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Giselle app for Somarium

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[Character name] Giselle
[Age] She appears to be 13-14
[Canon] Pokemon
[Point in time taken from canon] After Joe told her he was starting from scratch and Ash, Misty, and Brock went off on their own way. [Episode 9]
[Why this character is an "add-on"] She only appears one episode [maybe even two], so she isn't seen a lot.

Giselle appeared after Misty proved to Joe that simulations and real pokemon battles were very different at Pokemon Tech, a prestige pokemon school. She was quick to call Joe weak and an embarrassment to the school. She claimed to like to help her fellow classmates, but it was obvious that she didn't seemed to really care much about the underlings of the school. When she said that if Joe didn't get strong enough, people would start to turn their backs on him, Misty stepped in and said that she should help friends in need; She also told her that her beauty was only skin deep.

Giselle found great amusement out of this and challenged her to a pokemon battle. When Misty chose Starmie, she boldly chose a rock type pokemon named Graveler. She told them that her Graveler was strong enough to withstand a water pokemon type. Indeed it could, because it sent Starmie flying out of the room through the window and into a pool outside. Misty said that there was no way that a rock type could beat a water type. What was Giselle's response to that? "Pokemon are only as strong as the trainer that raises them." She went on telling Joe that a pokemon's level of training was just as important as a pokemon's type of element.

Ash didn't agree with this and stepped in after Misty was down. After hearing that he had only been a pokemon trainer for two months, she started to mock him. She even said that for two months of training, a Pikachu should be at least around level 25. On top of that, she made the comment that Pikachus made a nice pet for little girls. Naturally, Ash and Pikachu didn't like this and challenged her. She chose Cubone this time, doing a good job of deflecting Pikachu's electric bolt. When he said that she wasn't playing fair, she simply told him that Cubone's move was authorized and that this wasn't a game -- It's a battle of wits and power.

With that, Pikachu recovered and flipped around Cubone's skull. With a few other attempts, Cubone was defeaten and she called him back to the pokeball gently. While she was dramatically going on about how she'd lost, Team Rocket appeared. Apparently, according to her and what Team Rocket said previously to each other, they got the worst grades on the entrance exams in the history of Pokemon Tech. Her group challenged them, but they were easily scared off as the ran off.

She was sitting along the side of the water when Joe came to her. He told her that he planned on starting from scratch like Ash and gaining the badges that way. He asked her if he could keep her picture with him and she told him that it was fine with her. She kept pictures of her friends too. They made up and became friends. They both saw Ash, Misty, and Brock off as they went off on their way.

Giselle is pretty superficial when it all comes down it it. She's way too vain and says that it's a shame not everyone was born with her beauty, talent, and 'humble' personality. She only seems to care about herself or others who are talented or powerful.

On that note, it's safe to say that despite her note that she loves to help the others, she's quick to put others down when they're not up to par. If there made mistakes or weren't that good at pokemon fights, she wouldn't seem to really care about how they did. She told Joe right away after Misty's fight with him that he was an embarrassment to the school.

She's also shown to be pretty dramatic. She'd be likely to play the guilt card on others and play them like a chess peice. Her loss to Ash showed that much.

No matter how rude or inconsiderate she may seem though, she does seem to have a soft spot for pokemon. She's very kind to her pokemon and even tried to cheer Cubone up after his fight with Pikachu. Even though she's depicted as the bully for most of the time, she does have a soft spot for friends as well. When she made up with Joe, there was no sign that she was acting snide or conceited.

[Abilities] Giselle herself has no abilities except maybe for being the top beginner student of her class. Her pokemon training and fighting skills are pretty decent though.

[Other important stuff] Joe made a comment about it early on, but it seems she always practices on the simulation battles and trains her pokemon. She's also the top student in the beginner's class and shows promise to become a good pokemon trainer. Pokemon Tech. is a prestigous school in which you could enter the Pokemon League without badges if you are to succeed. She has two known pokemon that's shown: Graveler and Cubone. Since she's the top student in her class, she has to have pretty high level pokemon. I'd say they'd be about level 20 if my research is correct.

[What is their purpose in game?] To spread a little pokemon love~<3
[Any questions?] Not really a question [I already asked Mart], but I would like to be able to have both Graveler and Cubone with her.