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Winry App for Somarium

[Player name] Terra
[Age] 19
[Personal Journal] [livejournal.com profile] ritztheditz
[Other characters currently played] Kanami Yuta | S-Cry-ed | alterdreveries

[Character name] Winry Rockbell
[Age] 16
[Canon] FullMetal Alchemist
[Point in time taken from canon] Manga; Right after they get back to Resembool to hide in the basement

[Background] When they were younger, Al came in the house with Ed in his arms. He begged them to save him. They managed to stop the bleeding and bandage him up. Roy came with Riza to recruit Ed to the military around that time; They apparently had a misprint about Ed, but while he was there he questioned Ed about the human transmutation he did. Winry was spying from outside the door as they were talking. After a while, she brought some tea to Riza while she waited outside. They started to talking about how the military took her parents during the Isvalian War; She didn't want Roy to take Ed and Al away too. She didn't like soldiers. Winry was a little curious; she asked if Riza had shot somebody before. Winry didn't appear again until Ed and Al came back home after their first fight with Scar. Ed's arm was completely destroyed and Al's armor had a huge chunk of armor missing. She -- ever wrench frendly -- threw a wrench at him and scolded him to call first before they came back; They almost never call first. When they were doing repairs on Ed's auto-mail, they found out that he actually managed to grow a little. They would have to fix his leg since he had grown a little. Ed was guaranteed that they would have it done within three days rather then the week Ed asked for, but it would cost more for a rush job. They finally finished with the repairs, rebuilding his arm, and connected his nerves to the auto-mail. Ed was too eager to fix Al that he didn't hear Winry say she had made a few changes; She used a high percentage of chrome, making his auto-mail lighter. Even though it made his auto-mail lighter, it also made it less durable and less rust resistant. When everything was said and done, she ended up pulling an all-nighter. She almost missed Ed and Al leaving, but she made it on time to say good-bye; She also told them to come back sometime. While she was cleaning up, she noticed she had forgotten a screw that was supposed to be used for Ed's auto-mail. She made her next appearance after the fight at Laboratory 5 when Ed was hospitalized; Envy pulled him out of the rubble and handed him to Al and the others, but they didn't know who Envy really was at the time. She was called to come to Central. She usually would have been a lot worse with her scolding. Because she messed up with repairs, she didn't fight as much when she scolded him. Major Armstrong came to pick her up when she arrived in Central. It was then that he informed to her that he had been "taken in" as to why he couldn't get her himself. Winry's first thought was that Ed finally did something bad enough to end up in Juvie. When she arrived, she saw how hurt he really was. A lot of the wounds were from Armstrong hugging him, but even without his contributions, the injuries were still pretty bad. She felt guilty that she wasn't thorough enough in her repairs. She felt that the reason he was hurt was because his auto-mail failed him. Ed felt guilty about making her worry and said that it was his fault for being so hard on the auto-mail. He apparently didn't notice he was missing a bolt. Things started to calm down as they spoke for a while. That's when she noticed that he hadn't finished his milk and began to argue over not drinking his milk. In the middle of the milk argument, Al slipped out of the room. During the repairs, they were talking about what was going on with Al. Ed told Winry that he'd been acting strangely for a while and he didn't understand why. Winry first met Maes Hughes when he came to visit Ed and Al after they finished repairs. Ed was happy to hear that his bodyguards would be dismissed soon. The mention of bodygaurds worried Winry. She wanted an explaination as to why he needed them in the first place; She didn't know about Scar just yet. She said that she had to find a place to stay, but Hughs told her to come stay with him and his family. He dragged her along as he went shopping for his daughter, Elicia; It was her third birthday. She was worried that she would intrude on the party, but he told her the more people the better. She came to really like Elicia. She even came to think of Hughs, Gracia, and Elicia as a second family. She talked to him about Ed and Al saying that they didn't tell her anything, no matter how much she asked nicely. Hughs told her that men expressed themselves more with their actions rather than words most of the time. They just didn't want to worry her with their problems. When the time would come, she'd be the one that that they would turn to. When she came back the next day, she came at the worst time possible. As she entered the room, Al snapped at Ed, "I never asked for this damn body!" Ed and Winry tried to calm him down, but he accused them of lying to him all these years. He told them about how he had artificial memories. That was enough to make Ed walk out; It had really hurt him with that notion. Unlike Ed just walking out, Winry kept hitting Al with a wrench. She told him that the thing that Ed wanted to tell/ask Al about was not