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Serah Farron App for Star_Kingdom

Player info
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Character info
Series/Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Character's Name: Serah Farron
Character's Sex: Female
Character's Age: 18
Canon point: Right after she turns to crystal for completing her Focus

Abilities: Serah is a Pulse L'cie, or a an enemy of Cocoon. An L'cie is given a Focus that they must complete, though it isn't clear and you have to figure it out before you become a Cie'th. They are also granted strange powers that include magic, which is generally not possible for normal humans, and sometimes the ability to summon an Eidolon, known as an Esper or Aeon in previous Final Fantasy games. However, due to the short time with the actual Serah, it is not certain if she has the same qualities.
Background: If there is anything more important, it's her place in the storyline. First, it's important to mention that she is a Pulse L'cie. A Pulse L'cie is someone who has been branded with the L'cie mark by the Sanctum's Fal'cie, Fal'cie Anima. It is often called the mark of death, considering you either become a crystal or Cie'th. Either is equal to death. A L'cie is given a mission, labeled a Focus, that they must complete in order to prevent from becoming a Cie'th. Though, the tricky part is that there is no clear words or vision that tells you exactly what that Focus may be. You get a foggy vision that is very brief. From there, you have to decipher what it means on your own. Any L'cie that completes their focus gains everlasting life, turning into a crystal. It is later mentioned in the game that they can come back to life after a given time, though this theory is still in the works of being tested. If you fail to complete your Focus, you turn into a monstrous creature called a Cie'th. It's important to remember that L'cie are considered "enemies" of Cocoon, the society they live in. Therefore, they are not welcomed in any way in most scenarios.

The Sanctum is what you would think of as a form of government such as a monarchy in some sense. They call the shots. Like many times throughout history, they have a black side to them, causing millions of innocent lives to be killed in the process of killing a L'cie. The other officials like the Guardian Corps don't seem to know a lot about L'cie roaming around because the Sanctum hide their failures and won't announce something that may get people against them. The main enemy to Pulse L'cie is the Sanctum. They are the reason that L'cie lose almost everything when becoming marked and must run for their entire lives to survive.

Cocoon is your normal, average planet where many people live in. However, uproar started when they found an L'cie in their safe haven. Days before, Serah had become an L'cie due to her own curiosity. She didn't tell anyone and even tried to break up with her boyfriend, Snow, that she loved so much for the sake of his safety. It was then when she informed him that she had been marked as an L'cie. She became an enemy of Cocoon and she had to make things right. Being too stubborn for a lot of things (I.E. dying, giving up hope, trying certain things), he didn't let that set so easily. He promised that he would by her side no matter what. They would find her Focus and complete it so that she wouldn't become something like a Cie'th. She finally gave in and allowed him to help her. She fears becoming a Cie'th the most.

A day later, Snow was to meet up with Serah in the city of Bodhum. It was then where she admitted that she was afraid to tell Lightning, her older sister, that she had become an L'Cie. Snow had bought a necklace of her. It was an engagement necklace, identical to the ring in role. He popped the question and she said "yes" to him. There was a beautiful fireworks show going on and they enjoyed that time going through the fireworks and watching it from a close range. That happiness was short lived when she had finally found what to get Lightning for her birthday.

The next day, it was Lightning’s birthday and there was a celebration for Lightning. Serah figured it was best to tell her sister her fate when she was in a good mood; That backfired. The moment she told Lightning about her fate, Lightning didn't believe her, saying some harsh things as she sent Serah crying. She told Serah that if this was true, she would be the one who had to deal with her, kill her even. Lightning duked it out [words] with Snow a little, but Snow finally said that he'd protect Serah even if she didn't and ran after her. The birthday gift for Lightning? It was a survival knife in order to keep herself safe from harm’s way. When it all came down to it, Lightning regretted not listening to Serah when she had the chance.

A day or so later, Cocoon was on high alert and chasing after Serah and Snow. The Sanctium ordered the civilians evacuated at once and were to be purged if they had any contact with the L'cie. The Purge has caused many hundreds of people's deaths, though most were innocent. Despite Snow's efforts to keep her safe, she was taken into custody. Lightning joined the Purge in order to save Serah in time, also giving up her position as a sergeant in the Bodhum Security Regiment of the Guardian Corps. Snow went to also save Serah, but had other means. Incidentally, Sahz followed Lightning and Hope and Vanille followed Snow. Hope wanted to confront Snow about his mother's death and Vanille encouraged him. The next time they saw Serah, time was up. Though she had a little time, Serah had turned into crystal. Apparently, she fulfilled her Focus, though Lightning was unable to figure what it was before Serah turned to Crystal. The last thing so told Lightning was to protect Cocoon. The survival knife given to Lightning for her 21st birthday was all she had left to remember Serah by.
Appearance: Serah
Personality: Serah seems to be a pretty mature girl. She does well at giving advice and is, for the most part, well-behaved for her age. She’s down to Earth and realistic about things. Sadly, her realistic side of her tends to get her depressed at times. Still, she’ll take things as they are and try her best to move on. She refuses to let anything stop her for the sake of living.

