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Reiko Knight App for Ilpromenade


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NAME: Reiko Knight
SERIES: Harry Potter (OC)
HISTORY: Reiko originally lived in California, USA. Her parents are very successful in business and they have a lot of money. In order to train and become a better witch and learn more just as her parents did, she went to England with her two sisters and only brother -- Blaire, Kain, and Haru -- in order to attend to Hogwarts. At first she seemed out of place because she was one of the new girls and from the US, but she didn't let that get her down. She eventually made more friends and became quite a popular girl amongst some of the lesser known characters. She really hasn't had much confrontation with Malfoy or the others who seemed to be pretty well-known. She may have had spoken about them, but never really spoke to them in general even though she was in the same year as Malfoy.

She didn't seem to really talk to Haru much while she was at Hogwarts, but she spent a great amount of time around Blaire and Kain. Eventually her two sisters moved back home for whatever reason while it was only her brother and her remaining at Hogwarts. Just like before, they wouldn't really talk much, but he did give her a lot of crap at times. It just comes with the sibling title after all. That wasn't to say that she didn't like her brother. That wasn't it at all. She just never seemed to see him around when she was around.

Throughout her first year at Hogwarts, she really had no involvement whatsoever with what was happening with the Philosopher's Stone. On her second year she nearly got petrified by the basilisk, but she managed to stay aware that year, relieved that it was all over. The news with Sirius Black escaping Azkaban made her a little uncomfortable, but it wasn't anything she was too afraid of. If there was anything that would have scared her, it would have been the dementors.

She found her fourth year one of the most exciting years. the Tri-Wizard Tournament made her really excited and enjoyed that time spent. Finding out that somehow there were two chosen winners made her wonder how Harry got his name in the Goblet of Fire, but unlike the others, she didn't really seem too bugged by it. She adored the Yule Ball and even went out her way to make her own dress and various others for her friends. The news about Cedric's death was sad, but she really didn't know him at all. She wasn't as fazed as everyone else was because of that simple fact.

Her next year as a fifth year was interesting. Things were starting to speed up and become more active than ever before. She absolutely hated Umbridge, intentionally calling her Umbitch instead when she wasn't in earshot range to her. She loved pink as much as the next girl, but that was over kill and not even fashionable in the least. Things got so much more worse and she absolutely hated the rules that she put up.

She, like many other students, wanted a real DADA (Defense Against the Dark Arts) class and they weren't providing them what they needed. She was determined to join Dumbledore's Army. With the stuff she learned, she accompanied them to the Battle in the Ministry, though there was very little conversation with the characters and mostly trained with her friends in it. Seeing Death Eaters up and close like that made her frightened, but she was determined not to let them get to her. When Umbridge finally left and Dumbledore came back, she was so overjoyed.

When she started her sixth year at Hogwarts, she tried out for the Quidditch team and became a Chaser. She really enjoyed it, other than the fact that it was so dangerous. She got hurt every now and then, but she found it exciting. Her school year was pretty uneventful when it comes to what happened to the others, but she had her own issues. Her two sisters left and with Haru graduating, she found herself alone as far as family went.

Her childhood friend, Lucas Nightwalker, transferred there along with his twin brother Kalvin. They'd been best friends for a long time, but she didn't really like Kalvin. She had been in love with Luke (Lucas) for a long time, but things didn't work that well. She felt that Kalvin stole him from her and Kalvin felt that she stole Luke from him. Eventually, they argued enough and Luke blamed her for his brother hating him. That crushed her that he would take his side, though it was somewhat understandable. It got to the point that they stopped being friends all together and she carried a grude on him.

She did meet a few interesting people, including a girly looking boy named Alec Storm and his friend Sebastian Black. She tried being friends to both, but she became very close to Ian (Sebastian). They went to a few dances as friends or just hung out, but when they went to a Valentine's dance together, they felt awkward about it. They decided to take a walk by the lake instead. While talking, the topic came up that he liked Alec, but he confessed to her that he wasn't the only one he liked. They ended up kissing and Reiko had fallen for Ian.

After a year or so, Luke came back on his own for a little while. While she was expecting things to be negative, it turned out that he did change. They had a pleasent talk like they used to, but it was clear things couldn't be fixed. Not when it had been broken for so long. She hated how if he loved her, he had an odd way of showing it. In the end, nothing happened.

Upon entering her last year of schooling, that's when things really began to change. She worked toward making her dream of owning her own fashion line a reality. During that year, she made a lot of clothing for it and had people wear it to advertise it. That's where she really started to make it known and did commissions for people. She named her fashion line, "Simplicity." She tried to join the Quidditch team again, but things didn't work out.