about fake memories. It was about if he blamed Ed for what happened when they lost their bodies. She couldn't help but cry when she told him everything was real and that they were all they had. After a small silence, she pointed in the direction that Ed went and told Al to go after him. She commanded him to ran after Ed, rather then just walking. She and Hughs overheard them talking on the roof about a few arguments they had when they were younger; One of them even included who would marry Winry. She rejected both of them. "I guess you have to say somethings to make it clear," she had told Hughs. Winry had come back after Bradly left through the window. They were all acting weird, but Winry didn't bother asking about it. She just came back from buying the train tickets that they wanted. She asked where they were going next. When they told her that they were going to see their teacher in Dublith, she got really excited. She pointed to the town before Dublith on the map they had and said that she had always wanted to go to Rush Valley. She informed them that it was the engineers' mecca for auto-mail. Ed finally gave in after a while and told her they could go there on the way. When they were on the train, Ed told her that they were going to Dublith to get stronger -- physically and mentally. They also had to ask their teacher about human transmutation. Winry shared the apple pie that Gracia had made for them and she told them that she'd make them one once Al got his body back; She had been taught how to make it. The first thing they saw on their arrived to Rush Valley was a huge amount of auto-mail. Even when normal teenage girls would love clothing and jewels, Winry was more starstruck about the auto-mail. They saw a crowd of people and went to see what was going on; There was an auto-mail armwrestling match that was going on. At first Ed and Al wanted nothing to do with it, but Ed got suckered into it. In the end he had to cheat. He changed the other guy's auto-mail to a weaker substance. Once Winry found out about him cheating, she objected this. The amount of people who were really desperate to repair him were just numerous. Ed noticed that his pocket watch had gone missing after he had to strip to show off his auto-mail. When they asked around, people told him that it was probably the work of Paninya. Ed went to chase after her, but Al and Winry just stayed behind. After a lot of damage to the city, Al finally caught her in a giant cage. Paninya cut the bars of the cage with the knife that was concealed in her auto-mail leg. She nearly got away again, but Winry stopped her. She had to know how she had was able to have the knife in her automail. Paninya told her that she also had a 1.5 in. carbine in her other leg. She promised to take Winry to Dominic, the one who had made her legs, as apart of her word. He lived in the middle of nowhere, so she had to guide them much to Ed's dismay. When they finally arrived, they met Satera and Ridel Lecourt. They were expecting a baby within two weeks. To show Dominic her work, she made Ed strip again. She had used 17% chrome and 1% carbon in his auto-mail. She told Dominic that she wanted to find a way to make his auto-mail lighter, yet stronger. When she tried to become his apprentice, he declined on the spot. He told her that he didn't take apprentices. The were going to leave, but they had to stay there longer due to the rain coming down too hard. Paninya told Ed, Al, and Winry about how she ended up getting her legs; Dominic gave her free auto-mail and regularly check-ups. No matter how much she tried to pay him back, he'd never take her money. Winry told her that she should stop pick-pocketing and earn her money cleanly if she really wanted to pay him back. While Ed and Al were busy, Winry and Paninya were curious about what what was in Ed's pocket watch. With Winry, she had the tools to open the pocket watch. She frowned and nearly cried once they got it open by force and saw what it said inside, telling Paninya to give it back to Ed. "Don't forget 3.Oct.11" was a note to himself when they had burned their house down. Winry was determined to try asking to become his apprentice again, but instead she came back out and told the others that Satera's water had broke. Dominic tried to get the doctor, but the bridge was out. Ed tried his best to fix the bridge, but he was unable to do anything due to alchemy failing to fix it. Dominic was forced to go the long way and it was going to take a while. Winry took charge and said that she'd deliver the baby. She told Ed and Al to boil a ton of water. Paninya was told to get as many towels as she could possibly find. Ridel was told to get alcohol for disinfectant. She told anybody wasn't busy already to get drinking water by Satera's bedside. Ridel asked Ed if she had any experience delivering babies. He told him that she didn't have any experience personally, but she came from a family of doctors; She used to look through medical books as if they were picture books. She was still very shaken up by the turn of events, but Ed and Al reensured that she could do it. With that, she went to work. She had called in Paninya at one point and after a while, the baby was successfully delivered. She asked if Ed to carry her since she lost all the strength in her legs after she delivered the baby. As he carried her, she told him about how she forced his pocket watch open and she