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Ishtar App for Eway

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Character Name: Ishtar de Pheliosta
Series: Vampire Game
Timeline: Right after Duzell casts Le Gamme
Canon Resource Link: Ishtar
Character Background:
Meet Ishtar, the fifteen year old princess of Pheliosta. Pheliosta is the capital of her country. As the princess of Pheliosta, that also makes her a scared symbol of her country. She's the great granddaughter of Phelios, who fought the Vampire King Duzell. That makes her the direct descendent of St. Phelios. He had won by casting the spell Le Gamme, but he too was taken as payment for the spell.

Now that the basic facts are out of the way, we can go on to the history part. Prepare yourselves for a long explaination. We should probably talk about St. Phelios first. The whole story starts out with the War of the Lost Souls. St. Phelios and the Vampire King Duzell battled it out. In the end, St. Phelios cast La Gamme. La Gamme is a spell that was used to defeat Duzell, but in return for that power, St. Phelios's life force was taken as payment. Duzell cursed St. Phelios in time. What curse was that? He said that in a century they would both be reborn. When Duzell was reborn, he was complete his revenge and kill the one who was reborn for St. Phelios.

As promised, Duzell was indeed reborn. There's only one problem with that. He was reborn as a harmless cat, or a Kyawl/Kyarru. There was also the fact that he had no idea where Phelios was at. Meanwhile, Ishtar happened to take in a Kyarru after the mother was killed. Little did she know that this Kyarru in general happened to be Duzell. He had bit her, telling Darres to kill it. Of course, she was kidding. After he bit her, he named him after Duzell. She found it humorous, but it was clear that the others thought naming him Duzell was a bit too far. The way that Duzell could figure out if she had the blood of St. Phelios was to bite her.

During those days, she went through a series of tutors with different lessons. As a baby, because she was the princess, they tested a variety of poisons. The reason for this was to make her immune from any type of poison that someone would try to pass on to her. However, one of her reletives succeded in poisoning her. Duzell was a bit hesitant, but he saved her because he claimed that he still needed her help.

He had cast a spell to negate any kind of poison, but it had no affect on her. Or so he thought. As soon as Darres fell asleep, she woke up from the feigned sleep and ditched to play with Duzell in the meadow. However, on the way there, she lost track of Duzell, so she went alone. While she was on her own, Duzell used her blood and his shape shifting skills to become Ishtar. The only problem was that he could only turn into a man. He was sure to cover of the chest well enough with a high collar dress. One that didn't reveal much body. He went around that day and aced Yujinn's magic test. Yujinn is her magic teacher for the time being.

While the others were surprised by her sudden improvement with spells, no one questioned it. Yujinn, however, was suspicious, but he didn't say anything or show any signs. When Ishtar came back, she found that Duzell was running around as her look-alike. She took him to her room and scolded him, but she just hugged him. He was confused as to how she knew that it was him. Her answer was that the mother kyarru could shape shift, so it wasn't that odd for him to know that too. She also told him that she would protect him no matter what happened.

Because there were rumors going around that Ishtar was in danger, in order to protect "Duzie" -- as she liked to call him -- she took out the legasarams and ruelle charms in her room that protected her and threw them out of the window to make it look like an assassin had been there. No one seemed to catch on, but Yujinn was definitely suspicious. Later on, Duzell informed her that he was really the Vampire King Duzell reborn. Of course Ishtar was shocked, but she did something that seemed very odd. She promies to help him find St. Phelios's reincarnation. She'd never really liked him all that much.

Their adventure got even more interesting once she recieved an invitation to La Naan. She accepted and told Duzell that some of her cousins would be there. It was possible they may be St. Phelios reincarnated. She had run off with Duzell before they reached La Naan and had him disguise himself as her. The first thing she did was take him to the martial arts ring to register for the tournament. His alias was a bit humorious, seeming as he took the name Vampire King Duzell. People were confused because they saw Ishtar, but she went under the name of Duzell.

Duzell didn't really have much of a choice in the matter. She told him that she had promised her aunt her hand in marriage for which of of her three sons won before hand. They were to defeat Darres, which she had complete confidance that he'd come out the winner. However, she figured that having Duzell in there for back up would be a good idea. It all resulted in the same thing -- she wouldn't have to marry anyone. She hadn't even been serious about it, but her aunt thought differently.

