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Belgium App for Somarium II

[Player name] Terra
[Age] 20
[Personal Journal] Ritztheditz
[Other characters currently played] Kanami Yuta | s-CRY-ed |Alterdreveries

[Character name] Belgium
[Age] She appears to be about 19, but a few hundred years.
[Canon] Axis Powers Hetalia
[Point in time taken from canon] After Germany went through Belgium to get to France in World War I 2012

Country Wiki

I apologize that the APH links don’t have much on her. That’s the best I can find at the moment. If I find any better links, I’ll be sure to tell you if you’d like.

[Personality] In general, Belgium is a well-mannered girl who would rather solve problems by talking it out. She tends to be more pacifist than anything else and dislikes fighting of any kind. Even if it’s simply vocal, she would rather stay calm than to lose her temper. She will only fight if it is absolutely necessary and that’s the only solution to the problem. She doesn’t believe that fighting gets you anywhere. When people are in danger, she's more likely to help indirectly by getting civilians to safety or doing other stuff to contribute like help rebuilt things.

She tries to be as ladylike as possible, but just like everyone else, she slips up from time to time. If you get on her bad side, she’ll most likely act a little differently towards you. She tries her best to be a mature young woman. She tries to get both sides of an argument before jumping the gun. In her attempts to try to remain mature, she tries her best to be open-minded to different situations. That can prove to be a very difficult task at times and it tests her patience.

Her open-mindedness makes her what we would call naïve. She does seem to believe things a bit too easily, despite her attempts to be smarter than that. She can be naïve, but she's not totally dense. She does pick up on a few things from time to time. She might or might not take a while to earn her trust. If you do break her trust, it’s hard to get it back; it’s not impossible, though.

She’s always open for improving relationships with other nations. She wants to become good friends with everyone and make sure that she can rely on them just as they can rely on her. She likes making friends and would rather be closer to the other nations. Just because she is friendly, it does not mean that she won’t fight back if required to do so. That’s a last resort, though.

She's a bit tom-boyish, and doesn’t really like wearing skirts or dresses much. She’s not so tom-boyish that she absolutely refuses to do so, though. On occasion, she might wear a dress or skirt depending on what’s going on or what she’s feeling. The majority of the time she prefers pants. It should be known that no matter how much she dislikes someone at times, when someone is in danger, she will help them. When it comes to kids in danger or just people in general, she's very protective and becomes very motherly. She loves to help out and contribute to people any way that she can.

She is very subtle compared to directness. She believes that subtlety is a reflection of intelligence. She tends to beat around the bush a bit, but will be direct if absolutely needed. She isn’t comfortable with confrontation and tries to stay away from it as long as possible. If there is nothing logical to say, she feels no reason to speak in the first place. She would rather think of every possible alternative and choose after to make sure that she isn’t choosing the wrong way to go about things.

[Abilities] How cool is that she can eat as much as she wants, has a really bad appetite for sweets and waffles , and has yet to gain a single pound? She does a fairly decent job of making sure Holland stays out of trouble. She also makes crazy good Belgian waffles and chocolate. Other than that, she is a nation, but she doesn't seem to have any extraordinary powers to mention.

[Other important stuff] Nothing that’s not already mentioned.

