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Belgium App for Somarium

[Player name] Terra
[Age] 19
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[Character name] Belgium
[Age] She appears to be about 19, but a few hundred years.
[Canon] Hetalia
[Point in time taken from canon] After Germany went through Belgium to get to France in World War I 2011

[Background] Sad enough, Belgium is a relatively minor role in Hetalia. As of currently, she has only had about 5 seconds in the anime and who knows in the web comic/manga. She’s less recognized then Canada [Anime terms, not popularity terms], though that doesn’t particularly bother her. Though, it is known that she has two siblings. One of them is her older brother Holland/the Netherlands and the other is her little brother Luxembourg. They form what is called the Benelux trio. They were all territory of Spain in the late 1500s, but not all of them wanted to remain as such. Holland rebelled against Spain, expecting Belgium and Luxembourg to follow in his footsteps. Why? He attempted to become closer to Belgium. That didn’t work exactly as planned, though. Neither sibling went along with him and instead fought on Spain’s side. Since then, Belgium and Holland’s relationship together have been somewhat strained and has turned into more of a love-hate relationship.

Times went on and in the early 1800’s Holland made a big attempt of reuniting with his sister. Though, a good 300 years does a lot to separate people who have not really contacted each other in a long time. Belgium did not care for this and rebelled against him for her own independence. Eventually, she became her own country; not ruled by anyone else. When 1914 came around, war broke out between the Axis and the Allies powers. Belgium has always been more of a neutral kind of country and has always disliked fighting if she could help it. However, when Germany declared war on France, she had no problem with it… until Germany decided to go through her first in order to weaken France. Now it became her problem too. If he thought that she was weak -- in which case she was somewhat-- than he was clearly mistaken and she wouldn’t stand for it. It irritated her to think that he would have the audacity to get to France through her house. She managed to survive outnumbered and out-skilled for about a month before she caved.

From Canon Update

As you know, Belgium was taken along for the ride when Germany invaded her home to get to France. Of course, that didn't last long. On July 27th, that was the first time Germany had called the 1839 Treaty of London -- made with all European nations to acknowledge her neutrality -- just "a scrap of paper" that was not worth fighting over. It was worth fighting for to Belgium. Apparently trying to persuade England not to declare war did not work because it backfired big time. England stepped in to watch over and protect Belgium when Germany attacked on August 4th. 
August 6th, a German Zeppelin came in to attempt to bomb her. 9 of her citizens were killed because of this. Only 10 days later, she fell to Germany's control. After that time, she became to resent Germany for dragging her into a war that she shouldn't have had to be involved in in the first place. It was just because her home was placed in the middle of everything. She had been thankful for England and some of the other Allies who had helped her.
This victory was short lived. Hitler, previous soldier of Germany's army, was pissed about how things happened. Soon enough, he came into enough power and started aweful things like the Holocaust. Even more reason for Belgium to hate Germany. Thousands of innocent lives were killed because of Germany's advances. Over time, all he was to her was a "murdering monster", even though it was really Hilter who was in charge.. War was never pretty, but that didn't help her bitterness.
England came to her rescue, extremely thankful for his efforts. She felt bad that his citizens were getting killed or seriously injured just to defend her. Eventually in 1918, Germany evacuated and she was finally free of his reign there. Even if it had only been 17 years, her bitterness towards Germany had not calmed and when Nazi agitators attempted to bring back the Reich; they were arrested. Things were stirring up and Hitler -- who had been a messenger in the previous war -- had taken matters in his own hands.
England, just as he had done before, declared that he would not fail to protect Belgium again if Hitler attacked. That didn't do anything because May 10th, 1940, he went through with blitzkrieg. Though Belgium's neutrality had been attacked again, she was strong. She wasn't just a pushover. She was able to defend her home, her citizens, and herself on her own for at least 18 days before she was forced to surrender to Germany again.
Under his rule, she was forced to speak German; which is one of the main reasons she refuses to speak it ever again. Though the victims of the Holocaust were mostly Lithuania's and Poland's citizens, France, Luxembourg, and herself had some citizens that was forced to take part, as well. Her Jewish citizens were forced to wear the Star of David. In 1942, 999 Jews in Beglium were sent on the first train to Auschwitz, a well-known concentration camp.
Once again the Allied forces, though it was mostly England, came to her help. During that time, England looked after her and took her in to protect her. In 1944, America came with his troops and England had come as well. He was successful in freeing her, but it only lasted for a while. In December, the Battle of the Bulge began and a year later the last German offensive failed. They had successfully won the Battle of the Bulge on January 12th, ending the battle 4 days later. The Treaty of Brussels was signed on March 18th, 1948 between England, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and herself. 
 In 1951, she was to address Baudouin, son of King Leopold. Why? He had taken over as king. Her boss insisted that she must do it. Of course, Belgium was a mature young woman when doing so. She remained polite and spoke only when spoken to or needed to do so. The popular original cartoon, the Smurfs, was started by Pierre Culliford in 1958 and Hanna-Barbera turned it into a US cartoon program in 1981. There was also Eddy Merckx, a Belgian professional cyclist. He had won his 4th consecutive Tour de France in 1972. Though America was an idiot, she still thought of America as a friend. She still wanted to help him out, in 9/11 she tracked terrorist financing with the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) in 1973. Wilfried Achiel Emma Martens became the prime minister in 1979.