One good thing would come from this, though. He would be able to sample their blood without it being suspicious. He was to fight Vord, the youngest son of the three. After he won the fight, Vord fell for "Ishtar" who was really Duzell. Of course being kissed by Vord would happen to Duzell. Afterwords, Duzell told Ishtar that he did not have any royal blood and he wasn't Phelios. It wasn't long after then that Darres found them.

As Ishtar now, she went to greet her aunt. There she was introduced to the three princes: Vord, Laphiji, and Seiliez. She got Duzell to bite her aunt and then she covered it up as if Duzell had just been spooked and attack following those feelings. Of course, she began to hate Duzell, clearly afraid of Ishtar's "rabid pet kyarru". She came up with a clever plan to draw Seiliez in. She visited with him in her room and acted like she was just getting to know him. Her real goals were to see if he was really a decendent of Phelios. Duzell, however, did not pick up on what she was trying to do. Seiliez ended up leaving before he had the chance, in which she scolded him for not trying.

During the time with him, he asked her out of the three brothers, who would she rather be married to. She told him that she'd rather be with Seiliez if she had to. She didn't think it would mean that much, but it motivated Seiliez to win the tournament through any means neccesary. She learned that they were all adopted and were technically unable to take her hand in marriage. However, Seiliez ended up being a decendent of Phelios after all.

The final battle was coming up and Duzell was no where to be found. You could blame her aunt for that. Seeing as there was nothing she could do, Ishtar herself went to the battle against Seiliez. She told him what she really felt for him and that he was just trying to replace his mother's love with Ishtars. She loved him, but not the way he loved her or wanted her to love him. After coming to realize that to be true, he dropped out of the fight and left the arena.

It was before they were about to leave that Duzell informed her that Laphiji was injured badly because of a vampire he had come across. The others took care of Laphiji after they did what the could, going back home. As she was on the way back, she had gotten a present from her aunt. Her aunt had given her a Kyarru plushy that was about Duzell's size. It could be seen on her bed in future chapters.

As usual, Ishtar didn't concentrate much on the magicial lessons when they got back home. Instead, she asked Yujinn about her Lilke Ring and what it could do. Since Duzell hadn't tasted Seiliez's blood, they needed to go back. He had told her that it could transport her to a place she had been before, but it only worked once. Though Yujinn knew better that she would try to use it, he believed she'd need to know someday, much to Darres's disdain.

She made Duzell dress up again in some clothing she had picked out and they were off to La Naan. She was aiming to be close to Ci Xeneth but somewhat close to La Naan. She ended up getting the direction wrong and Duzell had to find the way out. Before going to La Naan, she decided to go to Ci Xeneth first because she had an uncle and a cousin who lived there.

They came across an elderly man that was about to be kidnapped by bandits. Ishtar stepped in to defend the old man, handing Duzell Sidia. He didn't like the idea, but he tried to draw Sidia out. He was unable because he didn't have the blood of Phelios. Instead, he easily beat the bandits even without having to unsheath the sword. The knights from Ci Xeneth had been observing them fight and they soon made acquaintances with the captain of the knights, Illsaide.

Illsaide offered Duzell to be in his battalion. Ishtar had told them that Duzull was Du and she was Ish. Her uncle had wanted to kill Ishtar before, so they had to lie low. Later on, they stayed at a tavern, where Ishtar got drunk off her ass. Later on she sobered a bit, telling Duzell to accept his request. Duzell was hesitant, but he reluctantly agreed to join.

Illsaide had invited "Du" to go with him. There, he showed love interest to "Du". During this time, Ishtar was invited to go monster hunting with the other knights that she had met along with Illsaide. It turns out that they were hunting lilkes to make Ruelles and other magical items. She thought that they wanted her to help kill the beautiful Lilke that was about to give birth. She declined to their request, but she was kind of loud. The Lilke ended up attacking them with a powerful magical spell. She had been under a Vamperic spell called, "The Gaurdian".

One of the knights had lost his eye in the attack. Ishtar attempted to heal him with the magic of Sidia. Somehow, the sword did as she wanted, regardless of having no idea how to actually use it and with little knowledge of holy magic. Once she returned back to her room with Duzell, she told him all about the success. He also told him about his time with Illsaide. It turns out that Ishtar had told them that she was a man and that "Du" was Ish's sister.