She’s believes in doing what’s right. When she became a L’Cie, she started to worry because she didn’t want to be that monster. Instead of someday becoming Ragnarok or causing trouble to anyone because she was an L’Cie, she chose to run away; Hoping that by doing so, she could protect those she loved and the citizens. If she had to, she’d run away from Snow and Lightning, never tell them what she had become, and find a way to complete her focus on her own without harming anyone. She wasn’t successful, but that was her initial plan.

Serah is also very kind, trying to help others as much as she can. She’s the kind to be able to forgive someone easily. She also puts her trust in those she cares about and tries not to hurt them. She is very loving, considering she was engaged to Snow before she was crystallized. Snow means a lot to her and she’d do anything for him; It’s just as she would for Lightning. She's loyal to those she cares about, but she can also be pretty stubborn at the same time.

Serah is pretty self-dependant, just as much as Lightning is. After the death of her parents, both Lightning and Serah had to mature and grow up much quicker than any other person their age. Both Lightning and Serah changed, but not as drastically as Lightning did. She had to be strong to make it through the days with Lightning. This leads to the sense that she doesn't try to rely too much on someone, but she does rely on Lightning and Snow from time to time. She feels the need to protect those around her as much as possible. She wants those she loves to live happy and free lives and will do anything in order to help achieve that. She'll even give up everything if it means that those she cares about will be safe.

She does not have any means of protecting herself physically, but she can get through difficult situations mentally. After turning into crystal, though, she's going to want to know how to protect herself physically, too; Not only herself actually, but those she loves as well. She keeps her hopes strong and finds strength within herself when thinking of all those she cares about. She'll fight with all that she has, even when the odds are against her. Even when she has a ton of her own problems stacking up, she'll do whatever she can to help those around her instead. She puts others before herself, which could be both a good thing and a bad things at times.

Serah seems to share the stubborn trait with Lightning. She is the type of person who would rather deal with her own problems on her own and if that failed, THEN ask for help. She believes that others shouldn't have to worry about problems they didn't originally have. She was too afraid to tell her sister when she first became a L'cie and she had even tried breaking up with Snow to protect him. This also shows that she's willing to say when she's wrong.

She's an intelligent girl who strives to do the best she can. She's also very understanding and will listen to others quietly and give them appropriate advice, or try anyways. No one's perfect or completely selfless, after all. She does her best to be a good person, though. She tries to think things through, rather than to run in head first with no plan. She's pretty practical. I.E. She bought Lightning a survival knife for her 21st birthday. She hoped that it would help her be safe when she was working under dangerous conditions.

Serah is pretty modest and humble. While she may be intelligent, she's not the type to rub it in anyone's faces. She doesn't mind wearing skirts, just as long as they aren't too revealing. It's not that she's uncomfortable with her body or anything, but she doesn't like showing off too much skin that seems unnecessary. She may be pretty mature, but she is still a teenage girl with a dream to marry the man she loves. She is a bit naive to some extent. She hasn't seen the evils and hatred of the world like Lightning has. She is also able to run off in tears, just as any other teenage girl is bound to do from time to time.

When hope is running thin, she tends to let love drive her to continue on. Love for her sister and love for Snow are two benefactors to he strength. It's also possible that her relationship with Snow was all started due to the fact that Lightning was so busy with her job and barely had time for her. It's clear that Serah loves both Lightning and Snow dearily, though. That's not to be mistaken for anything. For the most part, she knows what she wants and she thinks of living for the day, rather than the future or past. There's always another day right? She'd rather not regret not doing something she should have, but that can also lead to mistakes all on it's own.

Friendship is one of the most important things to her and it helps drive her to stay strong, just as much as her love for Snow and Lightning does. Her studies are also important, but she's the type to remember birthdays and other important days. It should be noted that she's very hard working, determines, and a fast learning. She also tries her best to be grateful for everything in her life, especially for what her sister does for her. Even if she may breakdown from time to time, she is stronger than people might see.

Like I sort of stated before, Serah would rather talk things out than to fight or argue. She's a pacifist and feels that talking things out could solve so many problems much better than any fight could. It doesn't solve everything, however. She's also a curious girl -- very curious. She may be intelligent, but her impulses to check things out and find out for herself seem to override any thoughts of staying away at times. She is willing to admit she's wrong, despite how people say that it was their faults.

