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Train App for Somarium

[Player name] Terra
[Age] Train
[Personal Journal] [livejournal.com profile] ritztheditz
[Other characters currently played]
Belgium / Axis Powers Hetalia / [livejournal.com profile] chokowaffle

[Character name] Train Heartnet
[Age] 23
[Canon] Black Cat
[Point in time taken from canon] The beginning of episode 21, right after defeating Creed. Taken from the anime, not the manga.

[Background] The most important part of his life has to be his childhood and time in Chronos, an organization dedicated to bringing peace to the world. Ironically, they must kill others in order to bring peace. When he was young, I’d say about 12-13 years old, his parents were shot and killed in front of him. A man named Zaguine was responsible for it. He had pointed the gun at Train and told him, “You could live or die. It’s your choice.” He chose to live. What other option was there. Pretty soon, Zaguine taught him how to become a killer in order to survive. However, they were often quite terrifying. If Train didn’t act the right way, Zaguine would threaten to kill him.

Time after time, he tried his best to kill Zaguine and get revenge, but each time, he would fail and be easily pinned to the ground. He told him at one point, “You're rushing, Train. When you want to aim to kill, don’t aim for the head. Aim for the heart next time. Cause even if you miss, you'll still be hitting something important.” In the end, he found Zaguine bleeding. Turns out, someone else had killed Zaguine before he could. His last words to Train was, “Power is everything and the only one you can rely on is you”, along with others saying that if he wants to become stronger, live alone and beat everyone else to live longer. It isn’t much longer until he joins Chronos as an Eraser. Number XIII, Black Cat. He was presented the pistol Hades [Black Hades in the Manga, but they refer to it as just Hades in the anime] by Sephiria Arks, number I in Chronos and also their commander in chief.

It didn’t take too long to become the best, by far, eraser in Chronos. Eventually, everyone knew who he was, for the most part, and feared him. He never missed a shot, never had a stray bullet, and always got his target. He’s very agile and quick, allowing him to escape easily, even with the place packed of body guards. The first person he went after [in the anime], was a gangster named Lib Tyrant, worth $2,000,000 in bounty. He somehow managed to become governor. He had his body guards virtually everywhere. Still, that was no problem for Train. Sven, on the other hand, was in deep water. By allowing Train to go through with this, he’d be even more in debt then he already was. It didn’t matter that he used his vision eye; Train still got in sneakily, killed Tyrant, and got out before everyone noticed he was killed. Since there was no way to get in otherwise, he used the upstairs window to sneak in.

Sven had major problems with this. He eventually caught up to Train and stopped him. While he was saying that Tyrant was scum, but didn’t need to be killed for it, the Cyclops guard of Tyrant came after them. Train simply told Sven to duck as he easily dodged his giant boomerang’s attacks. He managed to catch one, and it actually managed to cause a scratch on his cheek, but it was nothing. He pushed it into the tree, trapping him. Train had no desire or reason to kill this man, so off he went. “Forget you ever saw me. Are we clear?” After that, Sven ran after him to stop him, but he had already vanished by then. Creed happened to be around and though Train was gone already, Creed killed the guy by pushing the blade into him. It was for, “Scarring Train’s pretty face.”

Aside from the missions he was given, he usually went off on his own. He loves to go on the roof top and lay there, drinking his milk. After that mission, he first met Saya, a sweeper. That is the beginning of his drastic change in personality and opinions. He overheard Saya singing Konoyo no Uta.

Sing a song onto the world
Raising high the clouds unfurl
Fan the plains into the past
Here now our lives will last
You never know the times of pain
Fall down, fall down falls the rain
My life won’t be played

That song would forever stay with Train. It’s a sad and happy reminder of Saya. After that, she took his extra milk, the one he was going to use for the hungry cat that seemed to visit him every night. “Ah... There’s nothing quite like milk after a song.” Of course, Train wasn’t too talkative at the time and was quite cold personality wise. He just stared at her as she tried conversing with him. Pretty soon, she claimed that he was “too cool to talk to her” and made an example that his only friend was that hungry cat. “If you stand there that still, the crows will peck at your head.” She noticed Hades and commented on it, but Train pointed out that she, too, had a pistol. She told him that she was a sweeper. She also made the comment that, “We’re... more similar than you’d like to think.” She left him as a crow pecked at his head and she teased him a little for it.

That encounter might seem trivial, but it would become one of the most important things in his life. The next day, Saya had grabbed the bounty poster for Preta Ghoul, worth $1,800,000. He could burn flesh from someone’s bones at the touch of his hands, due to his Tao powers. Tao is a form of ability that could do various things. He was given a mission to kill the bio-weapon that Torneo Rudman had in his possession. Not only that, he was to destroy everything else connecting to the arms dealer. That bio-weapon was Eve, but he wouldn’t get to that yet. He had yet another encounter with Saya. When she told him that he wasn’t that talkative, he asked her why she dressed so oddly. After casual conversation, Saya left to take down Ghoul. This is about the time where he starts to change. He actually seemed to show some worry for her safety, even if it was hardly noticeable.

