

No matter what happens, she’ll always hold her friendships close and dear to her. In fact, she rarely ever holds onto any kind negative relationship. She may get in verbal fights with people, but they always tend to make up later on. She does the best she can to put her best foot forward and will take any negativity as long as she can eventually help her friends. A few good examples of this are Rue and Fakir. In the end, they all became close friends. Even when she would constantly bicker and fight with Fakir, in the end he’d become one of her dearest friends and started to show signs of love towards him; So much so that even Lilie and Pike continued to tease Duck that she’d become a Fakir girl, too. She’ll always try to support her friends the best way she can.

Ever the optimist, she always does the best she can. She can’t always succeed in the things she tries (I.E. ballet as her human form), but she puts forth 110% effort. She also tries to see the best in everyone. There has to be good in everyone, even if it’s sometimes hard to see. She feels like there’s always a good reason for what people do. There has to be. She always does what she thinks is right.

While she has many positive things about her, she also has her cons that make Duck... well…. Duck. She’s very easy to read. She’s like an open book, which goes to say that she really can’t lie; not that she lies much aside from lying about her identity. She’s a very honest girl. She’s also very easily excitable. Because she gets worked up so easily, she tends to be very emotional. She can’t help but to get into she feels is right or wrong. That does, unfortunately, make it easy to tease her and she gets flustered easily. She tends to poke her nose into other people’s business; In the end she means well.

Duck is very clumsy and tends to fall and trip a lot. She’s quick to fumble not only in actions, but also in words. Because of her clumsiness, she’s never a good dancer at all. She’s almost always in the beginner’s class or threatened to be sent back to it. She’s far from graceful in her human form. She’s a naïve girl who always tends to believe in people and their words. It doesn’t help when she’s easily excitable, either. That being said, she has a lot to learn about the world yet. Her life as a duck messes with her knowledge as a human.

She also lacks courage, but in the end she finds her courage in her friendships. The reason why she’s not too courageous is because of the fact that she is just a duck. Over time she becomes more courageous and confident in herself. She also has a lot of habits due to the fact that that she is a duck. The one that comes out the most is the fact that she tends to say “Quack!” Whenever she’s started or scared, it slips out causing her to turn back into a duck.

As Princess Tutu, she’s much different from her usually clumsy self. Tutu is much wiser than Duck is. She has a lot insight in situations and she’s so much more graceful. She can dance much better and can do the things that she would normally have troubles doing. Dancing on point is a good example, along with doing the pas de deux on her own. She quieter and speaks softly. Unlike Duck, she’s very calm. She seems to understand the world around her more so than Duck does.

She does have her insecurities though. She does realize her faults. When she’s reminded of her insecurities as a human and duck, she tends to falter in her actions. They do make her hesitate. She’s afraid of hurting others to the point that she’d withdraw if it caused more pain. Once she found out that Mytho was afraid of her and hurting, it was enough to keep her from continuing to find his heart shards. It was only when he, himself, asked her to continue looking for his heart shards that she was able to continue on.


: As Duck, she’s a fairly normal girl. She really doesn’t have any physical strength. She can change to Princess Tutu, although it requires the help of her pendent. As Princess Tutu, she doesn’t have much for physical strength either. She’s pretty clumsy as a human, but she’s a very skilled dancer as Princess Tutu. She’s also very agile. For some reason, she has the ability to summon flowers. She can also summon vines used for reaching places and lifting her up.

: While Duck isn’t exactly stupid by any means, she doesn’t really know much of the world just yet. She is a hard worker and puts forth her best foot possible. Princess Tutu, on the other hand, seems to have a great insight on the world and is very wise. Either form, Duck does seem to handle situations fairly decently. She had some issues figuring out the puzzles about the lamp in the anime, but eventually she was able to solve all of the riddles given to her.

: While Duck really doesn’t have much in physical or mental strengths, she is a very emotional girl. She basically runs on emotions, but they’re also her strength. She can make it through anything emotionally because of how passionate she is about it. In the end, she was able to overcome her feelings to succeed in saving Mytho and returning the heart shards. As Princess Tutu, she manages to stop Mytho from stabbing his heart again because of her concerns. 

Physical: As a human, Duck is pretty harmless and really doesn’t have much to her. She’s pretty weak. As Princess Tutu, there’s always the plus of turning into her. However, the only way she can do that is if she has the pendent.

: Although it might not necessarily fall under “mental”, Duck is very prone to acting like a duck. That’s a given considering she really is just a duck. So whenever she would “Quack”, she’d change back. As Princess Tutu, she was still prone to changing back. She would falter once she was reminded of who she really was.

: While her passionate emotions can be a good thing, it can also be a bad thing. She tends to overthink things and let it get to her. It’s easy for her to lose heart once she realizes what she’s trying is hurting someone.

Anything else?: Duck is from the end of the series, so I would like it if she could come back as a human, rather than a duck. I would also like to request that she could take her pendent with her.


First Person: Test drive and a D_M post if it matters?

Third Person:
Duck had been here for a few days by now. What was the most surprising about even coming here for her was the fact that she still had the pendent. She didn’t expect to find it in a store display of all places. As far as she knew, the pendent was gone. So why was it in this mysterious place that people had told her about? Luceti…. How exactly did she even get here? It wasn’t likely that she would ever get a clear answer for that. It seemed like no one really knew that answer.

All she could do was explore this place that she was stuck in. She really couldn’t say that she disliked the idea of being human again. It made it easier to talk and figure out what’s going on when she was a girl. No… If Fakir was here, what would she tell him? They promised each other that they would be their true selves. That meant that Duck would live her life as a duck (as her life should have been in the first place). Was she going back on her promise with him by coming back as a girl?

“Fakir…. I wonder what you’re doing right now…,” she thought out loud.

She didn’t know how or when she’d arrived at an empty clearing in the forest, but there was no one around. She couldn’t help but to wonder… Clearly she could turn back into a duck… She’d turned into a duck a few times already and clearly she could come back as a girl. Was it possible for her to turn back into Princess Tutu, too?

She was tempted to try it, but then she had another thought. She hadn’t actually danced ever since that time she was trying to encourage Mytho to continue on. She knew how terrible her dancing was as a girl, but she had to know. She messed up a few times, but that was to be expected. It had been so long…. It felt… wonderful. She never realized how much she’d missed dancing, even if it was fairly spotty.

“That was wonderful,” she heard a voice speak out.

Upon hearing the voice, she started to lose her balance. She hadn’t realized that people would be around. That shouldn’t have been so surprising for her, considering it was normal back at home during class. She turned around to see who had spoken to her.

“Q-quack!” she blurted, covering her mouth right after.

Of all of the things she could have said… she had to quack. She attempted to run off, only making it to the bushes when she turned back into a duck. Well… It was time to find some water source… She grabbed her clothing and made a sack with it like she used to do.