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Ikuto App for Gargleblasted


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Character name: Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Fandom: Shugo Chara
Timeline: The end of Chapter 43, after he left to find his father
Age: 17
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths:
Character Change
When he character changes with Yoru, he gains cat ears and a tail. He also become as agile as a cat. One ability he can use with a character change is the Phantom Claw, which are giant cat claws. Ikuto only has one standard transformation, and that is "Black Lynx". However, due to being manipulated by Easter's powers, he gains a new transformation, which he will most likely not be able to use anymore after the battle versus Easter ended.

Character Transformations [Chara Nari]
With Yoru, he can become Black Lynx with, "My heart, Unlock!" much like Amu and Utau. Black Lynx is his stardard Chara Nari. This comes from his wish to be free like an alley cat. Much like his character transformation, he has increased cat-like reflexes and sense. As Black Lynx, though, he also gains the ability to use his sharp claws to use a physical attack called Slash Claw.

Another Chara Nari is the Death Rebel. This, however, is influenced by the the X-Egg energy that was found in his violin. When he had his mind controled by Kazuomi, he became Death Rebel. Like Black Lynx, it has a representation to it. Death Rebel is influenced from all the trauma and darkness he had recieved from his life. He has no memories after becoming Death Rebel about what he did under this control. Some abilities that come with this is that his violin has the ability to draw out X-Eggs. When he needs to attack, his violin can also transform into a Death Scythe. The attack that this is associated with is Dark Night Storm.

His final Chara Nari is Seven Seas Treasure. In this one, he becomes a pirate. When Amu embraced him as Amulet Diamond and Death Rebel, they both turned into Amulet Fortune and Seven Seas Treasure with the power of both Humpty Lock and Dumpty key. Their Guardian Charas also influence it. LIke Amulet Diamond, Seven Seas Treasure is only temporary. It represents his freedom to do as he chooses. His weapon of choice as Seven Seas Treasue is a pirate sword, in which he executes an attack called Emerald Line.

How would they use their abilities?: None of these abilities will be able to be used without Yoru around. Considering that he probably won't be with Ikuto when he comes, it makes it impossble to character change or character transform. Even if Yoru was here, however, Death Rebel will never be used again. Not unless he somehow becomes a victim of mind control again, which is highly unlikely.
Appearance: Ikuto has blue hair and eyes to match. He's 5'11'' and weighs 140 lbs. He's often seen wearing his silver cross choker and his school uniform. He doesn't seem to wear the blazier much and only really wore it during one chapter. Ikuto tends to wear a lot of black, but he does wear other colors at times. Every now and then, he has cat ears and a tail, thanks to his character change, but without Yoru around, that seems unlikely. If Yoru is around, he can change into Black Lynx.

Background/Personality: When Ikuto was younger, he used to hang out with Utau and Tadase all the time. Once Utau entered middle school, they stopped hanging out. His real father and mother were Aruto and Souka Tsukiyomi. Aruto was a genius violinist. "Sooner or later when the time comes, you must completely stop making music, easter is your priority." Aruto could not agree with these terms and disappeared with the violin. After his father left them and her mother was too sick to care for them. Utau felt really sad, but Ikuto stayed strong and comforted his sister.

Utau and Ikuto were adopted by Tadase's parents. Their stay was short, though. Tadase was given the Dumpty Key to guard after Aruto disappeared. When something broke, Ikuto would take the blame, regardless if he did it or not. He was always misunderstood and told to be quiet. He wasn't allowed to play the violin in the house, either. They told him that it was "bad luck and it would bring disaster." Tsukasa gave Ikuto his father's violin around that time. That's also the time he discovered Yoru's egg.

One day, he left with Tsukasa without a word to the others. He was off to find his father. However, Ikuto would have to perform in the streets at times in order to pay for travel expenses or food expenses. When he was talking with Tsukasa, he learned that his father's violin never hurt anyone. He started to cry for the first time in a long time knowing that. Yoru hatched from his egg and told that Ikuto was free.

However, Easter had found them. He told Easter that he took Ikuto with him because, "I didn't want to see children... get caught up in the adult's greed and competition." By that time, Ikuto's mother had already remarried Kazuomi through pressuring. A few laters, Tadase came back after school to see Ikuto with his violin and Betty who was dying. On top of that, his grandmother had collapsed. Tadase's parents kicked Ikuto out of the house. While leaving, he took the Dumpty Key with him.

