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Belgium App for Arcanarum

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Name: Belgium
Age: She appears to be about 19, but a few hundred years.
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Canon Point: 2012
Country Wiki

I apologize that the APH links don’t have much on her. That’s the best I can find at the moment. If I find any better links, I’ll be sure to tell you if you’d like.

Personality: In general, Belgium is a well-mannered girl who would rather solve problems by talking it out. She tends to be more pacifist than anything else and dislikes fighting of any kind; even if the fighting is simply a vocal argument, she would rather stay calm than to lose her temper. Talking things out can usually solve the majority of the issues that arrive in her opinion. Getting both sides of an argument before jumping the gun proves to be the best way to go about it.The only way she would physically fight is if it is absolutely necessary and it's the only solution to the problem.  When people are in danger, she's more likely to help indirectly by getting civilians to safety or doing other stuff to contribute like help rebuild things.

She strives to be ladylike, but like any normal person she's not perfect; she slips up from time to time. Along with trying to be ladylike, Belgium does her best to be mature about things; like trying to be open-minded to different situations. In doing so she'd be able to understand new situations and figure out the best way to deal with them.

Even if her open-mindedness makes her more understanding of situations, it also makes her naïve from time to time. She trusts people too easily and tends to be gullible at times. That being said, she'll trust you until you give her reason not to and when that trust is broken, it'll become difficult to earn that trust back. Even if getting her trust back is difficult, it's not impossible; with a lot of hard work, you can gain it back. While it is true that she can be naïve, by no means is she stupid. She can pick up on things that are suspicious; being naïve doesn't mean being clueless.  

She’s always open for improving relationships with other nations; although that can relate to anyone else in general. She's an outgoing girl who loves to make new friends. Friends are very precious to Belgium and she will fight to protect those she loves; that's a promise. If you so much as insult or belittle someone dear to her, she will stand up for them and fight back. The most important thing to her is to let those dear to her know that she's there for them. She'll always be there to help them and listen to them when they need somebody to rant to.
Just because she tries to be as ladylike as possible, if you irritate her, for whatever reason, she will retaliate. It's not a frequent situation, but it does happen. She usually tries to ignore petty things to keep from unnecessary drama. If, for whatever reason, you get on her bad side, she's more likely to snap at you. Of course, the degree of the cold shoulder depends on how badly you've gotten on her bad side.

She's a bit tom-boyish and doesn't particularly like wearing skirts or dresses, but she doesn't totally refuses to wear them if there's a good reason to. On occasion, she might wear a dress or skirt depending on what’s going on or what she’s feeling; the majority of the time she prefers wearing pants. 

No matter how much she may dislike someone at times, if their life is in danger, she will put aside any of her personal feelings to save them. She loves to help out and contribute to people any way that she can. She'll always try to help out, even if it's just on the side. When it comes to kids, she becomes very protective and motherly. Kids are always a soft spot for her.

She prefers to be subtle rather than direct with people, believing subtlety is a reflection of intelligence. She tends to beat around the bush a bit, but will be direct if absolutely needed. She isn't comfortable with confrontation and tries to stay away from it as long as possible. If there is nothing logical to say, she feels no reason to speak in the first place. She would rather think of every possible alternative and choose after to make sure that she isn't choosing the wrong way to go about things.

Abilities/Strengths: How cool is that she can eat as much as she wants, has a really bad appetite for sweets and waffles , and has yet to gain a single pound? She does a fairly decent job of making sure Holland stays out of trouble. She also makes crazy good Belgian waffles and chocolate. Other than that, she is a nation, but she doesn't seem to have any extraordinary powers to mention.

Though Belgium does not fight unless she has to, she can fight. She isn't terrible at it, either. She's pretty good at fighting. That's not to say that she's the best fighter around by any means though. Since Belgium is a nation, she rarely ever gets sick. Although England showed in the anime that it is possible. Nations just don't get sick as much as any other person would. Belgium is an excellent cook and often bakes or cooks. For some time, Belgium has brewed the strongest alcohol in the world.

Weaknesses: Belgium can be a pretty strong individual from time to time, but she is still a woman. She still does have breakdowns sometimes. While she can stand on her own two feet for the most part and get by on her own, she does rely on the support of others from time to time. If someone close to her like Spain or Romano were to leave her in a strange place, it would hurt her. She would be able to go on on her own, but she would still take it hard. She tries not to break down much, but it still happens. She can be sensitive at times. She'll take certain things hard. She tends to take things to heart every now and then when she really shouldn't. She gets frustrated when she can't get her point across. 
If you insult her she'll try to brush it off, but it doesn't stop her from getting a little defensive. This doesn't just include only Belgium, but anybody who is dear to her. If somebody harasses somebody who's close to her, she'll get defensive and fast. She might give them crap from time to time, but that's not to say others can. Not without lecturing from Belgium. You harrass people close to her, she'll fight back.

Story: Little Red Riding Hood
Story Character: Little Red Riding Hood
Plans: I don't know a lot about what's going to happen to her just yet. I plan on her turning into Little Red because her Halloween drawings have her as Little Red. Belgium is a protective, motherly woman; so for her desire to protect her grandmother in this case, it seems fitting. I'll think about this more if it's possible.

First Person: Here is two examples.

Third Person: It was one thing to fall asleep and wake up at a desk or in your bed. It was a whole different issue when to wake up on what seemed to be some strange island. She had fallen asleep when she was going over some recipes to bake. When Belgium finally came to, she had quickly noticed... this was not her desk. This wasn't even her house.

She felt a slight draft, taking a glance at her outfit, "W-what the--?!"

Why was she dressed differently? The last she knew, she was wearing her military uniform. Honestly.... Pants felt way more comfortable than a dress. She never really liked wearing dresses much in the first place. The only reason she wore them from time to time was because her boss insisted that it was more professional looking. She felt like her boss just wanted to see her in a dress... Why did she need to look "more professional" in a dress when she attended world conferences and meetings concerning her home's well being?

What's more... She was wearing clothing from... a fairy tale? Belgium couldn't say she was all that knowledgeable about fairy tales, but she did know them a little bit at least. She recognized her outfit as Little Red Riding Hood's. For what reason she was dressed like her, she couldn't tell. Nothing made sense right now. As much as she wanted to know, she had to find out more about this place. By doing so, she could figure out what was going on and why she was dressed like this.

I was also wondering if I could have her placed with Germany as for living if she's accepted. [Mun and I disgusted this over AIM]