During a NATO meeting, in 1988 President Reagan arrived. In 1989, a man named Marc Dutroux was sent to prison for 13 years for abducting and raping 5 girls. He was freed after 3 years, but some people never change. He would appear more in the near future. In 1992, the Treaty of the European Union was ratified. Belgium's king died a year later and Prince Albert took over as king. Dutroux hadkidnapped and raped two more girls in 1995. Once again, Dutroux faced more jail time. After he was arrested, 2 girls who had been kidnapped were found and rescued in 1996. Days after, police unearthed the remains of the two girls that were kidnapped and raped.
There was some trouble with NATO when a US Air Force officer became a 3-year-scame. It cheated 90 companies out of millions of dollars. He was arrested, naturally. Doutroux would not go down without a fight, because he had escaped police custody in 1998, but was soon recaptured. About 31 schoolchildren got illnesses from drinking Coca Cola in June 8, 1999. They found the problem to be defective carbon dioxide in bottling plant.
As far as big news goes, Belgium was to meet Mathilde d'Udekem because Prince Phillippe had just married her. Of course, it was her duty to greet and congradulate them. In 2002, Princess Lilian -- the 2nd wife of King Leopold III -- had passed away. A year later, gay marriages was officially recognized on January 30th. Relations with England had always been close. When Prince Laurent married one of his civilians, Clair Coombs, they grew even closer. April 2nd, 2004, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Solvakia, and Slovenia were welcomed into the NATO alliance. 
Febrary 20th, 2005, Belgium met America's civilian, President Bush, when he came to visit Europe. The NATO summit decided that they would destroy Soviet-era weapons that were found in Ukraine on Febrary 22nd. Within only 3 years, same-sex were allowed to adopt, becoming the fourth European Union member state to allow such. Belgium assisted America in the contriversol problem about global warming on April 2nd, 2007. Ybes Leterme took over as Belgian prime minister on March 20th, 2008. She recieved the world's largest brewery -- Anheuser-Busch -- in 2008, but only 2 years later, it was shut down.
The most recent things for now are that a five-story apartment bulding collapsed, killing 11 people and 21 were injured. Roger Vangheluwe, a bishop, had resigned after apologizing for secually abusing a young boy 25 years before.


What are some of the relationships she has with other nations? Well… Belgium watches over Luxembourg and over Holland to make sure he doesn’t cause too much problems, as he can be very… devious. Ever since the failed attempt at doing a joint rebel against Spain, their relationship has become strained and they tend to speak on difficult terms. Even though that is the case and that he drives her up the wall, deep down inside she dearly cares for her brother and may even admire him; although She wouldn’t have the dignity to show it. Naturally being under Spain’s rule -- along with Luxembourg and South Italy [Romano] -- she has grown attached to both of Spain and Romano. She harbors a crush on both Spain and Romano, though it’s not shown all that easily and has faded away slowly. That’s natural when you grow up with those very people and when they become close to you.