The first time Ikuto met Amu was after she confessed to Tadase during an assembly, of course with Ran's help. She ran out of the school and ended up falling in a hole. There, she found the blue haired boy sleeping when she landed on him. Naturally, he woke up from it. He claimed that she had "the smell of birth". Amu was confused by this and he took that opportunity to look for Ran's egg.

The hole was about to be filled with dirt as Ran hatched from the egg. She got Amu out of there by character changing, just as Ikuto had already done with Yoru. He was looking for the Embryo, so he went for her eggs to see if they were them. However, Tadase stepped in and saved Amu. "Targeting a newborn is against the rules, Thieving Cat," Tadase told him. Since it was obvious he wasn't going to get them close ranged, he used the giant cat hand to grab it, which Tadase used Holy Crown. He disappeared after Tadase did so. He was overlooking the city when Utau hugged him from behind and told him, "Ikuto... For your sake, I'll find that embryo."

While the others were trying to get Amu to join the guardians, Nadeshiko -- who ended up being Nagihiko later on -- decided to bake a tart for Tadase. Everything had pretty much been done, but she had to leave to get the fruit, leaving Amu alone. Ikuto made good use of this time and had managed to grab Suu's egg. Both Miki and Ran had been born by this time. Amu tried to get her egg back, but they ended up falling. Ikuto didn't have much time to react because Nadeshiko ended up coming back. She went to defend Amu and character changed with Temari. Ikuto had accidently stepped back and broke the tart.

About that time, Suu hatched and went to make things better. Utau appeared, telling Ikuto that he was wasting his time. That egg wasn't the Embryo. He was reluctant to leave because he noticed the broken tart and Amu had been distressed by this and even cried. He didn't stay much longer though. He appeared a few days later after she had taken a shower and was drinking milk on the balcony. He had a bag full of snacks -- or compensation, as Yoru called it -- to give to Amu. Though he didn't say it, it was easy to see that he was trying to apologize for the tart.

By this time, Amu knew the jist of things. If Ikuto had a Guardian Chara, he had to have a wish. She asked him what his wish was. At first it seemed as if he was leaning in to tell her as a secret, but once he was near her ear, he nibbled it to tease her. Before he left, he told her that Easter was on the move and if she was siding with the "child king"'s side, they were enemies. With that, he took his leave.

At the Music pop, a concert sponsered by Easter, he doesn't appear too much. He was back stage with Utau. Yukari claimed that they were "caged birds" and "motivated" Utau that it was for Ikuto. Amu and the others went to see the concert. She used the song, Meikyu Butterfly, to lure out Heart's Eggs in order to find the Embryo. Amu went to clense the X-Egg. She saw Ikuto in his Black Lynx Chara Nari and thought, at first, that he was there to save her. He told her she was wrong and that he was just here to dispose of garbage -- the X-Egg. "There are a lot of unwanted and broken eggs. It seems like everyone is walking by with the tired face of an adult. They've thrown away their 'wanted personalities'."

After his job was done, he started to leave with Yoru in tow. That was when Amu noticed the Dumpty Key hanging from his violin case. During the time that Amu was with Yaya at the ballet place, Ikuto showed up once again to get the X Egg. That was the first time he noticed that she had the Humpty Lock. Yoru led Amu to an area where there were a lot of people performing their music. She heard Ikuto's violin, following it to find him secluded. She asked him about the key. He said that they were a match, the Humpty Lock and the Dumpty Key. The lock blocked it at the time, however.

He started to put his violin away, but Amu stopped him. She wanted him to play. He said he'd only play if she sang along. As promised, they did so, but that was short lived. There were a ton of X-Eggs that turned up. It turns out the culpret was Nikaidou, Amu's "teacher". Not only did he have a lot of X-Eggs, he also had Ran, Miki, and Suu in their eggs. They were secured by special tape. Ikuto jumped in as Black Lynx and protected Amu from his attacks. He called Ikuto, "Easter's puppet". It was the first moment that hinted to Ikuto's affiliation to Easter.

