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Kanami Yuta App for Somarium

[Player name] Terra
[Age] 20
[Personal Journal] [livejournal.com profile] ritztheditz
[Other characters currently played] N/A... for now...

[Character name] Kanami Yuta
[Age] 8
[Canon] S-CRY-ed
[Point in time taken from canon] The end of the anime

Kanami originated in the Mainland, but was found abandoned by Kazuma when she was very young. Normally Kazuma would have just left her, but he had a soft spot; he was seen giving his money away to those who needed it. It's because of this soft spot, he decided that he couldn't leave her behind. He took her with him and from then on, she started to live with him under his care. She did her best to work and earn money for food. They were poor and barely getting by. It didn’t help when Kazuma gave his money to people even after doing all the work to earn money for food and basic necessities. She was usually found working at the local farm in the village that she lived in. Her character arc actually starts when Eelian broadcasted the battle between Kazuma and Ryuhou. That was the first time she realized that Kazuma was really a Native Alter. It became clear after that his money resources came from odd jobs that involved using his alter to either settle things or to make them worse and complete the jobs by force..

At first, she didn’t know what to think about it. She was scared to see Kazuma like that, but eventually she decided that it didn't matter; She still really cared for him regardless of who he was. The odd dreams that she had been getting in the past of the man constantly struggling to get by during various fights started to click; It was possible that the man she saw could possibly be Kazuma, even though she wasn't totally sure until later on as the story progressed. In Kazuma’s absence -- no surprise there -- the village that Kanami and Kimishima, a good friend to both Kazuma and Kanami, resided in was taken over by HOLD. Things seemed hopeless while they were under HOLD's control. Kanami was still phased by Kazuma being a Native Alter at the time. When the time came where there was a chance to escape, Kimishima took it; He was going to go find Kazuma. He asked if Kanami wanted to go see Kazuma with him. At first she was hesitant to come because of fear of what she had seen, but she finally decided that she didn’t care if he was a Native Alter. The one thing she wanted the most was the chance to see Kazuma again.

With that they left in pursuit. Kimishima continued to ask her if she was really okay with it. If she continued on with him, she would be targeted as well as Kimishima and Kazuma and condemned as a "criminal". Everytime she insisted that she wanted to go through with it. When they got to a safe distance, Kimishima dropped her off and told Kanami to stay inside an abandoned shelter they found. She wanted to go with him, but he insisted that he’d bring Kazuma back for her. She had to wait a while until he saw a few shapes in the distance. It was Kazuma holding Kimishima. When she saw Kazuma with Kimishima, she became very happy. She was extremely relieved that they were okay, but she realized something was wrong when Kimishima didn’t seem to move or speak. She had somehow came to the conclusion that he had passed away. Kazuma noticed her become sad and tried his best to get Kimishima to move or speak, saying things like, “Come on. This isn’t funny. Say something”. Kanami didn’t buy it and began to cry. It was probably the first time in a long time that she had actually cried.

Kazuma had taken his death pretty hard as well, going slightly crazy. He went back to steal back one of the many cars that had been taken or destroyed; most the time because of Kazuma or HOLY. Before settling some unfinished business after a few days, he had Kimishima in the driver’s seat and was talking to him as if he were living. Since he got his car back for him, he said he would need payment and took a gun that Kimishima used/carried along with him. Kazuma and Ryuhou got into yet another fight. During the fight, their alters combined at full power and caused an earthquake that was rated 8.5 on the ricterscale; Both Kazuma and Ryuhou had disappeared in the events of this uprising. For 8 months straight, Kanami was unable to have dreams of Kazuma; She used to have them every night.

As time went by, Kanami resided in a different village. That too fell under tough times. As fate would have it, the village was taken over and everyone in it was enslaved by some Native Alter users. Ryuhou showed up for the first time in a long time, but he had lost his memories. The only thing he remembered was his name. He was also one of the villagers that had been enslaved by the Native Alter user lackeys and put into the same village that Kanami was in to work. The work was very difficult and Kanami had difficulty trying to go on, as well as many of the other villagers. When an elderly woman was being beaten up for resting, Kanami went to try to help the woman. As brave as Kanami was, it did no good. The men threatened to harm both the elderly woman and herself. The guy was stopped just in time; Ryuhou had stepped in and protected the woman and Kanami. When the men threatened Ryuhou with a much worse punishment than before, he declared that they were the evil ones.

With that being said, he rid the village of the Native Alter users eventually and saved the village and all those who were once enslaved by them. Things became a lot calmer and their conditions were starting to improve. The villagers had been so thankful for him that they asked him if he could stay. He just smiled to them and said that he would if they would accept him. During the time that Ryuhou stayed in the village, Kanami and Ryuhou had become pretty close and she even admitted to being reminded of Kazuma. It wasn’t the way he talked or the way he acted by any means, but it was the reasons why Ryuhou did the things that he did that reminded her of Kazuma. Even though Kazuma appeared to be cruel and reckless, he did it for better and almost noble reasons; Although, that was difficult to see if you didn't know him like Kanami had.

