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Anna Sage App for SplendoroCity

Player Information:
Name: Terra
Journal: [livejournal.com profile] ritztheditz
Method of Contact: Aim [Sugoitera] & MSN [yuuri-chan@hotmail.com]
Previous characters: N/A

Character Information:
Full Name: Anna Sage
Series: Original Character
Canon point: A little after she is promoted in the P.R.A.
Age: 18
Species: Human
Appearance/PB: Anna
Appearance upon arrival: She's pretty much the same as she looks normally, but there may be a few scratches and bruises on her because she was in a mission and got a little beat up during it, but nothing serious.

Previous RP memories: N/A
Bringing someone along?: N/A
Character History: . . . The Paranormal Rumor Agency. Founded seventy years before, in 1940, it has progressed phenomenally -- from humans with guns as weapons, to humans with extraordinary abilities. Each year, six new humans have been recruited.

Now 2010, in New York, USA, the Paranormal Rumor Agency is disguised as the P.R.A. No one knows about it except the six teenagers working for it, and the people with paranormal problems, themselves. Things that need to be solved such as zombies, ghosts, or anything else superficial. Problems that need rumors added to help increase popularity (such as haunted houses, or maybe a new café) are also accepted -- hence the name. All that is needed is a simple phone call.

However, one month after being hired (or forced to work for the P.R.A.), the teenagers have heard of several reports. People going missing, people found dead on the streets -- and most of all, a new, suspicious group of people -- later found out to be the Linear Energy Acceleration Faculty (L.E.A.F.) -- almost the same age as them stealing their work. They are not registered as an official company, but people still call in for their help. Their motive; It's simple. The L.E.A.F. exists to cleanse the world of people they deem "impure" -- those who do not possess supernatural ability like they do. Or just the people who get in their way of anything.


Anna originally came from London, England. As fate would have it, she was forced to move to the United States due to her parents getting some good jobs. As much as she didn't want to move, she eventually gave in. Not that she had much of a choice. She was pretty open to America in general, though. She was admitted to a local school in New York. At first, she seemed like that idol there. She was a foreigner, after all.

She managed to catch the eyes of Sebastian Black. Sebastian started as a customer for the P.R.A. and he eventually became a member, though he has no actual supernatural ability. At first, it was in a way that he was attracted to her. That changed to pure curiousity once he saw her use her ability on someone who was harrassing her. Of course, he couldn't place it on her just yet, but he could clearly see the guy's terrified look on their face before they rushed off.

She displayed no desires for a boyfriend or any kind of romance. Her attention was brought up among the others during a meeting they had. Since he has no actual abilities, they placed him on the duty to find recruits. She ended up joining up as a new recruit, among others. She showed leadership skills and other such skills that proved her worth during those times. She started out as a trainee, but she quickly advanced to an equal rank as some of the other P.R.A. agents.

At first she had a pretty heavy British accent and usage of slang, but a lot of it died down as she stayed in America. But, she still does use quite a bit of British slang. Alec -- another member of the P.R.A. -- looks girly and she would intentionally call him a girl or a nancy boy just to piss him off. Alec and her argue a lot. If you didn't know them, you'd probably find it impossible for them to be friends. They have a love-hate relationship, though. A lot of crap came from Alec about her slang and confusion of some of the American slang.

She was soon welcomed into the P.R.A. as if she had been there for just as long as they have. She bacame a vital agent for the group. The time came when there were some new recruits once agian and Anna met Izzy, a computer genius. She became an assistant to him during some missions.

Anna is pretty easy to get along with. She's a social butterfly, so she loves meeting new people and talking; Especailly talking. She's always been talkative. She generally trusts everyone, to some degree, at first. As she gets to learn them, she'll learn to kind of adjust how much she'd trust them, though. Once you break her trust, you lose her respect. Once you lose her respect, be ready to have a bitchy brit on your ass. It's very difficult to get back. It's not impossible, but you have to suck up to her a lot.

She can be pretty sassy and has a bit of an attitude. She has a short fuse when she's distracted or busy with other work. It's more important to her when it's an investigation. She's serious about her work. So far, she may seem like a girl who's uptight and rude, but there's more that meets the eye. She's British, so she does have the accent. Her time in America has simmered it down a bit, though.

Character Abilities: Anna, as part of the Paranormal Rumor Agency [P.R.A.], has a special part in the group. Though, she is an add on to the original group, she does well in going up into the ranks to eventually reach what the other are. One thing is common among most of them; Almost all of them have a certain supernatural ability. Anna's ability is not a heads-in-first fight suited ability. Shes stares into someone else's eye and concentrates to create an illusion, specially delivered just for them to see. They'll seem so real as if it's actually happening. They can vary from silly illusions to stuff that just scares the living shit out of them. She does have some computer skills, but it's not the best. She can hack someone or something if she needs to, but that usually goes to their computer technition, Izzy. She does play assistant to him from time to time, though.