Just like always, he disappeared for a while after. He showed up when Amu, the other guardians, and Utau faced Nikaidou. When Utau was attacked Amu and told her that she'd do anything for Ikuto, he made his grand appearance. "I never asked you to do it." Even though Utau was set on defeating Amu, the appearance of Ikuto completely threw off the scenario. As soon as she saw Ikuto, she broke out of Lunatic Charm and went to hug Ikuto. Nikaidou was going to be leaving, but Ikuto kicked his suit case open and the eggs fell out. Amu managed to save Ran and Miki, but Suu was taken.

The next day, he noticed Amu deep in thought and bugged her. She realized he was wearing a blazier and schoolbag. Some friends of his commented how he was hitting on little kids. He told her that Nikaidou was using an old dorm that was in ruins for his research. He also told her that Gozen was Easter's highest ranking person. "Nikaidou is collecting X-Eggs and planning something big for Gozen.. He's probably luring you into some kind of trap..." He had asked her if she was really going to go through with it knowing this, but she stayed true to her word. She hadn't noticed that he had led the way for her. He disappeared as soon as she noticed.

As promised, Amu went alone. However, the others soon joined her. When she asked them how they knwe about this, they said that a certain black cat had been passing by and told them about it."In the outskirts of the city, in a deserted building, you'll see something really interesting. Easter and Amu's cooking show'" He left them to do as they wished as they resolved things and beat Nikaidou.

As usual, Ikuto skipped school. He left his room through his window as soon as he heard his mother call for him. He escaped to the roof as she walked in. From there, he decided to walk around. He noticed two girls being harassed by a few guys. He stepped in to help them, but he had been hurt. Amu overheard the girls talking about some boy that helped them and how he was cat like. Amu saw it had been Ikuto they were talking about and went to help him. He laid his head on her lap.

Once she deemed him perfectly okay if he could sexually harrass her, he got up and offered to walk her home. When she asked where they were going, he simply said it was a shortcut. Of course, it had to be a cat's shortcut. He led her to an old amusement park that would be destroyed soon. It was the amusement park that Ikuto went to with Utau and Tadase all the time when they were younger. He turned the breaker on for as long as it would last so that Amu could enjoy herself. He, himself, did not ride any until she dragged him to the tea cups.

It's then when she told him about how she couldn't act like this normally. She called it her outer personality that always showed. She'd always have to take Ami to her rides. When he said he wished he could change that easily, she replied with, "So Ikuto too wht not make today a new beginning?" After the breaker turned off and they finished their conversations and such, he brought her back home.

A day or so later, he was in the planetarium when Tadase asked about the phrase, "the door's lock will open." Tadase assumed his target was the Humpty Lock. It was, supposedly, the reason why Ikuto was approaching Amu. He also accused him of stealing the Dumpty Key from him. His response to that was simply, "Saying that I stole it is rude. I only took back what's mine." He teased Tadase about when he was younger. Tadase would chase after him saying, "Onii-tan! Onii-tan!" This flustered him even more. Before Ikuto left, he told him that he wasn't sure what he was planning on doing with Amu yet. It all depended on his mood and which direction his tail was pointing in.

When Utau challenged Amu for Dia, she character tranformed with Dia. Amu ended up character transforming with Eru. Since Kukai was there, he also character tranformed with Daichi. Just like the fight before, it wore off as soon as Ikuto came. It's clear that he had seen all of this, but he went out to buy ice cream and other snacks as compensation like before. Utau got jealous about the attention.

She tackled Ikuto and pounted on his chest. She kept asking why it was always Amu he worried about. She said something her feelings for him and kissed him, which he pushed her off. He said she was pissing him off and thay they were cousins. Kukai and Amu were taken aback by this. It turns out that her actual name is Tsukiyomi Utau and that Hoshina Utau was just a stage name. She stated that he'd never shown that kind of interest for girls before.

Once Amu said that Ikuto and her had nothing like that, he hugged her and said something about their "date" at the amusement park. This didn't set well with Utau. As she yelled at Amu, Ikuto and Yoru snuck off in the background. When Tadase had their date, Tadase had gotten her some chocolate ice cream, leaving the vanilla for Tadase. She dripped on her so Tadase went to get a wet cloth. When he left, Ikuto was on a tree branch. He teased her a bit as he took a seat on bench. She told him to leave her alone, but his response to that was, "I can't leave. You're always on my mind."