had seen what he had inside of it. He ended up dropping her and yelling at her for it, but he helped her back up as he took a seat and confessed that he'd never even shown it to Al. He told her that it was a reminder to keep on moving forward. She started to cry because Ed and Al never did. She tried one more time to become Dominic's apprentice, but he rejected once again. This time however, he told her that he wasn't looking, but he'd introduce her to Garfiel; He was another engineer that did decent work and was looking for an apprentice. She ran off to tell Pinako all about it. She had been working under Garfiel for a while when Ed and Al came back. The first thing that Winry did was beat Ed up for trashing his arm again. Paninya came back in after she fixed the roof. Ed told Winry that the were going to Central to do some research. Winry asked if she could come along because she wanted to visit Hughs. Before that could happen, Ed and Al encountered Ling, Ran Fan, and Fuu and fought them. When everything was done with, she came back to the room to see Ling, Ran Fan, Fuu, and Garfiel sitting around. Ed was beaten up for causing more damage to his arm. They finally set out for Central after fixing him up. Ling, Ran Fan, and Fuu followed them, but Ling apparently went missing when they arrived; Not that it mattered much to them. They ended up meeting up with Roy and Riza again. Once Roy saw WInry, he began to hit on her, which Ed didn't take lightly. When they said they were going to visit Hughs, Roy was going to say that he had died, but he told them he was gone instead; He had "taken his family and moved to the country." When they were looking at a newspaper, they found out that Hughs had been killed and Ross was the suspect. They suddenly left without a word, not even bothering to tell Winry what they just read. As much as they wanted to keep it from her, she found out about it when she saw the newspaper in their room. Once she found out, she had to go and visit them. After she went to visit and talk to Gracia for a while, Gracia called Ed and Al to pick her up. Ed explained to them all what really happened. They were on their way back when Winry shared the pie she baked in Gracia's kitchen, crying about Hughs' death. When they arrived in Central, she told them that she was scared that one day they'd get killed. Armstrong came and punched his auto-mail for no reason. He followed up by saying that Ed needed to go get repairs and tried dragging him to Resembool, even though he said Winry was right there. At the hotel, Ling came in through the window. While Ed was doing his business, Winry and Al were getting worried because they were running out of money to pay for the hotel room. During that time they found out that Ling was a prince of the country Xing. He told them about immortality a bit. Ling brought up that Al's body would be good to have. Al would have said something if Winry hadn't said something before him. She blurted out that it wasn't good thing to have suddenly and left the room. Neither of them expected something like that to come from Winry. Al went to check on her to see if she was okay and she told him that she remembered when he was first stuck in that body. She hated seeing Al have to suffer the way he was. She wanted them to get their bodies back more than anything else. Ed finally returned and he said that he found something out about Al. He also confirmed that the thing that they brought back was not their mother. Ed brought up the argument about who would marry Winry. Winry said she rejected both of them because she didn't like guys who were shorter than her. Al and Winry talked about all the different memories they had, a lot of them that Ed didn't even remember. He said that he thought that Al's body was still alive and functioning somewhere at the gate. They figured that his body must be taking what he needed from Ed. Ed slept a lot and he was always hungry. With that knowledge at hand, they thought that his body must be taking the sleep and neutriants from Ed's body. When they were leaving, that was the first moment she realized that she felt something more than friendship for Ed. She was going to go back to Rush Valley, but Ed told her that she should stay a bit longer. It was just in case he broke his arm again. That didn't set well with her, but Ed's plan was to fight Scar to lure out the Homunculi. She went to visit Hughs' grave. She saw Gracia and Elicia there, so she spoke to them a bit. Hughs gets lonely so easily according to Gracia. When Winry was heading back, she heard about Ed and Al and what they were doing. She instantly went to find them. She had found them at the worst time possible. She arrived in time to hear that it was Scar who had killed her parents. Al was unable to stop Ed from talking in time. Hearing that, she picked up a gun and pointed it at Scar. Scar said that if she shot him, she would become his enemy as well. Scar went to attack her, but Ed guarded her as he pushed down the gun. He had to talk her out of shooting him. "Your hands weren't meant to take people's lives. They were meant to save them." She finally let go of the gun as he comforted her. Once she settled down, she was taken to safety. Ed came for her but he saw that she was talking to Bradly. He didn't like the idea of her talking to him. She told him that she was glad that he stopped her. She would have done something she would have