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Serah Farron App for Underworld Wars

|| Player Information ||
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|| Character Information ||
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Name: Serah Farron
Canon Point: After she turns to crystal
Is this character dead? Uhmm.... I think she would be since she turned to crystal?
History: If there is anything more important, it's her place in the storyline. First, it's important to mention that she is a Pulse L'cie. A Pulse L'cie is someone who has been branded with the L'cie mark by the Sanctum's Fal'cie, Fal'cie Anima. It is often called the mark of death, considering you either become a crystal or Cie'th. Either is equal to death. A L'cie is given a mission, labeled a Focus, that they must complete in order to prevent from becoming a Cie'th. Though, the tricky part is that there is no clear words or vision that tells you exactly what that Focus may be. You get a foggy vision that is very brief. From there, you have to decipher what it means on your own. Any L'cie that completes their focus gains everlasting life, turning into a crystal. It is later mentioned in the game that they can come back to life after a given time, though this theory is still in the works of being tested. If you fail to complete your Focus, you turn into a monstrous creature called a Cie'th. It's important to remember that L'cie are considered "enemies" of Cocoon, the society they live in. Therefore, they are not welcomed in any way in most scenarios.

The Sanctum is what you would think of as a form of government such as a monarchy in some sense. They call the shots. Like many times throughout history, they have a black side to them, causing millions of innocent lives to be killed in the process of killing a L'cie. The other officials like the Guardian Corps don't seem to know a lot about L'cie roaming around because the Sanctum hide their failures and won't announce something that may get people against them. The main enemy to Pulse L'cie is the Sanctum. They are the reason that L'cie lose almost everything when becoming marked and must run for their entire lives to survive.

Cocoon is your normal, average planet where many people live in. However, uproar started when they found an L'cie in their safe haven. Days before, Serah had become an L'cie due to her own curiosity. She didn't tell anyone and even tried to break up with her boyfriend, Snow, that she loved so much for the sake of his safety. It was then when she informed him that she had been marked as an L'cie. She became an enemy of Cocoon and she had to make things right. Being too stubborn for a lot of things (I.E. dying, giving up hope, trying certain things), he didn't let that set so easily. He promised that he would by her side no matter what. They would find her Focus and complete it so that she wouldn't become something like a Cie'th. She finally gave in and allowed him to help her. She fears becoming a Cie'th the most.

A day later, Snow was to meet up with Serah in the city of Bodhum. It was then where she admitted that she was afraid to tell Lightning, her older sister, that she had become an L'Cie. Snow had bought a necklace of her. It was an engagement necklace, identical to the ring in role. He popped the question and she said "yes" to him. There was a beautiful fireworks show going on and they enjoyed that time going through the fireworks and watching it from a close range. That happiness was short lived when she had finally found what to get Lightning for her birthday.

The next day, it was Lightning’s birthday and there was a celebration for Lightning. Serah figured it was best to tell her sister her fate when she was in a good mood; That backfired. The moment she told Lightning about her fate, Lightning didn't believe her, saying some harsh things as she sent Serah crying. She told Serah that if this was true, she would be the one who had to deal with her, kill her even. Lightning duked it out [words] with Snow a little, but Snow finally said that he'd protect Serah even if she didn't and ran after her. The birthday gift for Lightning? It was a survival knife in order to keep herself safe from harm’s way. When it all came down to it, Lightning regretted not listening to Serah when she had the chance.

A day or so later, Cocoon was on high alert and chasing after Serah and Snow. The Sanctium ordered the civilians evacuated at once and were to be purged if they had any contact with the L'cie. The Purge has caused many hundreds of people's deaths, though most were innocent. Despite Snow's efforts to keep her safe, she was taken into custody. Lightning joined the Purge in order to save Serah in time, also giving up her position as a sergeant in the Bodhum Security Regiment of the Guardian Corps. Snow went to also save Serah, but had other means. Incidentally, Sahz followed Lightning and Hope and Vanille followed Snow. Hope wanted to confront Snow about his mother's death and Vanille encouraged him. The next time they saw Serah, time was up. Though she had a little time, Serah had turned into crystal. Apparently, she fulfilled her Focus, though Lightning was unable to figure what it was before Serah turned to Crystal. The last thing so told Lightning was to protect Cocoon. The survival knife given to Lightning for her 21st birthday was all she had left to remember Serah by.
Personality: Serah seems to be a pretty mature girl. She does well at giving advice and is, for the most part, well-behaved for her age. She’s down to Earth and realistic about things. Sadly, her realistic side of her tends to get her depressed at times. Still, she’ll take things as they are and try her best to move on. She's also a curious girl -- very curious. She refuses to let anything stop her for the sake of living. After Lightning and her parents’ death, Lightning changed and so did Serah. She just didn’t change as drastically as Lightning did. She had to be strong to make it through the days with Lightning.

She’s believes in doing what’s right. When she became a L’Cie, she started to worry because she didn’t want to be that monster. Instead of someday becoming Ragnarok or causing trouble to anyone because she was an L’Cie, she chose to run away; Hoping that by doing so, she could protect those she loved and the citizens. If she had to, she’d run away from Snow and Lightning, never tell them what she had become, and find a way to complete her focus on her own without harming anyone. She wasn’t successful, but that was her initial plan.