He was somewhat truthful, but he was mostly teasing her. Once she figured that much out, she stood up talking about how he made her so mad. She ended up tripping and falling into his lap, holding both ice creams. Tadase just so happened to come back right after it and he demanded to know what he was doing to Amu. He said that she decided to hug him, which Amu denied. He made a comment about how he still liked vanilla, licking the ice cream. He was able to get Amu to lick the other side without thinking. And the fight that you expected began. In the end, Ikuto won because Tadase still couldn't climb trees.

The next place you find him is the Planetarium looking at the Heart's Egg book. He asked about the missing page and Tsukasa Amakawa, the first king, came. He said he could tell him, but Ikuto dismissed it and said he'd just lie to him. They had a bit of serious talk about his violin and about Easter. He dismissed everything saying it was none of his business. Tsukasa brought out a feather that he used to play with Yoru and messed with Ikuto after feeling his ears. "You being a cat lover is annoying me." Much to his dismay, he ended up batting at the feather at first.

Onedari Cds were being distributed by someone in the school. They were the CDs of Black Diamond. After Utau's first performance as Black Diamond, she saw Ikuto in the back. She made a comment about him going to play the violin with Black Diamond. The only reason why he did it was to get his violin back. His step-father, Hoshina Kazuomi, forbid him from music. He only allowed him when it was most conveniant for Kazuomi. As he promised, he performed at the secret live as the new violinist, but once he saw all the X-Eggs and Amu was there, he slipped away.

They got news that Black Diamond was suppose to be making their debut soon and with it, they could easily get X-Eggs from it. The debut would be a lot stronger than the Onedari CDs. It would spread like a virus, meaning millions of people would have their Heart's Egg turn into X-Eggs. They reached Utau and Yukari in time, but Ikuto came as Black Lynx. He started to attack the others and called himself their "enemy".

By this point, Iru started to see what Eru was talking about Utau had completely forgotten about both Eru and Iru once Dia was there. She left Utau to Chara Nari Amu to became Amulet Devil. Amu gave her answer that reflected her inner radiance, causing Dia to leave Utau as well. Amu then became Amulet Diamond instead. After character transforming with a Guardian Chara that didn't belong to her, she felt weak and unable to get up. She started to cry talking about how she tried so hard to rise about everyone and not allowing anyone to beat her, but Iru, Eru, and Dia had left her.

Whatever serious mood they had before hand had shattered. Ami had appeared with the help of a long haired boy, AKA Nagihiko. She was so happy to see Utau in person and hugged her. She went to Amu and Amu told her that she was her biggest fan. Ami started to sing and got Utau to join her. During this distraction, Yukari tried to use this to her advantage and go on ahead. The X-Eggs, however, just so happened to hatch and put both her and the pilot in danger. Utau character transformed with Eru in order to save Yukari. Amu prevented the heliocopter from crashing and purified the X-Eggs with Utau.

After they were all safe, Ikuto addressed Utau about her singing. She didn't sing for him, rather she sang for her own desires. That's the first time Utau realized that it wasn't for Ikuto all along. Just like a few times before, Embryo showed up as a pure white shining egg. Both Tadase and Ikuto went for it, but it got away. A few days passed and according to Utau, Ikuto had disappeared after that night. There were no signs that he had even went home once.

While the others were moving Utau and Yukari's stuff into a new agency she was starting, Ikuto and Kazuomi meet up about the Embryo. He was brown nosing so much that Ikuto had already left. He told Kazuomi that he got sick of watching him suck up to Gozen. Kazuomi refused to give his violin back for other purposes. "No matter what, I am still your father. To the very end... No matter what. If you want to curse, then curse our family name. The Tsukiyomis have to work for Easter for their entire lives, until they die." Yoru had successfully stolen the keys to the safe that his violin was in and gave it to him. With that, he didn't wait for Kauomi and stole it back.

Ikuto went to check the violin but felt weak from the purple aura it was giving off. It was sucking his energy, so Yoru helped him with a character change to get him to Amu's at the very least. He ended up falling asleep in Amu's bed. Amu came back after the day of making a giant snowman with Ami and reuniting with Nagihiko and noticed him. Even though she tried waking him up, she was unsuccessful because he father almost saw Ikuto. He ended up waking up after Amu had already left with Ami again. He went to check the violin again and collapsed again.

Amu came back home again and saw him on the ground. He came to, but he didn't know what happened. She brought him back some chocolate flavored taiyaki because he liked chocolate and he hadn't eaten since yesterday. He ate from the tail, though. He told her he should hide her key to her window better and she called him a "tresspassing perverted cat-ears guy". He asked her if she actually knew what that meant and said he could show her. After getting his kicks from flustering her, he said he would go.