regretted for the rest of her life. She told him, "Don't die on me." Before she left to go back to Rush Valley he yelled back to her, "Next time I make you cry, they'll be tears of joy." She finally realized that she had really been in love with him for a long time as she left. Ed was going to quit the military. Once Bradly mentioned to Ed that he could involve Winry in all of this, he got pissed off. He cursed Bradly out and commanded him not to lay a hand on her or anybody else around her. He took the pocket watch back in disdain. As soon as they got out, they rushed to call to check on Winry. He had to make sure that she wasn't abducted by anyone or anything of the sort. She cursed him out for calling for such an odd reason, but in reality she was glad that he had called to warn her. Later on, she tried calling them but they had already left the hotel that they were staying at. There was no message left behind for her, but she was told that they were going north to Briggs. As things were heating up in their direction, Winry got a call from the military, or Kimblee to be exact. Little did Winry know, she was taken as a hostage. From what Winry gathered, she thought she was just going to Briggs to do maintance for Ed's auto-mail for the cold, freezing weather. It made her mad that they didn't seem happy to see her there. She didn't like the fact that they were locked up in a Briggs' prison. She did make sure to take care of all of her customers back in Rush Valley before coming. When she was doing maintance on his arm, she scolded Ed for not telling her they came to Briggs in the first place. Once Ed said they were in a hurry, she just replied back with, "You're always in a hurry!" Kimblee had told her that they were in prison for a misunderstanding and were going to be clear to leave when she asked about why Ed and Al were there. Ed warned her not to get too friendly with Kimblee. She thought that he was a gentleman because he didn't seem to be a bad person and he was acting nice to her. Ed revealed to her that he was no gentleman. Ed freaked out about remembering a comment about how he loved her and started sprouting off random ingrediants. She had actually asked herself, "Why am I in love with this weirdo?" Ed didn't catch it, though, thankfully. Once she found out that they could make claws with diamond-tips she wanted to put them on Ed, which of course he declined. She was offered a glance at their auto-mail. Knowing Winry, of course she went for it. Kimblee told Ed his mission while she was distracted with the auto-mail. He declined it as it had to deal with killing people. He couldn't necessarily reject it. Winry was still around and still in danger. He was set on rejecting it, but once Kimblee pulled out a Philosopher's Stone, he couldn't reject it. As part of the terms, Ed was able to talk to Al and Winry about it since they were both involved now. He didn't want to betray Winry's trust anymore by lying to her; Kimblee had to be there as well. Winry was told that she was being held a hostage. At first, she thought it was some kind of joke. She was ensured that it was not. Ed told her that they were commanding him to be a "human weapon." He might have to kill a lot of people, but he couldn't say no. Winry felt really guilty and sad that she was just burdoning them with her being there. They kept on saying not to cry and it would be okay. She just wanted them to return to normal, but a lot of things stood in their way. He told them that there was a Philosopher's Stone if he cooperated with them; Kimblee had it, though. Ed's first job was to find Scar. The reason he gave Kimblee was that he wanted revenge for him killing Winry's parents. Al would be coming because it was convienant. Al informed her that it wasn't the Philosopher's Stone. He just wanted to use it as an excuse to find May since she knew of "Rentanjutsu". Al apologized for bringing in her parents, but she said it was fine since the two of them were still safe and alive. "You two are more important to me now," she said to him. She came with them, using the excuse that she had to make sure Ed's auto-mail stayed in tip-top shape. She hadn't made frigid-wether auto-mail before so she was worried that it might break down. She didn't want to have to wait behind. She couldn't sit around and do nothing anymore. They got away from the others, but Winry had to hide in Al's armor. It didn't help that May practically tackled Al. She ended up hitting her head when it happened. He let her out since they were safe now. Dr. Marcoh ended up coming out with Yoki right behind him. Of course Ed and Al didn't remember Yoki at all. That really made him mad. They informed Marcoh that they found out how to make a Philosopher's Stone. They heard an explosion, so Ed and Al went to check out. They told Winry, Marcoh, May, and Yoki to stay behind. That didn't stop Winry. She ended up following them as they were fighting Scar. Ed and Al kept Scar down and managed to scold Winry for following them. Briggs solders came in, stopping her from getting any closer. Even though she was told to stay back, she approached Scar despite Ed and Al's comments. She asked for Ed to let her go because she wanted to talk to him face to face for so long. He hesitatntly let her. She asked why he had killed her parents, but he had no good reason. He told her she had every right for revenge, though. Once he said that, she got some