[Sample post]
[First Person]
If you could go back home, would you? Why or why not?
At one point of being here, I would have told you yes. Now, I’m not so sure if I want to return home. I’ve met so many wonderful people here and in an odd way, Somarium has become my second home. To have to leave the people who had become so precious to me now would be so hard to do.
Would you consider yourself a power hungry individual?
Not at all! I honestly don’t care about power. As long as those I love are safe and sound, power doesn’t matter to me. My neutrality is important to me too, though.
Someone comes to you to ask for the time. How would you respond?
How would I respond? I’d tell them what time it is. How else would I respond? It’s not that big of a deal to tell somebody the time is it?
Your country is in the middle of a war. What do you think of it? Do you support it or try to solve it yourself by going on an epic quest? Explain.
War is such a terrible thing. I really hate fighting. I suppose talking it out now would mean nothing, though. It’s far too late to simply sit down and talk things over. I don’t understand why people can solve things with violence. Isn’t it better to fix things before they get out of control in the first place?
Murder. What is your opinion?
Just like war, it’s a terrible thing. What good does fighting do in the first place? All fighting ever seems to do is make things worse. I really wish that everyone is okay.
You have two options: either save your friend who is hanging from a cliff, or chase after the bad guy who put them in a position. If you choose the former, the bad guy will get away and it will be hard to catch him. If you choose the latter, the cliff will crumble and the friend will fall to the spiky rocks below. What do you do and why?
There’s no question about it. As much as I’d love to get pay back for nearly killing my dear friend, violence is never the answer. I care more about my friend’s safety than getting any kind of revenge on who did it. It is better that my friend lives past this day and then maybe find who did this later on than to chase after them and lose that friend. I will not stoop to their level.
What is more important to you: having friends or living on your own? Why?
Everybody needs somebody. I wouldn’t be able to live that long if I didn’t have my friends that I care for in my life. I’d have no reason to live without them. Friends mean everything to me.
Do you prefer adventure or the peaceful life?
While an adventure would be nice at times, I think I’d rather live a peaceful life. I’m sure some sort of conflict would be nice from time to time, but peace sounds more appealing to me.
Do you prefer the city or living out in the country? Why?
I guess I could probably do both. I do like living in the country a little bit better though. It’s nice and peaceful there. It can also be very beautiful and you could actually go stargazing sometimes.
You see a bloody knife on the floor. What do you do or think?
Oh no! Is everyone okay? I have to go make sure.
Am I asking too many personal or strange questions?
I don’t think you are. If they get personal, I’ll just tell you… or… change the subject… Although I have to say that some of these questions are interesting.
Oh no! Someone tripped and injured themselves right in front of you! What do you do?
I’d go and help them back on their feet. It happens to all of us from time to time. If someone were to get injured somehow or ended up injured, that would be a different story. I’d do whatever I could to help them feel better.
Hey, did you hear about that giant sale going on? Interested? What would you want to get?
There’s a giant sale? Well, it wouldn’t hurt to look around right? It might be a good time to get some groceries.

[Third Person] Falling into Lake Meridian wasn’t something she particularly looked forward to. Honestly, to even be brought back here in general was a surprise. It didn’t help that it was starting to get chilly in Somarium. If anything could wake Belgium up, it was the cold water. She didn’t really have time to really think about anything else.

She just hoped she could get to shore okay. She wasn’t sure how long she could last, but she had to try. Hopefully she would have enough endurance to last. Dying in the middle of Lake Meridian in this cold weather and even chillier water didn’t sound that nice. It took a while for her until she finally reached shore. Once she made it, she crawled onto land. She laid there as she caught her breath, soaked to the bone.

After a few minutes, she finally caught her breath, standing up. Wringing out her uniform, she let out a deep sigh. She was back. She was back at Somarium. It was hard to believe. She didn’t expect to be back here. With all of her memories coming back, it seemed unlikely for her to come back here. Still, she couldn’t complain. She was almost glad to be back. This place…. It looked different now. There was something about it that worried her.

Did something happen while she was gone? Well… That was a stupid question. Of course something happened while she was gone. It had been a few months now. It was obvious that something would happen during that time. She kind of figured something big must have happened. She would probably figure that out later, though.

She knew what she needed to do now. It was only a matter of time until people knew she’d come back. Right now she needed to see a few people. Step one was probably to change clothing. If she wore her uniform, she would end up catching a cold. It was cold as it is, she didn’t need anything else to make her cold.

“I’m home…,” she said softly.

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] I really miss playing Belgium and tagging with everyone again. The CR was beautiful and I miss it.
[Which rule was your favorite and why?] No playercest.... How weird would that be? It's no fun RPing with yourself.
[Where did you hear about Somarium?] App_This_Plz
[Any questions?] Not really.