With Dumbledore dead and Snape taking over, things became much worse. It was like a repeat of her fourth year with the rules. Snape was a lot stricter than Umbridge had been and unlike Umbridge, he wasn't someone you wanted to cross. Reiko is unable to play the good kid, but she did the best she could. She saw as things got worse. With Harry, Ron, and Hermione gone, the year seemed pretty bland.

When the Battle of Hogwarts began, the Slytherins were forced to be put under survalliance. She pleaded to help them with the fight. The hell if she was going to let Voldemort take over the school and cause more terror when she had the chance to fight. Eventually, she was allowed to participate under circumstances, but that was enough for her. She just wanted to protect the school that she had come to love over the years.
TIMELINE: Her 7th year with Snape as Headmaster. The Battle of Hogwarts was just beginning.
PERSONALITY: The one thing that you'll probably realize about Reiko right away is the fact that she doesn't act like the normal Slytherin you tend to see. Of course, not all Slytherins will be rude or bully others. Genuine Slytherins tend to think of themselves as higher beings and that they're better than the others. That also mean that they tend to think nothing of the other houses and argue with Gryffindors on a regular basis. Reiko is not like that. Unlike most Slytherins, she bares no hostility against Gryffindor and even has friends in Gryffindor. The same goes for the other houses. She'd rather judge people on their personality than what house they're in.

That being said, it's safe to assume that she's pretty friendly to almost everyone. She loves making friends and therefore is pretty open minded to how someone is or what house they're in. To those that she cares about, she's very loyal to and won't hesitate to stick up for people. She can be very fiery and stubborn when it comes to protecting friends or family. Although, she tends to be stubborn a lot of the time. She's likely to fight back against things rather than to go along with what's happening. She's naturally hyper to the point that she might be jumping off the walls at times. She doesn't need any kind of caffaine or sugar to help with that.
She's outgoing and will speak her mind almost always. If she has something to say, she'll say it. She comes off as a little blunt at times because of it. She'll refrain from speaking if she thinks that what she wants to say will just cause drama. She has no desire what so ever to deal with it. If she knows it will just cause trouble, she'll remain somewhat silent and maybe rant on the side where it wouldn't affect any other unnessecary drama to happen.

Just like any other teenage girl out there, she loves boys and likes to flirt. In fact, she tends to flirt without even noticing it. Most of her friends got adjusted to it and figured that's just how she is. You can tell if she really means what she's saying or if she's just joking around with people. She doesn't tend to lie a lot, so most of the things she says are true.

Of course that's not to say that she has no flaws. Everyone has flaws, after all. For one, she can be snarky at times and especially to certain people. Luckily, it takes a lot to make her to openly be a major bitch to someone. Although, she does tend to say unnessary things in order to prove a point. She can also be very sarcastic if she wanted to or if a certain event/situation occurs. She acts proud at times, especially considering her ability to make clothing. Sometimes it's to the point where she needs to just shut up. She gets defensive if someone either verbally/physically attacks her or the people she cares about.
ABILITIES/POWERS: Since Reiko is a pure blood witch, it's obvious that she knows how to use magic. She's pretty decent at it, but the best. She's on par of the average witch/wizard of her age. She also makes her own clothing for the most part, so she's very good at sowing by hand or by using a sowing machine -- though she only tends to use those back home since there can't be any muggle devices at Hogwarts since they don't work. She's gotten really good at it so she's pretty fast.

PLACE OF SOLACE: Hogwarts, if that's already there, California.


FIRST PERSON: [Have an angry looking blonde staring at you all. Once she came to, she immediately noticed that she was no longer back at Hogwarts. Instead, she was somewhere completely different.]

Hey! Is anybody there?! I need to get out of here. My school is in danger and my friends need me. I can't waste time here.

[Reiko was too busy by the fact that she had been kidnapped somewhere new to really realize where she was. She took a moment to actually look around. She noticed the bed -- which kind of confused her since she hadn't been sleeping -- she had been resting in a moment ago, the stained glass with the view of a seemingly endless road. The mirror is what really caught her attention. She started to walk over to it and examine it.]

.... What is this...? Why... am I still there fighting? How am I still there when I'm here? I don't understand what's going on. Is this some kind of pensive?

[She let out a deep sigh and looked elsewhere, noticing a muggle device and a slip of paper on top of the bedside table.]

"You are not safe here. Be wary of the King and Queen." -The Exile

... What's that supposed to mean? I didn't think Queen Elizabeth II was that bad....

[She's proud just to know who was in power. It wasn't like she was originally from England like most of the people at Hogwarts were. She let out a groan and rolled her eyes.]