Yoru asked him where they were going to go, but he had no idea. Easter was watching his house and his friends' houses. Amu offered to let him stay in her room just for the winter break since he had no other place to go. The only condition was that her parents and Ami couldn't know about him staying there. Amu's mother said that Tadase was there she'd make them tea to bring to her room. She had to run back upstairs to hide Ikuto. He had to hide in the closet, which made it very easy to spy on them.

Tadase, little did he know Ikuto was there, confessed to Amu. It wasn't Amulet Heart that he like. It was Amu herself he liked. He asked if he could like her the way he was. Tadase had to go, but as soon as he was gone, Ikuto came out and teased him a little. Amu made him sleep on the groung, but he complained about how cold it was. When Amu woke up, she saw Ikuto in her bed anyways. He hugged her to get warmer. During that time, he told her he was a senior in high school. She asked if the violin was special to him, but he said it wasn't really and that it belonged to his real father.

She asked if he had liked any girl. He confessed that he liked Amu, but she hit him on the head and called him a liar. He was about to say something, but he stopped and just told her, "Nevermind... grow up faster." The next day, Utau found them and dragged Amu out to lunch with her. Ikuto had gone back to bed, but Yoru noticed the purple aura on the violin. According to Kazuomi, it was filled with X-Egg energy. If someone played it, nothing would happen. However, if Ikuto played it, he was draw out X-Eggs.

After school, Amu heard violin, so she was worried that it had been Ikuto. He was still in bed when she came back home from school. He had told her that he hadn't remember going anywhere. She offered rice balls, but he just went back to bed. Amu noticed that he had a cut on his arm that he didn't have the night before, but he didn't remember getting it. Later, Amu dragged him to the bathroom to get cleaned up. He said that it was too cramped for two people to tease Amu a bit. When she told him she was going to change, she told him not to do anything indecent, but he responded with, "I won't do something that you really don't like."

They were almost clear, but as they were trying to sneak out of the bathroom, her mother was right in front of them. She had to explain that he had been secretly been staying there for three days and he had no other place to go. Ikuto took the blame saying that it was his fault he was there and that he'd leave. Even though she was disappointed Amu didn't tell her, she offered to find a friend he could stay with. Just as he was about to leave, Tadase came up unexpectedly.

This included the usual arguements. He teased Tadase with what he said to Amu. Tadase had a hurt look on his face and ran out. Amu, in turn, got mad at Ikuto and told him she didn't want to see his face again. With that, he took his leave. Yoru concluded that he did all of that on purpose so that Tadase, Amu, and her mother wouldn't be in any danger because of him. Easter encountered them and took Ikuto with them.

Yoru went to Amu as fast as he could, telling them about the violin. The truth was that he had heard a chime and woken up. He took the violin with him and a completely black egg was born from it. With that egg, he character transformed as Death Rebel and left. It was clear that he was getting weaker and paler. He could die because of the violin. He also said that it wasn't Ikuto and he was being controlled by something. He had followed him and Tadase and him had fought.

Amu decided to go save Amu with the other Guardians. He had gathered a bunch of people at the old amusement park with their X-Eggs. He became Death Rebel and attacked Amu. Amu noticed that the amusement park was being destroyed and he was gonna destroy the tea cups, one of the valuable memories of the place. She tried to stop him from destroying them when Tadase came in to protect her. For a moment, Ikuto had almost gotten out of the mind control, but the chime went off and made him attack again.

The Embryo appeared after clensing the X-Eggs. Kazuomi couldn't see it, but it disappeared when Amu tried to get it. After the Embryo disappeared, Ikuto was taken away with Kazuomi. "It's so sad... to hate anyone, to doubt them... It's so painful, so sad... I... I lied to tadase and hurt him... Hurting anyone is so painful and sad... it's killing me inside... If the unlucky black cat hurt anyone, he wouldn't have hated them... How many times has Ikuto's heart been bashed in?!" Amu was crying because she understood him now. They all decided to save Ikuto.

It was then when Tsukasa told them that Ikuto had been staying with him when he disappeared. They found Ikuto at TV Kantou. He was on top of the tower playing his violin as Death Rebel. While the others were fighting their way up, he broke out of the mind control for a moment, but he was put back under mind control. After a bit, they finally reached him. Amu almost got hurt, but Tadase defended her.