How about Germany now? Oh god! That wasn’t a good thing to get her started on Germany. Before the invasion of her country, she respected Germany and had nothing against him. After his actions however, she began to really dislike Germany. Play with fire, you’ll get burned. Usually Belgium wasn't the type for violence or disliking people, but Germany’s actions pressed her buttons and she got really annoyed by that. He is probably the only one she would show dislike for or even glare at, but over all she would do the best not to do what she really wanted to do. She didn’t want to hold grudges, though it was increasingly hard when it was Germany she was talking about. After a while, she still holds a grudge, but she's started to let it go and let the past be the past.

What about the other Allies? She has a great respect for England, though America and France are somewhere there. So far, she thinks that America is somewhat idiotic, but for the most part, she does respect him. She’s learned to kind of overlook his actions unless they become too reckless or stupid. France is about the same respect as America, which really isn’t all that bad. For France, she just finds him a little… crude. The flashy clothing and actions don’t really help that opinion. Especially since his idea of “romance” is a little extreme. With that being said, she still does look out for France the best she can. England has become a very imporant person in her life and she's always respected him. In the role-play, they've even gotten into a serious relationship after stuff happened. Aside from a few varying factors, she has a respect for them all. She can’t say much for China, Russia, and various other nations because she doesn’t really know them all that well. Russia really creeps her out.

[Personality] In general, she is a well-mannered girl who would rather solve problems by talking it out. She tries her best to be a mature young woman. She tries to be as ladylike as possible, but everyone slips from time to time. Though if you peeve her off, odds are that might differ slightly for you. She -- for the most part -- tries to be mature about things and get both sides of an argument before jumping the gun. In her attempts to try to remain mature, she tries her best to be open-minded to different situations. That, however, can prove to be a very difficult task at times. That’s not always a good thing, though.

Her open-mindedness makes her what we would call naive. She’s easy to believe things, despite her attempts to be smarter then that. She can be naive, but she's not totally naive. She does pick up on a few things. Belgium believes that neutrality is the best way to go about things because she is a pacifist. She will only fight if it is absolutely necessary and that’s the only solution to the problem. There's no way that she wants to fight unless she has to. When people are in danger, she's more likely to help indirectly by getting civilians to safety or doing other stuff to contribute like help rebuilt things.

If there is one thing she wants, it is to improve relationships with other nations and try to make them to good ones she can rely on. She likes making friends and would rather be closer to the other nations. Just because she is friendly, it does not mean that she won’t fight back if needed. She's a bit tom-boyish,and does not really like wearing skirts or dresses much, but she has opened herself up more to dressing a little more girly, mostly because England. It should be known that no matter how much she dislikes someone at times, when it comes to kids in danger or in general, she's very protective and motherly of them. She love to help out and contribute to people.

Her favorite things would be chocolate, waffles, and yes, beer! Although, she’s mostly interested in sweets and cooking in general over her beer. Her waffles usually consist of a lot of toppings. She loves putting chocolate syrup, cinnamon ice-cream, chocolate-dipped strawberries, blue berries, and maple syrup; You name it. Wow, talk about a sweet tooth. She adores beer! She’s a friendly drunk, so no worries; although, she tends to be a little more of a… clingy drunk.
[Abilities] How cool is that she eats like crazy, has a really bad apatite for sweets, waffles, and beer and yet not gain a single pound? Yep! I wish I had that ability. Naturally, underneath it all, she does a good job of making sure Holland stays out of trouble. She also makes crazy good Belgium waffles. Other then that, she is a nation, but she doesn't seem to have any extrodinary powers to mention.

[Other important stuff] She seems to be close to Spain and Romano. In role-play, she's gotten into a pretty serious relationship with England.

[Sample post]
[First Person] Where am I? I don't remember this place. Romano...? Spain? ...Holland?!

[When there was no reply back from anyone, she began to worry even more.]

Okay... just call down Belgium. I'm sure this is just some sort of dream. Just... no more waffles before bed... especially not ones soaked in beer...

Neem me niet kwalijk*... Anyone there? I need to find my way back home. Isn't there anyone here that can help me out... just a little!?

[*Neem me niet kwalijk - Excuse me]


[Belgium hadn't expected to be back here again. Thankfully, she remembered everything from her stay. She didn't even realize she had left until a while later. The blonde woke up in a surprisingly warm climate. She remembered that it had been colder when she was there before.]

So I'm back here again... It's been a while.

[She took a moment to look around before she grabbed the Dreamberry and hurried back to the cottage that England, Mary, and herself had been staying at. She opened the door, walking in and closing the door behind her.]