clothing she found and made a makeshift splint for his arm. She said he'd bleed to death if she didn't bandage it. That's what her parents would have wanted. He asked if she was forgiving him, but she made it clear that she could never forgive "a monster" like him. She returned to Ed and Al's side, saying she was okay and she wasn't going to cry. She had promised them that the next time she did, it would be because she was happy. Ed and Al just comforted her. Ed would have done much more to him if it were him, deeming Scar lucky that it was Winry instead. They had to figure out a way out because Kimblee's men were coming. They couldn't find Marcoh or Scar. They also had to deal with Winry being held hostage or the alliance with Ed and Al. May had to go back with him anyways. Ed left when Kimblee's men came, yelling at Kimblee for not keeping a closer eye on Winry; Scar got away with Winry. The two chimeras were allowed to go with Ed. Winry, Scar, May, and Marcoh left for Briggs while Ed was with Kimblee. Kimblee would get suspicious, so Winry came up with the idea if Scar took her as "hostage". Of course Ed and Al didn't want this and argued about it, but they went with it in the end. Winry wanted to do something because she was now involved in the situation. Before they left Winry had to take out her earrings because her ears would get frostbite if they froze, so she gave them to Ed. Their plan was that Scar would run off with Winry and they'd blame everything on Kimblee for not keeping a closer look over her. They used the tunnels to escape. Little did they know, a large group of Central soldiers went to Briggs because of Kimblee. They had to warn the others, so Al went because he couldn't get tired or freeze to death. The others found Al when they found an exit out of the tunnels. They found out that soldiers infiltrated Briggs. As they were walking, Al collapsed for some odd reason. He claimed that his soul was being pulled away before he went unconscious. In order to carry him, they each had to take a piece of his armor. Scar had his chest piece, Zanpano and Jelso carried the legs. Marcoh and Winry carried his arms. May carried his head and the waistcloth. Yoki carried the front of his chest. Eventually he came to. They managed to find a shelter to stay in for the time being. Al informed them that it was the second time it happened. May suddenly asked for the research, scattering it in categories on the floor. When it was all sorted, it made the Human Transmutation circle. When they flipped it, it made the Rentanjutsu sign. They made a plan to lure Envy. Zanpano lured him over to Marcoh, but Zanpano turned on him. There they fought Envy, but Winry and a few of the others didn't know it until there was some explosions in the distance. Envy was reduced to his weak form as a small insect. They came back, but they had to carry Marcoh because he was injured pretty badly due to the fight. Seeing Winry, he could't run anymore. When Yoki was egging Envy on, he bit him and threatened to take him over. No one cared, so Envy gave up. They stuck him in a jar and gave him to May to take back with her. She would leave through Youswell Mining Town. They just found out more about Rentanjutsu and how it fit in with what happened, but Scar said it wasn't a good thing to be caught up in Amestris's problems when she needed Envy for Xing. She left but it didn't last long because she came back for them, being tricked by Envy. With May gone, they headed to Raole because Al wanted to check how things were going. He was glad to see Rose again, but she was disappointed that Ed wasn't with them. That's when Ed and Al's dad, Van Hohenheim, came out. At first he thought that Al was his vintage armor. He went of too go rebuild and eventually Al joined him. Rose ended up dragging Winry off. For the first time in a long time, she was able to finally relax and take a bath. Rose said that she thought Winry was amazing because she was able to live on her own and work on auto-mail on her own. She told her about the time Ed and Al came and figured things out for them. She also learned about the story about Leto and her lost lover. Winry was able to get away when she was hidden in a pot. She went back home in Resembool with a few guards. She said she could hide in their basement. She went to her room to change, but she saw Ed sitting in her room and screamed. The guards came to her, but Greed [Ling] and the others with Ed came out. There was a lot of yelling so she kicked them all out other than Ed. She told him she was scared for him and it was actually a pretty nice moment between the two of them. She smacked him with her wrench when she asked why he was in her room. Ed said that it was the best place to watch for anyone that tried breaking in. Pinako came in, relieved to see Winry and the others safe. Winry was introduced to the guards from Briggs. It was also the first time she found out that Ling had turned into Greed. She did a few repairs on Ed's arm as she told him about his dad and asked about what the "Promised Day" was about. He told Winry to take Pinako and Den and go hide in a different country. Her answer to this was a nice smack in the head with her wrench. She said that she had to do whatever she could to help them which meant she couldn't leave the country like he wanted her to. With that, they took their leave and carried on, leaving Winry and the others to hide there.