Serah is also very kind, trying to help others as much as she can. She’s the kind to be able to forgive someone easily. She also puts her trust in those she cares about and tries not to hurt them. She is very loving, considering she was engaged to Snow before she was crystallized. Snow means a lot to her and she’d do anything for him. It’s just as she would for Lightning. She's loyal to those she cares about, but she can also be pretty stubborn at the same time.

Though her character arc stops personally, her presence is very important to the storyline. She is who got everyone into the mess that unraveled, unintentionally of course. She is also the strength of Snow and Lightning, though for a while, Lightning started to lose hope in things. Even then, she is still an important character to the cast and is said that she, too, will eventually come back to life because she gained everlasting life.
Skills | Powers: Serah is a Pulse L'cie, or a an enemy of Cocoon. An L'cie is given a Focus that they must complete, though it isn't clear and you have to figure it out before you become a Cie'th. They are also granted strange powers that include magic, which is generally not possible for normal humans, and sometimes the ability to summon an Eidolon, known as an Esper or Aeon in previous Final Fantasy games. However, due to the short time with the actual Serah, it is not certain if she has the same qualities.
First Person Sample: [OOC: Pressuming she's been here for a few days...]

[Serah's been walking around, looking at all of the scenery. She really didn't seem to like it all that well, which was understandable. Being told that they were in a sort of "hell" didn't help her thoughts at all.]

I think I'm getting the hang of this place. It's not really a cheerful place, but I think I can adjust.... somehow. Still... It would be better if I was able to check if everyone was okay. I need to apologize to Lightning and I want to tell her and Snow that everything is alright now. If there's anyone I need to apologize for, it's to Snow. After all, he wouldn't have been in this mess if I'd just dealt with this on my own. I'm so sorry...

[There was an awkward silence before she spoke again, trying her best to smile.]

But... at least I don't have to worry about being a Cie'th.. right? That means I finally have my life back, even if it's a new start... I guess I'll just have to make the best of things while I figure out a way to get home.

[She had to stop and think about her last statement... Did she even want to go home? Even if this place seemed dangerous to her, at least she was alive. Going home meant she'd return to crystal stasis form and she'd still have nothing to go on except the hope that the legends were true. If they were, that meant that she would come back sometime in the future without worry.]
Third Person Sample: Serah found herself at the city of Bodhum. There would be a majestic fireworks show in a few days, but she had other things on her mind at the time. She had just become a Pulse L'cie, due to her own curiosity of the Pulse Vestige. It was stupid, she knew, but it was done now. She had carefully hid her L'cie mark on her arm with a white bandage. Maybe she'd be able to pass it off as a wound that she received, but she wondered how long it would actually work. The others might believe it, though she wasn't so sure about Lightning and Snow. Snow would press on until he found out how she was hurt and by what or whom. Lightning wouldn't ask pressuring questions, but you could just tell through that her eyes stuck onto her would surely assume something was up. It scared her to let her sister know. After all, she was in the Guardian Corps. It was part of her job to take down and kill any Pulse L'cie that got in the spotlight. Would she do the same, had she known about Serah? Well, Serah wasn't sure, but there had to be someplace in Lightning's heart that she wouldn't follow tradition if it was her own sister.

She was really not looking forward to the upcoming events. Things would be harder and soon, she would have to leave her own home in the sake of protecting everyone. She was, after all, an enemy of Cocoon. In their eyes, she was only a monster in human flesh. A parasite, if you will. Once people found out, they would not treat her so kindly. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly to calm her nerves. They were a bit too hyperactive for her liking. And her Focus... what was her Focus? She saw the vision, but she couldn't make heads or tails of what it may or may not be. Ragnorak, that's all that she could be sure that she saw. She saw the creature destroying Cocoon. Did that mean that she would have to destroy the only home that she had? Or maybe it was to save cocoon from this fate, though that seemed wrong. L'cie were enemies of Cocoon, so why would it want her to save Cocoon. Her thoughts were invaded when she heard a booming voice. Her name was called out.


She took a look around to see who it could be, though that seemed obvious to her. It was Snow. He had promised to meet her about that time. She had known this when she arrived, but her thoughts drifted her away. Her head now clear; she hid her worried face and smiled to him. If there was anything going for her, it was defiantly what Snow and Serah had together. She loved him dearly and would do anything for him. The feelings were mutual, if not even more on Snow's part. He was the passionate type, after all. She just hoped that he didn't ask about the bandages. She really didn't want to explain to him that her curiosity got the best of her. As they say, curiosity killed the cat. That seemed to be more true now than ever for Serah. Eventually, she would have to leave him for his protection and leave Cocoon for her home's protection. As if she was under a spell, she seemed to be in a daze once again, thinking about all the things she never would have thought about before. Life was so short; that didn't seem to sink in until her life was like a bomb ticking away now.

"Serah?" Snow asked her, causing her to snap back to reality again.

"Ah, Snow? Sorry. I'm just... thinking" she said to him.

"About what?" he asked her.

She merely shook her head, "It's something I'd rather not talk about".