Like everyone else, Anna has her weaknesses to. She has a glaring weakness that she really hates to point out or have pointed out. Her supernatural ability can be very useful and it evolves over time. However, it only works if she keeps her concentration. Her concentration can be broken easily if she's not careful. Not only that, for now, it only works on one person. People who have a strong enough will can break free from her illusions. Just like how some people break out of hypnosis, it's possible for them to break out of her illusions.
Possessions: The only actual possession she has on hand his her cell phone.
Anything else: Anna is British so she does have an accent, but since it's difficult to make that clear on here, I'll probably just use British slang for her.

Action/Communication thread/post sample: [Anna glanced around to her new surroundings, taking it all in after picking herself off the ground. She was certain she was in America when she blacked out, but now this place was completely different. It took a moment before she really let her surrounding sink in.]

Just where in the bloody hell am I? I swear to god, I'm going to wring that ignorant git's neck when I see him.

Alec! You nancy boy! Where are you?! This isn't funny!

[She couldn't get herself to calm down, even if she was in a place that seemed pretty peaceful. While most people would have indulged in this peace, Anna was not happy about it at all. The P.R.A. had been in mission; one that she apparantly passed out from. She rubbed the back of her head, letting out a groan.]

I need to get home... right now! I don't have time to play these games. The others are in danger and they're relying on me to get them where they need to be and create a proper distraction.

Hello?! Is anyone listening to me?! Bloody hell!
Log/Prose sample: Anna was in a rush. After a week or so, the P.R.A. -- Otherwise known as the Paranormal Rumor Agency -- had finally seen some real action. Everything has been investigation and book work until now. No, now she had Rae barking out orders for everyone. Everyone was frantically running around to get their jobs done. Even as a 16 year old, Rae did a good job as the leader of the P.R.A.; so much so that they all seemed to hold a high respect for the girl. Anna set down a stack of paper next to Izzy, who was busy trying to hack into survailence of their target.

"Crap! They've caught on and retaliated! Anna, give me a hand," he told her.

Anna nodded, not giving it much thought as she took a seat at the other computer across from Izzy. Her slender fingers pressed the keys in a fast pace, her dark chocolate colored eyes never leaving the screen to check where the keys were. She was fast, doing her best to keep up with Izzy to hack them back.

"Bleeding hell! These blokes are pretty damn good at this. It's hard to keep up with them. Izzy, I'm in," she cursed under her breathe.

"Good, I'm doing my best to hold them back. Can you access the files about the biohazard operations going on and have them copied to the flash drive? It won't take long for them to realize what we're after and try to delete it," Izzy asked.

"You've got it," she said simply, starting to get the files neccesary to their investigation.

While everyone seemed to be busy with this operation, it was really no surprise to Anna that Alec was slacking around. His presense was clearly known due to his loud mouth. She also had this thing that for some reason; she could almost always tell when he came around. She didn't have the time for his bullshit right now. Why he was still here was beyond her. Even though she did her best to ignore his presence and continue on getting the files, he slinked his way over to her. She was certain it was just to piss her off.

"What's wrong? Can't even handle something simple like this?" he asked mockingly.

"Go away you bloody git. I'm busy doing my job, unlike you. This isn't simple. I doubt you'd be able to manage it," she said with an icy tone, never letting her attention leave the screen and what she was currently doing.

"I've already finished my job," he replied dryly.

She did her best not to turn around and kick him away, but she started to twitch regardless of what she tried avoiding. "Then get the hell out of here! I don't have time to deal with your bullshit, you bloody nancy boy," she said.

"Don't call me that! I swear to god I will-" she heard Alec starting to say.

Once his muffled voice was heard, it seemed like relief to her. She didn't look behind due to the lack of patiance and the ability to at the current situation. She did hear an all too familiar voice. She wasn't really sure if it's one she really wanted to hear at the moment.

"Now, now, Alec. Give her a break. She's hard at work. Besides, you're up, Alecandra. Go get changed," Sebastian said, probably with a giant grin. He had an oh-so-sarcastic tone of voice as he emphesized the last part.

She groaned as she heard them bickering back and forth. Finally, when the file was complete, she turned and glared at the two of them.

"Will the two of you shut the fuck up?! How do you like spiders? Or maybe I should make it scorpians instead?" she threatened, making her intentions clear.

Alex said nothing, but Sebastian thought it was amusing clearly. He started to laugh a little at their expressions. He put his hand on her shoulder, "Calm down. There's no need to use that ability of yours on us."

She plucked his hand off her shoulder as if he was a dirty diaper that nobody wanted to touch. "I don't know about you two, but I'm busy," she said, getting up. "Izzy, I'm going ahead since you've got everything under control now. I need to get back to the investigation."

She tossed him the flash drive with the files and walked off. Her main priority was to get this case solved. There was nothing normal about a possible genicide from some phychopatic moron that clearly had paranormal powers that could be very dangerous. That's how Anna rolled, though. Rae had given her the okay as she went on ahead. If anything, her illusions could give them some more time if she found nothing else.