[Personality] Winry is a pretty cheerful person. Even when she was lonely with her best friends always off doing something dangerous, she remained cheerful. In fact during her time in Rush Valley, most of the people there prefered Winry. She was friendly, hard-working, and managed to remain optimistic. She would rather feel happy than to feel sad all the time. One of the first things you'll probably notice about her is that she's very friendly. It's not difficult for her to get along with people. In fact, she often makes friends after a good conversation. As long as you aren't somebody from her world that has done something to offend her or a general bad guy, she'll most likely get along with you no problem. During the series she was given a few opportunities to cook a few things. That being said, she's shown interest in learning how to cook more things. Even if she's not that girly, she does like to cook when she get the chance to. She's baked a few pies during the series. She shows interest in learning how to cook/bake more things, even if that's not her main passion. Speaking of passion, her one true passion has always been engineeing and mechanics. She's capable to build/repair smaller trinkets as well as bigger challenges. She deals mostly with auto-mail, but she sometimes deals with different objects from time to time. She has little experience with medical issues, but she does have a little interest in what her parents used to do. While most girls her age would be fawning over jewels, clothing, and makeup, Winry is different from them. When normal girls her age would be more worried about love lives and breaking nails, Winry worries more about doing something wrong with her auto-mail. She loves the smell of grease and the sound of metal. Instead of anything a normal teenage girl would like, she fawns over the latest auto-mail styles and ways to improve her auto-mail. For most of the series, she had to wait back in Resembool for Ed and Al to return. Even though Winry didn't like having Ed and Al get in trouble constantly, there was nothing to do but wait. During that time, she used that time to try to improve her auto-mail. She promised to support the two of them the best way she could. That just happened to be through auto-mail. That took off once she became Garfiel's apprentice. That's where the improvement mostly showed through her work. As I stated before, her one true passion is engineering and creating auto-mail. She's very focused on her work. Just like Ed is when it comes to studying alchemy and the different things in it, Winry can easily do it if it involves improving her auto-mail. She's dedicated to her work and improving on her techniques. Just remember one thing... She prizes her auto-mail. Don't break it or shit will fly. Ed knows that feeling well. Winry may not fight like Ed and Al. She might not use alchemy. She might not even see much action, but there is one thing that still holds true. She's very brave and determined to do whatever she can to support Ed and Al. She might not have much experience in fighting, but she does what she can to help out. If it means that she'll follow Ed and Al into the battlefield to be helpful, she'll do it. She eventually rose to the occasion to finally take a stand and do something other than just wait. She even managed to approach the man who killed her parents to give him a temperory cast. The most important thing for her in her life is not her auto-mail for once. The most important thing to her in her life is her family and friends. She knows what it's like to lose people she loves. Even if Ed and Al aren't actual family, she was quick to accept them into her life as more than just best friends. In a sense, they're a special sort of family to her. That being said, she tends to come off as motherly. She can't help but to help small children and people under certain circumstances. There have been multiple times where Winry has cried in the series. For whatever reasons that may be, she's been labeled a cry baby. She tends to cry for people who won't do it themselves (Ed & Al). She feels sorrow for people, even when they themselves won't show it. She's concerned for others and cares about how people feel. Winry is a kind person overall. She's very