Scheris eventually found Ryuhou and became very happy to see him. Instead of the reaction that she expected from him, Ryuhou just looked at her like he didn’t know who she was. He wasn’t so welcoming towards her. He insisted that he was keeping the village safe and he would fight anyone who disturbed that peace that he had managed to create by taking care of the Native Alter users. When she tried to get him to return to HOLY, he declined. She left dissatisfied, but she didn’t push it anymore than she already had. HOLY was not as forgiving nor were they happy about this. They dealt with Scheris because she didn’t do what she was supposed to do in the first place. When Scheris didn’t work, they decided to use different means. Unkai used his alter to rewrite Ryuhou's lost memories. Just as they thought they had him, Kanami found them and broke Ryuhou out of the Alter. During Unkai's backfire, Ryuhou managed to regaine his real lost memories and started to dispise HOLY for how they tried to get him back. Their means of getting him to return weren’t favorable. HOLY decided that Kanami’s involvement with Ryuhou was too troublesome. He had to be taken out of the picture or used as bait. They used the second option and took her, causing Ryuhou to come save Kanami.

Scheris came back to Ryuhou, but the two of them are told to leave by the villagers after learning who Ryuhou really was. After saving Kanami he left as the villagers demanded, but he didn't stray too far. He decided that it was his duty to still watch over the village, even if they didn't want him around. Scheris decided to leave HOLY to stay with Ryuhou and help him watch over the village. The bright light that had happened during Ryuhou and Kazuma's fight appeared once again. Kanami figured that it had to be Kazuma and immediately went after it to look for him. Ryuhou didn't like this idea and insisted that she shouldn’t go on her own. He wanted to go with her so she wasn't on her own, but at the same time he wanted to protect the village. Scheris told him to go ahead; She told him that she’d watch over the village for him. With that, he left with Kanami to make sure she wasn’t alone and wouldn't get hurt on her travels. They ran into Tachibana and Mimori along the way as they were traveling and they soon joined them. They had similiar goals and were searching for Kazuma just as they had been.

While they were gone they noticed that something strange going on with the village from afar. Ryuhou insisted that they had to go back to save the village from whatever may have been causing this. When they arrived, they noticed the village was put under a sleeping medicine from the Mainland. In the end, they had to fight and Ryuhou protected the villagers. Kanami did not like the fighting and even tried to get them to stop fighting. During all the fighting, they noticed a figure show up. It was Kazuma. Of course the reunion was sure to happen and even the bickering between Kazuma and Ryuhou. However, they didn't have a lot of time to reunite. Biff showed up once again and kidnapped Kanami. Even though Kazuma and Ryuhou did their best to try to save her, he managed to get away with Kanami.

The person responsible for kidnapping Kanami was a man named Kyouji Mujou. He also had control over Biff during the time he kidnapped Kanami. Naturally they went to save go Kanami. It’s clear that Kanami and Ryuhou had become close friends. When Kazuma and Ryuhou went to save Kanami from Mujou, they argued about who was Kanami’s closer friend. Ryuhou mentioned that she calls him by his name and has cooked for him before. While they were on their way to save her, Kanami’s powers were being selfishly used by Mujou. He was using her Alter to give himself more power. Ryuhou and Kazuma had difficulties after a while. They had been pretty beaten up after the battles, but they refused to give up. Ryuhou had to face the Alter that killed his mother. Misfortune happened and Ryuhou was killed during the battle, but Scheris saved his life by sacrificing her own by using her own Alter, Eternal Devote. Kazuma managed to finish off Mujou and Ryuhou beat the Alter that he had been killed by before, as well as the HOLY commander. Couger had saved Kanami and two other kids while Kazuma and Ryuhou were busy in their fights. He returned back to the village as the other people who had been taken as well escaped. After a few days of peace with no one to hold them back now, Ryuhou and Kazuma finished their battle. Mimori and Kanami were watching their fight.

[Abilities] Kanami has an Alter just like Kazuma and Ryuhou do; She didn't know about it until later on in the series, though. She has the ability for telepathy and empathy. In her dreams, she is able to see what is happening to Kazuma, but she doesn’t know who the man is when she is dreaming about it. In her Alter dreams, she becomes the person, feeling the pain that the man does in the dreams. She can also read other people’s thoughts and emotions, but that's a little touchy since she's pretty new to the news of her Alter. When she holds onto certain things, she can feel the feelings of the person it belongs to as well. (I.E. The necklace given to Mimori by Ryuhou; she's able to feel and read his thoughts when holding it.) In the earlier stages of her Alter, she could only use her Alter when she was sleeping. When she became more aware of her abilities and how to understand them, she started to able to use her Alter in both day dreaming and actual sleeping.

[Other important stuff] Nothing really.

