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Argentine's App for Eway

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Character Name: Argentine [Hikari?]
Series: D.N.Angel
Timeline: After he is brought back as the Niwa butler
Canon Resource Link: Argentine

Character Background: Argentine first appeared at the theme park of which Dark brought Risa on a date to. However, Riku grew suspicious and had Daisuke also meet her at the same place, day, and time to check if he has any relevance to Dark. Luckily, they pulled it off by switching back and forth with the help of Wiz/With [same person but different spelling for manga/anime]. The lights went out and Dark and Risa were stuck on the top of a Ferris wheel. Dark went for help and had her wait for him, but while she was waiting, Argentine showed up and asked if she was Dark’s "Holy Maiden".

He took her with him in order to lure Dark to him. Within that time, Risa and him eventually bonded [somewhat]. Though, it was a sore relationship as far as bonding goes. When Risa first woke up, she woke to the sound of beautiful music coming from the piano. Argentine was playing, saying that his creator told him that waking up to music made humans happy. Risa threw a vase that contained flowers at him because he changed her while she was sleeping. His reason? He said the clothing she had on wasn’t very lady like and that was more appropiate. He did it again, not thinking. He didn't know why she was so mad. He thought that she didn’t like the flowers because she threw them at him the other day.

She was embarrassed by this because he didn’t get the real reason why she did it. After a while, she attempted to jump off, but he wouldn't let her. He said that she was "breakable". Humans were so breakable and he didn't want that. After all, he needed her help. He decided to show her Qualia. Kosuke, Daisuke's father, informed them that Argentine was originally a piece of living art made by the Hikaris. What is Living Art? Living Art is an art technique mastered by the Hikari family. Long ago, the original Hikari got tired of regular art. Therefore, he started to make a different art technique. Living Art. He sold his soul for the technique, but a great theif, heir of the Niwa family, attempted to steal it for himself. Things went arrey and Dark was created for the Niwa family and Krad was created for the Hikari family. They became known as Kokuyoku. However, Argentine was considered a failed piece of art and supposedly destroyed. Risa found out that he wants to become Kokuyoku. In other words, like how Dark and Krad are connected together. In order to do so, he needs Risa’s help because she is Dark’s Holy Maiden.

All Argentine wanted with Risa was to find out how to give Qualia a heart. He asked her, "Are you what they call a 'heart'?" That is when Risa discovered that Argentine really did have a heart. She told him that him wanting to give a heart to Qualia proved he had a heart of his own. He had times where he cried and he didn’t understand what it was for. He called it, "unnaturally phenomenon". After the fight between Dark and himself, he realized he had lost Qualia again. That’s when Daisuke appeared and said that he did have one, just as Risa had tried to explain. He also said that he didn’t like him when he first took Risa, but he realized he had a reason behind it all.

In the end, he turned into stone, only to be reborn again by Emiko. He became the Niwa family's butler. His main purpose was to repair things that were stolen to seal the magic in them, and of course act as their butler. He wasn't getting off so easily. He tends to argue with Towa, the Niwa Maid, a lot. Towa is also one of the Hikari's Living Art creations, but she choose to stay on their side willingly. It is shown that he has an alternate form as a small gecko-like lizard.

If there is one thing you must know about Argentine, it's his lack of street knowledge. He know very little information of the outside world because he's been in isolation for a long time. The only thing he knows is information is from the extensive library he had in his castle before it collapsed.

Abilites/Special Powers: Argentine was able to do different sorts of magic, thanks to Qualia’s power she was lending him. Though, he lost a lot of his power when he was reborn. Now, he has a knack for repairing items.
Third-Person Sample: Argentine buried himself in the work he was doing. There was much too much stuff to do to just sit and do nothing. After all, Mistress Niwa seemed to have a lot of Hikari stuff that needed fixing lately. It was odd to think he was fixing the stuff for the Niwas when he, himself, could be called a Hikari member as well. Much to his dismay, Towa had also been assigned to clean the dungeons, considering she never really finished it before hand. He simply sighed, shaking it off. Despite her presence, he found his work was somewhat enjoyable. He was usually down in the dungeons doing so if there was nothing else.

The Niwa family, and himself, were still adjusting to his permanent presence. At one point, he had been alone with Qualia. He frowned at the thought of her. Even after all that time, never was he able to give her a heart in the end. That’s what really disappointed him the most. He truly did want to save her, just as she saved him, lending her power to him. Now, that power was no longer there. Ultimately, she was destroyed, just as he technically was. That was the weird thing, though. He was supposedly was destroyed by the Hikaris for being a “failed artwork”. Though, obviously that was wrong, because he was still living after it. Technically, he was destroyed again as he turned to stone, but Emiko had recreated him. Isn't it odd how things work? Well, whatever. He was alive and kicking. That was all that mattered.

It was odd to think that Emiko could become his new “creator”, but that’s the way he saw it. He wasn’t used to things much just yet, but in time he would. He wasn't sure how things would go, but he'd find out soon enough, or so he thought. He was so concentrated to his thoughts that he had stopped working on repairing the artifact he now held gingerly. He snapped out of it, glancing at it with a blank stare. He eventually continued working on repairing the small artifact. It was about as big as his hand was. He paused his repairing once again as he heard his name being called out.

He got up, setting down the artifact gently so it wouldn’t fall and break. After that, he stood up, straightening his posture as he walked to the doorway and looked out. He saw as Emiko, in which he called Mistress Niwa, darting towards his location. He simply stayed put, knowing it was useless to walk to her, seeming as she took such pride in him and was always happy to see him. She skidded to a stop in front of him, hugging him.

Argentine~ there you are! Busy at work I see!” she called out to him.

He simply looked at her as his body flailed around like a ragdoll in her embrace. He grew accustomed to it by now.

Yes… Is there something you need, Mistress?” he asked her with naturally widened, curious eyes.

Yes! We’re having guests come over and it would be great if you could be there with us!” she said happily.

He blinked, nodded silently as if saying, “Yes ma’am”. She squealed, saying something along the lines of, “That’s great! I’ll see you as soon as possible then. Do try to make haste. It-“ and that’s where he lost the rest of it. She had been speaking too fast, so the words seemed mashed together and she ranted on as she scurried back. He glanced back at the artifact, walking to it and fixing what little was left to do. He carefully set it aside as he nodded. He made his way to make his entrance to the group of people.

First-person Sample:
[Argentine glanced to Risa.]

Are you what they call, a "heart"? I do not understand these strange phenomenon I get at times.
Sometimes my eyes begin to wet up. Can you please explain to me what's going on?

[He waited for some kind of answer, but he didn't get one.]

Please, I need to know. I want to give her a heart... I just want to thank Qualia for everything she's done for me. Please... I just need a heart to give.