friendly and can make friends fairly easily. She worries about how people feel and what happens to them. She is very mature and curtious when it comes to meeting new people. She's respectful to most people until either you become close to her and she lets loose a little or you do something to make her stop respecting you. She becomes more casual around close friends. Even when she dislikes you, she'll do her best to remain respectful. Even if Winry is pretty friendly, that's not to say that she doesn't get mad easily. In fact... it doesn't take much for someone to set her off. If there's anything that she has in common with Ed, it's the fact that they're both short tempered. The one thing sure to piss her off is if you break her auto-mail. Doing anything stupid that could possibly get hurt/killed is another thing for sure. While she's very easy to anger, she's not one to hold grudges. It also doesn't take too long for her to forgive people for doing whatever annoyed her, unless it's a serious matter. As noted, Winry gets mad easily. When I say that she's has a short temper, what I mean by that is it's also very violent. She tends to chuck wrenches when she gets angry. There's nothing to fear, though. The only people who really get hit by her with wrenches are Ed, Al, & recently Ling. It only really happens to people she's close to. Winry is materialistic to a certain degree. She shamelessly uses Ed to buy her the things she wants from time to time. When that happens, he'd be better off just giving her his entire wallet. She'll spend a ton of money on auto-mail and certain parts or tools. She'll even use him to pay for travel expenses every now and then; just like she did at Rush Valley. She loves anything mechanical and shiny. Sweet talking gets you far. Compliments and comments that boost her ego get you farther. She loves compliments and acknowledgement on her skills. She can be a little vain in that aspect, but who doesn't love to be acknowledged like that? Just as she let's sweet talking go to her head, she's also pretty sensitive. There are certain moments where Winry lashes out due to pulling at heart strings. She frequently got irritated at Ed and Al because they always kept secrets from her. No matter how much she tries to ask nicely, they never tell her anything. A lot of the stuff she had to learn on her own or by the help of someone else. They have a good reason, though. They do it to keep her safe. She's learned over time with the help of Hughs that men tend to use action more for than speaking to communicate. She'd be the first person they'd go to when they needed to talk to somebody. Do you have anything valuable on you? Is it mechanical? Would you like it in one peice? If you said yes for the following questions, this would be important to remember. Do not let Winry get her hands on it! I'm serious. She's super curious. She loves to take things apart and put them back together. While she can put things back together the way it was, it's best not to let her have it. Anything mechanical and shiny will catch her attention. She likes to know how things tick. The moral of this story is... don't show her important things like that. Overall, we can summerize Winry pretty simply. She's always optimistic and remains cheerful even when she's lonely. She's friendly and loves to make new friends. It's obvious that Winry is more of a tomboy than a girly girl. She's dedicated in her work and providing for her friends. She's a pretty strong young woman, even if she doesn't have any special powers. She's family orientated and can be quite the crybaby. She respects almost everyone until that is ruined. She's quick to get angry, but doesn't take long to forgive people. She's curious and likes to take things apart and put them back together. In the end, she's a pretty interesting character.
[Abilities] Winry doesn't really have any supernatural powers, but she's amazing at engineering. She makes/repairs auto-mail for a number of people in Resembool and Rush Valley, but most of her business is from Ed. She can fix small trickets as well.
[Other important stuff] N/A While the application was good overall, the Personality and Sample sections are too short/lacking. We do not quite hear Winry's voice in your samples.