The boy who had his eye injured informed that he was going to be find and that Du was invited to a dinner with her uncle and Illsaide. Duzell tried to find a way to avoid it, but she told him to wear a dress and just act the same as always. He wasn't her here, so it didn't matter if he acted like her or not. During the time, he had met her cousin Falan. While Duzell was at the dinner party, Ishtar made her way to her uncle's wine cellar.

There she ran into Roy, who scared the crap out of her. He had led her to the wine cellar where she found out about all the monsters; Lilkes. The Archmade, Diaage, told her that they were used to make the different Lilke's like Ishtar's ring. She was disgusted by this. Her uncle had always been obsessed with Lilkes and Ruelles. Ishtar went to find Duzell, but she found out that Vord had found them. Before they could do anything else, they ran into Falan. They took shelter in her room, catching up after a while. They decided to take a nap, but Ishtar gave Duzell the assignment to seduce her uncle. Her uncle could have been the reincarnation of Phelios, after all.

What was Ishtar's brilliant idea after? It's simple really. Stupid, but simple. She decided to let all the monsters in her uncle's cellar go free. It wasn't right to keep them in there. She obviously thought too much of them, though. They instantly went to get their revenge, attacking people. When she was almost attacked, Darres came in to save the day. She got scolded, naturally.

Ishtar was so happy to see Darres and told him that she was the one that released them. This didn't surprise Darres, but he was caught off gaurd when she told him that she thought she'd ever see him again. She asked him to help save those people who were in harms way because of her decission. He accepted and they went on their way to do so. There, she saw the old man from before. Upon seeing her uncle, Diaage also appeared. It turns out Diaage was really Sharlen, a vampire that Duzell kind of knew.

He exposed her to be Ishtar, which caused her uncle to grow amused. He wanted her dead, along with the old man who had been the Lord of the Sea. Though she knew who he was, she still protected the old man. Her uncle commanded Illsaide to kill Ishtar and keep the Lord of the Sea alive for the moment.

That's about the time when Falan came. Once she learned about what her father really wanted, she was really hurt. She even asked Illsaide to kill her father. Ishtar intervened and told him she didn't mean it. She had promised previously that she would not kill him. Illsaide was hestiant, but he did as she said and let him go. While comforting Falan, her uncle ran away.

Ishtar scolded him about playing with people's hearts. She siad that he had hurt Duzell's feelings, which wasn't entirely true. He apologized to the two of them, but Ishtar revealed that Du was really a boy and he was her pet kyarru. They found out that her uncle had been killed after all by his lieutenant. Vord was asked to represent Pheliosta because Ishtar didn't like being around too many of her reletives.

Atfter a few weeks later, Ishtar had been tricked by Sir Keld that her Aunt Sonia was very sick. Hearing the news, she left for Zi Alda as soon as she could. When she got there, she had told her that she had been sick, but she wasn't going to die. This pissed Istar off, but she asked where her pig son was. The others weren't happy that she was being rude, but her aunt simply said that he was not there.

She later told Duzell about the set up with her cousin Yuujel. Sir Keld had wanted to marry her off to him, but it didn't work. She told him that she didn't like him because the way he was. There she met a knight named Ashley and his wife Leene. Later that night, she had a chat with Falan from Darres' magic mirror, or Ruelle. She had fallen asleep and Duzell attempted to use that moment in his true from to test her blood again.

Unfortunate for him, she woke up before he got the chance. Instead of being creeped out, she was overjoyed to see Duzell. She said that he looked really good in that cape and hugged him. She made a comment that she thought he'd be scarier, but he really wasn't. She also said the scariest part of him was his hair. Duzell couldn't help but wonder how she had known it was him.

Later on, Leene had invited Ishtar to go for a seemingly harmless horse-riding the next day. She accepted the offer and asked if she was going to ride a goat. Leene didn't take this well. She got pissed off at Ishtar and said that she was twenty-three. The next day, she got ready for the horse-riding, but Leene attempted to replace her horse she was suppose to ride with a wild one.

Much to her dismay, Ishtar noticed right away, but insisted on riding it anyways. Lucy, an important person of Zi Alda, even told her it was a mistake and she would replace him. She obviously didn't have control and the horse ran off. The others tried to help her, but they couldn't catch up. Leene, naturally, enjoyed the sight. Yuujin ended up saving her, also surprising her.