Who ever took me here needs to bring me back, right this instant. I don't have time to play games with you all when Hogwarts is under attack. It's the biggest fight of the century!

[Luckily for you, the irate blonde was silenced with the feed cutting out. Apparently, she doesn't know much about muggle cell phones.]

THIRD PERSON: Reiko understand what everyone was afraid of. With the turnout of how things were these past few weeks... Well... She knew things were getting rough and a lot more strict. For someone who had never really gave much thought to what house people were in, she felt the turbulance between the kids. These were dark times indeed. She couldn't say she liked it. After a while, she began to realize who were juvenille Death Eaters in the making. The JDE were well hidden for the most part, but she was in the same house as they were. It wasn't too hard to figure out who was in on it and who wasn't when you lived around them nearly every day.

She was careful not to let her tongue slip. She didn't want to say something and then have a JDE catch her for something that she said that could be traitorous towards Snape and anyone in Slytherin. That was a hard enough task as it was. She didn't even get to tryout for the Quidditch team from everything that was happening. It was too dangerous anymore to think of friviolous things like Quidditch, even if it was a shimmer of light in these dark times. She wondered why she was even in Slytherin, but apparently her whole family had been.

She found herself walking around aimlessly when she ran into Ian without trying. She didn't even realize she had been too in thought. Apparently she found herself in the Great Hall. She looked to see who she ran into. Once she noticed Ian, her blank face lit up into a faint smile.

"Jeez, running into people and you don't even say sorry?" Ian asked her.

She rolled her eyes at him, "Sorry, I didn't mean to. But it's nice to see that you're okay."

He didn't say much, but he rose a brow, "I'm fine. There's no need to worry about me, but I have a feeling things are going to get a lot uglier..."

He didn't even have to say why. She glanced off to the side to see Snape. Before she knew it, Professor McGonagall had started to attack him, trying to overthrow him. The others couldn't help but watch. Reiko found herself confused, but it wasn't completely unexpected. She should have rooted for Snape, but she couldn't betray her own thoughts on the whole issue. It was his fault things got so bad. She couldn't think of him highly like any other Slytherin would. She started to think she was nuts for rooting for McGonagall, but she did it. She figured that Ian found it more odd than she did, considering he was an actual Gryffindor.

As the other Professors stepped in, she wanted to do something. She felt odd just standing there, but her feet wouldn't move. Snape disappeared before she could get her body and mind to cooperate at once. It was apparent there would be a battle. She really should have been afraid, but she wasn't. She was actually expecting this someday. When they heard Voldemort's message, she knew for sure what she would choose to do. She wanted to protect the school and the others she'd grown so fond of. She knew it was dangerous, but she had to do something. She couldn't help but to curse under her breath as she overheard Pansy.

Just like that, Slytherins were forced to evacuate. She had to do something. There was no way she wanted to leave. She wanted to protect everyone and the school. She couldn't help but feel envious of Ian. He was a Gryffindor, so he didn't have to leave. Something that was so silly to her about houses was holding her back.

"Wait! Please! Let me fight! I need to fight," she pleaded to McGonagall, fighting against the wave of students.

"I'm afraid there's no choice in the matter," Mcgonagall told her.

"Please! I want to do everything I can to help out. I need to do this to protect the school and people I love here. Please don't make me leave," she continued.

It went back and forth for a while, but she was relieved when they allowed her to stay, with the help of Ian. She had circumstances to follow, but that didn't matter to her. She would have gladly taken them. She wanted to make a difference. She also wanted to prove that not all Slytherins were bad or evil. Just when she thought she had the chance, she blacked out. She wasn't sure why that could be. It may be that a Death Eater had casted Stupefy on her. Either way, she wasn't too happen.

When she came to, she found herself in a completely different place. She was lying on a bed in a yellow room. It took a while for her to really notice the stained glass windows. She glanced to the side, taking the sights of the area she was now. Nothing was familiar. She still had cuts and bruises, but she wasn't at Hogwarts. That was for sure. This place was way too nice to be Hogwarts at it's current state. She noticed on the bedside table the communication device and then a piece of paper.

"You are not safe here. Be wary of the King and Queen. -The Exile," she read outloud, then looked up and over to the device again.

"What is this crap? Where am I? I need to go home. I'm in the middle of an important battle!" she blurted out, clearly pissed that she'd been taken to some place new. "Bring me back home this instance!"
ORIGINAL CHARACTER QUESTION: Reiko's first reaction would be confused as to how she somehow got there. Of course, she'll be annoyed, but she wasn't doing anything to important. Eventually, she'll get used to it and make the best of it.