[Sample post]
[First Person]
- What do you think of your home world?
It's really not much of a home, but it's the only home that I remember.
- Do you stand up against authority, go against all odds, and if you could, pierce the heavens with your fighting spirit? If not, would you if you could?
I would rather not cause trouble. Kazu-kun already does that enough. However if it means that I'm protecting somebody that is in trouble, I would do what I can.
- Your country is in the middle of a war. What do you think of it? Do you support it or try to solve it yourself by going on an epic quest? Explain.
War is a terrible thing. I really hope it ends soon. I hope that everyone is safe and sound. I don't like fighting. When people fight, people are a lot more likely to get hurt.
- You are on the verge of death. You know there is no way to survive and there's no coming back. Choose any of the following to answer: What is your last wish? Your last regret? Last thoughts? How do you feel? Who is the last person you think of other than your killer? (can answer more than one of these question, but it will at most count as 2 questions)
I'm going to die? I wish that I could have at least seen Kazu-kun one last time. I just hope that he's okay. I hope that everyone will be safe and sound. I... I don't want to die.
- You are a given a mission. Would you complete it effectively or would you goof off and do something else? Expand a little on the response.
I would do my very best to complete it as effectively as possible. If it's a mission that I get paid, it's even better. I need more money for food...
- Murder. What is your opinion?
Murder is terrible! Why do people kill each other? I don't understand. Why can't people just get along with each other and live happily? I guess that's one thing that will never happen though. No matter how much I want it to...
- You have two options: either save your friend who is hanging from a cliff, or chase after the bad guy who put them in a position. If you choose the former, the bad guy will get away and it will be hard to catch him. If you choose the latter, the cliff will crumble and the friend will fall to the spiky rocks below. What do you do and why?
As much as I dislike the person who cause my dear friend hang on a cliff, I would much rather try the best I can to save them. I don't know how much help I would be, but I have to try. I don't want them to get hurt. They're very important to me.
- What is more important to you: having friends or living on your own? Why?
Having friends is always a lot more pleasant than living all alone. Nobody should have to face the world alone without a friend. That's especially true when we live in a world like this. It's so hard to get by these days. Everyone could use some help and even some friendly people in our lives.
- Do you prefer adventure or the peaceful life?
I would much rather to live a peaceful life if it's possible, but that's always a difficult thing to achieve. I would like to live as peaceful as possible, but tough situations come around time to time.
- Do you prefer the city or living out in the country? Why?
I'm used to living in the country, but I guess living in the city might not be a bad thing. It can be pretty peaceful in the country, though.
- You're dirt poor and your family is starving. You have a chance to steal bread. Do you: a) ignore it and get a job, b) steal it anyway because you know you won't get caught, c) get caught but break out of prison anyway, d) steal it and then hide from the creepy cop that keeps stalking you, e) don't steal because stealing is wrong :(. Explain why you chose that option.
I deal with that on a daily basis. The best thing I can do is work to earn money for food and other neccesities.
- You see a bloody knife on the floor. What do you do or think?
Oh no! Is everything okay? Is anyone hurt?!
- Am I asking too many personal or strange questions?
Not at all. I don't mind.
- Oh no! Someone tripped and injured themselves right in front of you! What do you do?
I go to help them, of course. It's the right thing to do, after all.
- Hey, did you hear about that giant sale going on? Interested? What would you want to get?
Well... I don't really have a lot of money for anything... I might get something for Kazu-kun if I can afford it.
[Third Person] Kanami arrived a while ago, but she was waiting for Kazuma to appear. She wasn't totally sure about how to get back home or how long it would take for Kazuma to reappear again. It was already questionable as it was with Kazuma. She let out a deep sigh, wishing that he would come in. She just wanted him to come and be together with him again. It's been a while since she'd last seen him. She noticed the sky had been particularly gray during the day. She made sure to bring along her red umbrella with her as she waited. She really did't expect much.

When it started to rain, it didn't really surprise her. She let out yet another sigh, taking one last glance around. It had been pretty windy, but she didn't really expect the wind to pick up enough to take her umbrella from her. She ran after it, but it was no use. By the time she got to it, the umbrella was long gone.

"Now what...?" she thought outloud.

She really wasn't sure where she was. She had been pretty new to this place. Even though it was gorgous here compared to the Lost Grounds, she still hadn't really figured out where everything was. She looked around to see if there was any place she could go to for shelter from the rain for the time being. The only place she saw was an old shack. It looked like it was long since abandoned. Quite frankly, it looked like it could fall over at any minute... Most people would most likely think it was too unstable and would rather keep looking.

For Kanami, this was actually pretty normal. Honestly it kind of reminded her of the old home that Kazuma and Kanami lived in. It wasn't anything amazing, but it was still a roof over her head. She ran to the shack, being careful with anything that had been in the way or broken. She would just have to wait out the rain. From there she'd have to find her way back to Espoir.

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] It's been a long time since i've been able to roleplay Kanami. She's such a cutie, too.
[Which rule was your favorite and why?] no meta-gaming, because it gets really weird. It feels weird to roleplay with yourself.
[Where did you hear about Somarium?] App_this_plz
[Do you need a promo code?] Yeah, I'll have to make an account.
[Any questions?] Not really.