[Sample post] [First Person] - What were you doing before now? Well... I was trying to work on some small projects in my basement. There isn't much I can do when I have to hide like this... - Your country is in the middle of a war. What do you think of it? Do you support it or try to solve it yourself by going on an epic quest? Explain. I hate war. It took my parents from me and it almost took Ed and Al from me. Please don't take them away. - Murder. What is your opinion? That's terrible! I may not be a doctor, but I have to find a way to save anyone who might still make it after an attack. - You have two options: either save your friend who is hanging from a cliff, or chase after the bad guy who put them in a position. If you choose the former, the bad guy will get away and it will be hard to catch him. If you choose the latter, the cliff will crumble and the friend will fall to the spiky rocks below. What do you do and why? As much as I'd love to chase after the bad guy who did this to my friend, my friend is so much more important to me. My friends are very important to me. Besides, these hands were meant to heal, not kill. - What is more important to you: having friends or living on your own? Why? I would be so lonely if I live on my own. My friends are what really make my life joyful and interesting. Even if they get in a lot of trouble... - The hottest boy/girl in class/workplace just confessed their love to you. How do you respond? Uhm... wow... I... I'm honored that they like me like that, but I'm afraid I'd have to decline. There's somebody in my life that I love. - Would you consider yourself a well traveled person? If so, what are some of your favorite places? If not, would you want to travel or is there some place you want to go? I'm not really a well traveled person. I don't really have the chance to leave much. I guess it would be kind of fun to travel every now and the. - Do you prefer adventure or the peaceful life? I've had enough adventure for while. It is nice every now and then, but I prefer a peaceful life. It's less exhausting. - Do you prefer the city or living out in the country? Why? I don't know. I've always lived on the country side. I think living in a big city like Central would be too crowded. I like Resembool. - You see a bloody knife on the floor. What do you do or think? Oh my god! Is everybody alright?! Is anybody hurt?! I'll help you! - Hey, did you hear about that giant sale going on? Interested? What would you want to get? ... That depends... Does this giant sale involve parts? Or is there possibly any artificial prosthetics? Or maybe newer or even better, high grade tools! Please say they have a sale on that... Please! .... Ed.... Where are you~? [Third Person] It's been about a week since Winry first arrived in this dreamworld that everyone called, "Somarium." Just like every other person who came there, she was upset about it for a while, but at least Ed and Al were there. That did make things a little better. Nothing interested Winry as much as the Dreamberry. Somehow it could broadcast dreams and that you could get a map and see who was all there. The beautiful design of the phone, the functions that were incredible, new technology she had never seen before, and how sleek the design was. How could she not like it?! For so long she wanted to take it apart. She could put it back together again. That was no problem for Winry. Everyone kept saying that it was a terrible idea. Maybe if she didn't actually take her own Dreamberry apart.... She may have... borrowed Ed's Dreamberry... She was going to give it back eventually... She just had to see how this thing worked. It would bother her for a long time if she didn't. She had gotten it half way in when... Damn! It was Ed! She went to cover it up. No reason to let him see it yet.. "Winry? What are you doing?" he asked her. "I'm not doing anything. Why? What's up?" she asked back quickly. He rose a brow, obviously catching the defensiveness in her tone of voice, "Your Dreamberry was showing you taking something apart.... You aren't doing something you shouldn't, are you...?" She let out a dramatic gasp, "What?! Me?! I'm not doing anything bad!" She couldn't believe her Dreamberry caught that. That could be troublesome. She was hoping Ed wouldn't realize that she had his Dreamberry in pieces. Wait... How did he see it? "What are you doing, Winry?" Ed asked again, this time more stern about it. "I'm just working on my skills. What's wrong with that? And how did you see it?" she asked him slowly. "I was looking for where my Dreamberry went and Al said you were up to something. You wouldn't happen to have it, would you?" he asked her, giving her a look. "I'm insulted! How dare you accuse me of having your Dreamberry!" she lashed back. He glanced over to her work space. He lifted the sheet that covered the Dreamberry. He didn't say anything but he just glared at her. "I can put it back together! No problem! I just really wanted to see what was inside it. How did it work? How does it do some of the things it does? I have to know, Ed!" she rattled off quickly. He didn't say anything, but gave out a deep sigh, "Fix it. Now. I need that." With that, he left the room, causing her to let out a deep sigh. Damn! So much for finding out about it. She started to put it back together, pouting a little bit.
[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] I've wanted to RP as Winry for some time and it motivates me to tryout for her with Ed & Al here already.
[Which rule was your favorite and why?] be nice to other players. Flaming others is such a pain. It's fine to give constructive critisism about how to do better or improve something. It's not right to be rude and say that they should canon update or something. Everyone makes mistakes. It's fine to correct others as long as it isn't trolling.
[Where did you hear about Somarium?] App_this_plz
[Any questions?] None really.