Yoru handed her the Dumpty Key. With that, she opened the Humpty Lock and went into Ikuto's past memories. After seeing that, she turned into Amulet Diamond. Once again, he tried attacking her, but she deflected the attack and hugged him to comfort him. Dia, Ran, Miki, Suu, and Yoru then formed together to character change Amu to Amulet Fortune and Ikuto to Seven Seas Treasure. Finally, Ikuto had finally broke out of the mind control. Kazuomi could no longer make the charm work anymore.

At that time, all the X-Eggs gathered formed together and made a giant X-Character. It started to wail and they soon discovered that it drew out everybody's sorrows. When Amu was almost hurt, Ikuto protected her. Ikuto and Tadase both said they would protect her and support her. WIth their help, Amu was able to purify all the X-Eggs. Just when they thought they had taken care of everything, Kazuomi grabbed the Embryo and went to give it to Gozen.

Ikuto led them to where they needed to go and took out a spare key card they'd need to get there. However, only three people could go. Ikuto went because he knew more about the place than the others. Amu had to end things and Tadase represented the Guardians. Before they left, he told Utau that he lost sight of himself and he would get his freedom by his own hands. He thanked her for everything she'd done for him.

Ikuto said that he had met Gozen, but never saw him. He was always behind a curtain and they discovered he masked his voice. When then entered some doors, he found a room full of rocks. Kazuomi said that it was too late and Gozen already had the Embryo. Amu found out that Gozen was really the little boy she had run into a few times before. Gozen was really named Hikaru.

When the Embryo lost it's shine, he lost interest in it and through it to the side. They were then caged and stuck. The egg came out of the violin and they found out that it was a special egg that Easter created. Hikaru's interest went from the Embryo to the black egg. When it started to go crazy, the rocks were destroyed and Kazuomi protected him. Ikuto started to play the violin to calm it down.

After everything was done, Tsukasa came to get the missing page of the picture book. He explained the concept to Hikaru, but he insisted that his heart was empty. It turns out that Kazuomi lost his son and wife, but Hikaru was their baby. From then on, he trained him how to be the leader. Since Ikuto was technically the rightful heir, he decided to use Ikuto as a puppet. He pressured Souka to marrying him. Amu said that she could teach Hikaru what it's like to be a normal kind and how lonely he must have been. Hikaru set them free.

They found out the Embryo they saw was really Hikaru's Heart's Egg. He started to cry because all of the loneliness and Kazuomi comforted the young boy. Things settled down a day later and Ikuto sent a few texts to Amu. He had finally returned home to was with his mother. Kazuomi apologized to Ikuto and Souka for everything that had happened because of him. He also offered to divorse Souka in order to set them free, but his mother said there was no need for that.

Amu ended up wandering to the amusement park where she saw Ikuto. He said that the texts obviously meant if she wanted to go to the amusement park, but she didnt get it. They ended up riding the merry-go-round together. She almost fell off, but he caught her in time. He then brought her to the haunted house. After that time, he told her that he wouldn't ever see her again. He decided to look for his father.

His father had asked when he graduated high school if he would like to be his apprentice. Like his father, he has strong ties to music. He told her that when he was trying to be free, he locked away his true self. Amu took this badly and told him never to come back and ran off. Iru made Amu character change with her and she ended up in the back yard of Tadase's house.

She overheard Ikuto asking if he could keep the key a bit longer. He needed it to find Aruto. Tadase's grandmother told them that he had saved Betty with his music. When they said she had collapsed because of his violin, she said that they were being stupid. She just collapsed because of her poor health and it was just bad timing. Tadase's dad wished him good luck in his journey.

Utau had told Amu when he was leaving, but Amu was almost too late. She had almost missed his departure. When she saw him, she declared that it was a contest to see who could find their true-selves first. He just smiled to her and said, "I've already given in because... I love you." He gave her a kiss on the cheek, but it was close to her mouth, just to syke her out. He then told her that, "I'll definitely make you fall in love with me. So prepare yourself." With that, he took his leave.