He told her he was called up there by someone else. He then asked if she remembered someone named Yuujel. It turns out, he was really her "pig cousin". When they got back, she told Duzell about how Yujinn was really her cousin Yuujel, who had been surprised too. He told her the bad news about her aunt. She wasn't going to last very long and would die in about a decade or so. Of course, she was sad, but she knew she lived a wonderful life.

The next day, Leene tried to get rid of Ishtar because of Yujinn again. This time, she invited Ishtar and Duzell, her "personal docter" to go out drinking. Vord was paying for it. Once again, Ishtar got drunk and started to call Vord all sorts of things. He was amused until she dumped her mead over his head. Leene got pissed and slapped Ishtar for it. She found out the poison she put in for Ishtar was in Vord's hands. She stopped him before he drank it.

The next day Ishtar apologized for her behavior for last night. He, of course, forgave her, though. After the riding incident, Ashley had boughten the wild horse that Darres was trying to tame to give to Leene. She hesitantly took it and named it Pucentro. She got mad at Ishtar when she didn't say his name right. Ishtar was surprised to see how Leene had actually tried riding him. During a get-together later that night, Duzell told her about Diaage.

He went to talk to Diaage as Leene made her way over. She asked Ishtar who she liked. She gave a list of a few people she liked, but she threw a curve ball and said Yuujel. Leene was completely taken aback by that. Later on during the party, she tried to poison Ishtar, but that failed. People started to accuse Leene of treason, but Ishtar told Duzell to counter the poison if it was. She was planning on drinking it, but Darres took it from her and drank it. Nothing happened, but Ishtar wasn't convinced.

Ashley had caught on to what she was doing earlier and hoped that she would figure out that it was wrong on her own. However, when he heard about poisoning Ishtar, he changed it to candy fakes so no lives were in danger. She told Leene that she wouldn't let the others kill her because she would kill her herself if Leene if anything happened to Darres.

They returned home finally, but that didn't mean it was over. Yujinn came up with a plan to get Darres to be his "older-half brother". By doing so, he was trying to make him eligable for Ishtar's hand in marriage. Lassen, her cousin, and Sharlen had tried poisoning her before so they were suspicious. They decided that they should get him to unsheath Sidia because only decendents of Phelios could do so.

In order to figure it out, Yujinn headed to Mil Seii with Darres to have Ishtar send Sidia after them. She thought it was ludicrous, but Duzell had said he would transport them to Mil Seii with his magic because he had been practicing. She agreed to leave, but ended returning later secretly. She met one of Duzell's talented servents back when he had been powerful.

She went to visit Lassen, announcing to the guards at the gate as Ishtar of Phelista and Duzell as her guard. She requested an audiance with lassen. He greeted her properly, but that didn't stop him from making a few threats. He said something about her king "in check," which annoyed Ishtar. She demanded that he released her gaurd and to release people like Lailis.

She met up with Yujinn and Darres after that. There was some bonding between Darres and her, seeming as they were "engaged" thanks to Yujinn's scheming. When Sidia came, he said he was going to put Ishtar's blood in Darres and so on so that he would be able to unsheath it. Because of it, he was able to do so, but they had to get going so they could fix it.

They didn't get far because they had to fight once fallen knights to protect people. Duzell told her that they needed to swap their blood back, but Ishtar refused. They needed to help those people who were getting killed/injured. Finally, they went back. Of course, things have to get more difficult. She found out that Falan had been kidnapped and Vord and Illsaide were freaking out trying to find her.

Vord and Yujinn went to Rezenia with Selen's help. They'd have a hard time following because Duzell didn't know where that was. But they knew Ishtar would try to follow. When she tried to climb out the window, Darres was wating for her. They talked a bit and she apologized for loving him. He had to worry about all this stuff now because of Yujinn's schemes. She took up a few sword lessons with Darres.

They finally found Falan, but she wasn't away. She woke up after Vord and Yujinn had left. They went to check on Falan, but they found out that Illsaide had sided against Phelista. This was disappointing, but there was nothing they could do at the moment. Darres ended up catching up to them as they were going to Rezenia. He joined them on their way there.