Though her character arc stops personally, her presence is very important to the storyline. She is who got everyone into the mess that unraveled, unintentionally of course. She is also the strength of Snow and Lightning, though for a while, Lightning started to lose hope in things. Even then, she is still an important character to the cast and is said that she, too, will eventually come back to life because she gained everlasting life.
Action/Journal Sample: [Pressuming she's been here for a few days...]

[Serah's been walking around, looking at all of the scenery. She thought it looked nice, but it didn't change the fact that it wasn't home. It reminded her of Cocoon, or more specifically, Bodhum before the chaos started and before she visited the Vestige. Of course, with minor changes as being in a different town would have]

I think I'm getting the hang of this place. It's not so bad if you ignore the fact we're stuck here....

Still... It would be better if I was able to check if everyone was okay. I need to apologize to Lightning, and I want to tell her and Snow that everything is alright now. If there's anyone I need to apologize to, it is to Snow. After all, he wouldn't have been in this mess if I'd just dealt with this on my own and never told him about it. I'm so sorry...

[There was an awkward silence before she spoke again, trying her best to smile.]

But... at least I don't have to worry about being a Cie'th.. right?

That means I finally have my life back, even if it's a new start... I guess I'll just have to make the best of things while I figure out a way to get home.
RP Sample: Crystal stasis scared Serah. It's true that she was able to save herself from the possible fate of becoming a Cie'th, but was crystal stasis really all that much different? In the end, it still meant that she could technically call herself, "dead". That scared her, more so than finding out that she had become a L'Cie had. She didn't want to die. She really hoped those legends were true. She hoped to any still good Fal'cie that she would come back with eternal life just as the legend suggested. Even if she was supposedly given this eternal life, what's to say that she would come back when it was too late. What if she came back to life when both Snow and Lightning were already passed away?

Serah shook those thoughts away. In all honestly, the future scared her. What could happen in the future scared her. She didn't want to think about it; She wouldn't! It was better to live for today rather than to worry about what would happen later on. She didn't want to regret not doing something just because what the outcome might be, but she also didn't want to rush into things head first. The dark abyss did nothing to comfort her as she found herself falling. Was this her fate? Was she meant to just... disappear in darkness? It couldn't be because she would do whatever it took to be reunited with Lightning and Snow. That wasn't saying much when she was crystallized, but she couldn't just give up.

The darkness, like everything else lately, scared her. It was so cold and lonely. Of course, that never stopped her from relying on her own strength. It seemed like forever, but she found herself falling down on to what seemed to be a hard surface. Everything was so dark and she could hear someone... or something. She wasn't sure if she wanted to even try to open her eyes, but she had to remind herself to remain strong. Everything would be okay. She had Lightning and Snow protecting her in her heart. They were enough to give her the boost of confidence that she needed. She hesitantly opened her eyes. Maybe she would find her sister or the love of her life.

She felt sorely disappointed to see neither one looking at her. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but it seemed unlikely that they would be there. She hated to admit that she would have to wait a bit longer, but she would do whatever it took to see them again. Even if it was unsettling. No, instead of Lightning or Snow, she noticed a strange looking creature holding something. She didn't get a good glance at it, but she sat up and felt where her head hit the cobblestone. She wasn't given much time to regain her ground when the creature pushed something towards her.

"Welcome to Traverse Town, kupo!" she was told.

She examined the creature for a few minutes in silence. Where had she been taken? She'd never heard of a place called Traverse Town. It was unlikely that a town like that even existed on Cocoon. She had been brought back to life, so it seemed, but nothing specified when she would come to or where. It was wishful thinking that she could know exactly where she'd come back to, but life wasn't that simple. Her Focus hadn't been a clean cut vision, so what's to say the location and time would be? She glanced to the device to see it was some sore of electronic device. She wasn't sure what the role of it would be just yet, but she accepted it and picked herself off the ground.

Once she was on her feet once again, she took that moment to take in the surroundings. The creature offered her a tour, in which she thanked it quietly. She couldn't help but tune it out a little as it went on about this place. It wasn't just the surroundings that was different... the people and objects here were too. It made her truly feel that she really wasn't on Cocoon anymore, much less Bodhum. Still, there was a lot to find out about. It seemed to early to judge Traverse town. She did ask it questions time from time. She would have to know more about this place. One clear difference was the currencies they used. They used what they called, "munny". Once she asked about gil, the creature gave her a confused look and continued on. She hoped that she could find someone she might know here as they continued on.

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