Now that the bio is finally done... Ikuto is a free spirit. He does what he wants when he wants. Of course, there are times he can't due to the fact that he's bound to Easter. He acts much like an alley cat. He's mysterious at times, popping in and out when he pleases. He tends to keep to himself about personal things. He isn't one for giant crowds and would much rather be secluded. He's the kind of guy to say what's required and keep the rest to himself. Although he can be quite naughty and a bit of a flirt, he does have a nice side.

He can be sweet and kind to the people he's close to. He enjoys teasing people to the point that it may be too much. Although, the main targets are Amu and Tadase. Though he can be a bit selfish at times, he's very selfless and can be very protective of those he cares about. If it means taking the blame or making them hate him for their own good, he's willing to do that. He hates involving people in his own problems, so he'd rather not tell you what's on his mind if it means you'd end up being involved.

He isn't the type to lie and is actually pretty honest. Although, lying and not telling the whole truth are two different things. If it means protecting those he cares about, he may keep information from you. He absolutely loves music and cares for Aruto, his real father. He can be a bit stubborn and prideful at times.
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Have you read up on how the game works?: FlammingFerret; Three ways to earn money on the ship are to do missions, freelance, or mooch off of others

1st person sample: [You might notice a boy with blue hair laying on the ground. He's sprawled out, much like you'd see a cat do. Though he doesn't have his ears and tail out, he gives off the feeling of an alley cat. When he finally came to, he glanced around.]

Isn't this just wonderfull... I had something I was doing before this that's important to me... Yoru? Where'd you go?

[He looked around and finally noticed the laptop lying on the ground and picked it up. He only observed it for a moment before looking at his surroundings. He noticed that he wasn't even on land. That's weird, but he'll roll with it for now.]

3rd person sample: It took Ikuto a while, but he was finally able to confess to Amu. Still, Amu is still a kid and she probably doesn't know what to think about what happened. He could only hope that she could truely grow up faster and realize that everything he had said to her was true. He wasn't the type to lie much, anyways. Not that his personality made it easy to believe him. By now, he was on the plane to find his father.

He sighed, leaning on the cushioned arm rest. He was lucky enough to get his own seating since not as many people were on the plane. He didn't want to have to deal with people sitting by him. They'd just annoy him with their conversations that obviously had nothing to do with him or anything he cared about. It also gave him time to truly sit there and think about things.

"Thinking about Amu?" Yoru asked him.

"Maybe," Ikuto replied back, starring out the window.

Yoru went on with teasing Ikuto a bit, but he didn't pay attention. Instead, he lost himself to his thoughts once again. He'd never see Amu again. He didn't know what to feel about that. Part of him said that she was better off without him around. Kazuomi was taken care of and everything, but Easter might still be causing trouble while he was away. He just assumed that Amu wouldn't be affected by them if they were. He even hoped that Tadase would be okay. Tadase still didn't like Ikuto that well and that was understand able.

He felt a sort of loneliness as he was sitting on the plane. Knowing he'd never see Amu ago was hard to think about. He'd given no sign of emotion when he had told her he was leaving, but was that how he really felt about it? Was he really just sugar-coating how he really felt. It was hard to say with how much he'd been hurt in the past. He'd never shown that hurt, though. Not to others, anyways. Tsukasa was probably the only person he'd really shown his hurting to. It was a difficult thing to explain. Feelings were never meant to be easy to figure out. Deep down, he was sad that he'd never see Amu again. Maybe even disappointment would come into play.

Whatever it was, it was too late now. He had made his decission and he was sticking with it. He would come back for Amu later. How late that was, well... he wasn't sure. It could be years. His only fear would be that Amu would have forgotten about him by then. The problem at hand was not Easter anymore. Finding his father would be difficult with no leads. It was like Amu had thought before, though. He loved music and he loved his father very much. His real father who had left because he could not comply to Easter's terms.

He ended up thinking about his mother. He hadn't really spoken to his mother properly for so long. After finding out about Hikaru being Gozen and such, he had returned home through the front door for the first time for a long time. That may seem trivial, but it meant that he was finally able to walk in without any concern about Easter breathing down his neck. That was the first time in a long time that he sat down with his mother and had an honest talk with her.

He looked to the side and saw Yoru napping on the other seat next to him. He chuckled slightly, giving him a slight smile. He carefully scooped him up and set him on his lap. He laid back and sighed. There was a few hours left yet, so he figure he might as well use that time to take a cat nap himself. He tried to get as comfortable and tried to take a nap. He'd be looking for his father soon.

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