They heard that there had been a death, so the quickly went to check. It turns out that the king of Rezenia had killed Yujinn. Upon seeing Yuujin's body, she became engulfed in sadness and wanted to kill him. Darres stopped her, but they found out later on that Lassen had gotten Sharlen to possess the king and kill him.

She still accused him for killing Yujinn, but he said it was out of defense. He then asked her why Phelios had wanted to be reborn. Her answer was that he would have wanted to see those he cared and loved again.

One of Lassen's guards informed Ishtar as she was leaving that they had Duzell. Ishtar didn't wast time. She rushed to save him, Darres following her. She wanted to fight him, but she settled with Darres fighting and she'd tell him what was going on later on. Sadly, unlike Ishtar, Darres couldn't take the side affects of the poison Lassen had filled the room with for long. He put up a good fight, but Duzell was released as he fell uncoincous.

Duzell did something that shocked everybody, though. He said something about how Legsarams and Ruelles weakened his vampire magic and energy that allowed him to use holy magic. Lassen told him it would have no affect, but Duzell just shook his head. There was one spell that could kill him. Ishtar knew what spell he was going to try. She tried to get Duzell to stop, but it was too late. He had already cast the same spell that took St. Phelios during the battle against Duzell before. It had been La Gamme, the suicide spell, that had taken both of them down. Ishtar broke down crying.
Abilites/Special Powers: Ishtar doesn't know a lot of magic, but she knows a little. There's nothing to really go on though, since most of it kind of went over her head. She doesn't pay much attention to the classes. I'm not sure if this qualifies, but she has a knack of sneaking out. Half the time she's successful, the other half Darres catches her.
Third-Person Sample: Things happened so fast. Yujinn had been killed by the king of Rezenia. She could never forgive him. Her heart felt twisted. Sure, back before she knew Yujinn was really Yuujel, she didn't like him at that well. She had Sir Keld for that. However, since he's been at Phelista with her as Yujinn, her magic teacher, she had thought of him as someone dear to her.

She hated how she hadn't been given a break, even after Yujinn's death. She had to go save Duzell. Duzie was in trouble! They had made it with some time to spare, but that poison... She didn't notice it because she was immune to almost every poison out there. Darres wasn't like her, though. He was in danger the longer he stayed in that poison. Isn't that just lovely. Yujinn was killed, Darres was potentionally dying from the poison, and Duzie was stuck.

She was thankful that Duzell had been broken free from one of the older servents of his. That meant he could save Darres and put an end to everything. It was a blow to her when he was going to try La Gamme. He certainly had enough time to read over it during that time back home. Now she regretted asking about La Gamme so long ago when she first met Duzie.

She tried to race to him. He couldn't do it! She wouldn't let him. If he cast it, Lassen would be finished for once and for all. That much was true, but she'd end up losing Duzell. She couldn't let him. She didn't want Duzell to die. He was really important to her and she loved him. Maybe not the same way that Duzell secretly did for Ishtar, but it hurt the same. She could feel the tears form at her eyes.

"Stop it! Don't do it, please!" she shouted desperately trying to get him to stop.

It was too late. She was too late. Down he fell to the ground, along with Lassen. She felt like her heart dropped. The tears started to roll down her cheeks. This couldn't be happening! She was losing everyone important to her in such a short amount of time. She could put up a facade about how she was fine, but for how long. She just hoped Darres wasn't dead, too.

"Duzie! Wake up! Wake up please!" she blurted, shaking uncontrollably. She weeped over his body as she blacked out.

First-Person Sample: [At first, the screen looks like it's off, but there's patches of light coming through. The vision clears, but a woman's back comes to view, almost swallowed up by her long, black hair.]

Where is this place? Did I fall asleep at one of the most important times?!

Hey! Duzie! Where are you? There's no way I left you behind. Duzie! You have to be alive!

[It doesn't take long until Ishtar discovered the special ruelle mirror. She picks it up, glancing at it. If you look carefully, she looks distressed.]

Hey! Falan! Do you hear me?!

[Ishtar doesn't waste time to get up as soon as she figures out that Falan isn't going to be any help. She looks around, not thinking about the mirror. She looks like she's on the verge of crying. ]

Hey! Is anybody there? Looks like I'm lost. I need to find Duzell!