Arthur? Mary?! I'm home! I'm sorry for disappearing like that. I'm make sure to make it up to you guys and cook a feast.

[She didn't get a response and let out a sigh. They were probably both out of the house. She didn't blame them. The weather outside was nice.]

Come home soon, you guys... I miss you both...

[She decided to do some baking to see if it would surprise them. Hopefully there was enough ingredients for her chocolate. She turned off the Dreamberry to get to work.]

[Third Person] Belgium was doing her daily chores. She wasn't aware of where Luxembourg was currently, but she just hoped that he was doing alright. She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand.

"There! That should be everything" she exclaimed, feeling relieved to finally be done for the day.

As she started to find Spain, she over heard very loud noises. She sighed; it was probably Spain's "teaching" that was the culprit. Romano didn't take well to it; Then again, he wasn't really the "easily accepting" type. Most of the things Spain tried teaching, he blew it off and said it was too hard to learn or too confusing. She knew just as well as Spain that he could learn under certain circumstances.

What kind? Well... at the moment, Belgium wasn't completely sure, but she had a theory. It seemed that whenever she popped her head in to say hi and commented about his studies, Romano seemed to pick it up just fine... and use it if the time was right for it. She shrugged, deciding to pop in and check if everything was okay. It didn't matter if it was for that reason or not; She still had to inform Spain about being done, anyways.

"How is everything coming-" she started, glancing at the people.

Three people present... There was one more then normal. Holland.... He was busy arguing with Romano about something or another. It probably didn't matter anyway. They stopped when she had entered. It seems that Holland to take the chance to get up and rush over to her.

"Belgium, we're leaving" he told her.

It was obvious he wasn't suggesting it. It was some kind of order. He simply sighed. She shook her head, taking his hand off her shoulder. She wasn't going to leave, just like that. Sure, she was under Spain's rule, along with Luxembourg, but it wasn't like they were treated bad; And for Holland to try to fix things when it's already been so long... it wasn't the right time for it.

"No. I'm not going anywhere. I'm looking out for Luxembourg. She can't be alone here. Don't say that we'll take her with. We're not leaving" she explained calmly.

"What are you talking about? It would be better if you and Luxembourg joined me in unification. It's okay! Really! You're older brother is here for you" he told her with confidence, "so let's get going."

"Broer, I said no. It's too late for that" she said, ending it there and then.

She really didn't want to have to deal with this right now. She walked back in, smiling to Romano. He needed encouragement, obviously by the face he was giving. She calmly told him to keep trying Spain's Spanish lessons. He could do it; Belgium knew he could, even without even demonstrating. He was a smart kid. She looked to Spain.

"I've finished my chores for today. I'll be returning to my room, now" she said, doing a slight curtsy.

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] I really miss playing Belgium and tagging with everyone again.
[Which rule was your favorite and why?] No playercast.... How weird would that be? It's no fun rping with yourself...
[Where did you hear about Somarium?] App_This_Plz
[Any questions?] Not really.

- What were you doing before now?
I was been arguing with Holland and I must have blacked out. 
- If someone provoked or attacked you, what would you do?
I'd do my best to keep my cool, but if anyone Germany disrespected my neutrality, than I'd be forced to take action. I'm not just going to let people attack me, after all.
- Your country is in the middle of a war. What do you think of it? Do you support it or try to solve it yourself by going on an epic quest? Explain.
Well, I haven't been in a war since World War II, but war is nasty. It's never pretty and it really despise fighting. I can understand when you need to defend yourself. I declared my neutrality, but it seems people don't seem to respect that...
- You are on the verge of death. You know there is no way to survive and there's no coming back. Choose any of the following to answer: What is your last wish? Your last regret? Last thoughts? How do you feel? Who is the last person you think of other than your killer? (can answer more than one of these question, but it will at most count as 2 questions)
I'm... going to die? Just like that?.... I really should have talked it out... the problems between Holland and I... Broer....
- There is a cake in the rain. What do you do?
Oh! Yummy! Cake is always delicious. I should make some sometime. I'd eat the cake! The cake is a lie!
- Do you prefer adventure or the peaceful life?
Personally...? I'd rather have a peaceful life. I love spending time with my dear friends and family.