She told him, “It’s not a sweeper’s job to kill our target.” Train had to disagree, “The only thing a pistol is good for is killing.” She told him this next line and it probably made the most impact on the way her thought, due to his beliefs later in the series. “A pistol’s job is what its handler chooses.” With that, she took off. In the end, Train had to come to her rescue and save her by shooting Ghoul a few times in the arm. It was no use, really. The bullets just came out and turned into sand. Eventually, they were able to take care of him and Saya turned him in. She had used her special move, in which he adapted later in the series. “The pistol does what I want it to, not the other way around. If I don’t wanna shoot, then I won’t.” She starts to have more and more impact on the things he desires and the way he thinks. Why? He ignores going to a summons, where as before, he would have gone without question.

By the time Sven and “Alana” came to get Eve, Train had already knocked out all the guards and gotten to Eve. Sven and “Alana” walked in on him. There was small talk and Sven goes as far as to say, “You’re just another puppet for Chronos.” Though you can’t see it clearly, he seemed to be troubled by this. It might seem trivial, but that’s probably the first time he desired to act on his own will. Eve calmly stated, “I smell blood on your hands.” This would because of all the lives he’s taken with Hades because of Chronos. Sadly for them, Rudman and his henchmen came to the scene. Sven managed to throw a flash bomb in order to escape with “Alana”. Train had left around that time as well, leaving Eve alive for the time being. It was his first failed mission ever, but it wasn’t on accident. “Alana” turns out to be Rinslet Walker, a thief for hire. She also made it clear that Eve was “the world’s foremost bio-weapon”.

After the mission, Train got a visit from someone he really didn’t want to see. Creed commented on how he seemed a lot better than he should be for a failed mission. He also stated that he trained Train well; claiming Train was “flawless”, they would create a diversion and kill her, while on the other hand, Sven would save her. When they arrived there, Sven used tons of cats to create the diversion. However, it also brought Train, quick to get through and look for Eve. Sven ran after, but he found it depressing. Train managed to knock out every guard, take out every surveillance camera he came across, and managed to check every room along the way with a good pace. Sven managed to get to Eve before Train, due to using his vision eye. Train came in no time and Eve attacked him. It wasn’t long until Sven fit in a punch and called him scum for attacking a young girl.

When he managed to somewhat get his way, he tried to take off with Eve in tow, but Rudman came to stop them. Eve was set on leaving with Sven, but Rudman wouldn’t have that. He used a card that amplified her powers, causing them to come to the surface and lose control. She and Train had a fight. Like this, she had full intent on killing Train, but that was interrupted. Sven ran to save her, but just as he grabbed the chip and pulled it off her, she managed to stab him. She started to cry at what she did when she regained control. Train just took his leave. He wasn’t done, though. When Sven, Rinslet, and Eve were safe someplace new after the explosion, Train tried to kill Eve again. Sven tried to stop him, but he was useless when he was wounded like that. Train decided that he didn’t want to kill her after all. He just put Hades back and left.

Saya’s influence was really getting to him, causing his change. He ended up seeing her again. Chronos wasn’t too forgiving about this incident, but he was given another chance. He finally asked Saya why she became a Sweeper. “I just do it because I feel it’s the right thing to do,” was her reply. This seems to be another big benefactor of his change. Belze made told him personally to report to HQ. He had been summoned. When he got there, they spoke about his performance lately. They excused him before but this was the last straw. He was then ordered to “kill the bio-weapon” again. He refused. When they questioned if he rejected a direct command, he simply told them, “The only thing I’ll do is act freely on my own will. I’ll do what I think is right.” They said that he was their pet cat and he must obey their command. Those in Chronos fought for peace, therefore them themselves could not be free. He just told them, “Have you ever known a cat that did what you told it to? I can tell you, they just do what they want.”

Sephiria told him to stop being stupid and accept his mission. He refused again. She threatened if he left, the next time they met would be on the battle field. With that, he left Chronos. Originally, Sephiria was to deal with Train, but she let Creed try talking him out of it and bring him back. Belze followed because he didn’t trust him. Of course, Creed offered Train to join the Apostles of the Star, in which train refused. They got to fighting in which Train managed to snap his Kotetsu in half. According to Creed, Train was “flawless”. Train just left, but the birth of Imagine Blade came about. He saw Saya again and he tried giving her Hades. He said he had no further use for it. Creed manages to see them talking. It’s apparent by then that he had fallen for Saya, but he won’t admit to that. Creed thought that Train was under “the witch’s spell.”

Of course, it was destined that Train would see Creed again. He tried to get him to draw his Hades and fight him, but he made it clear that he threw it away. He gave more detail about the little group he had assembled, but Train’s answer was still no. They were interrupted with Sephiria showing up. He nimbly dodged the attacks from Sephiria. When Shiki interrupted, Train managed to slip away. Chronos began to focus on Creed because he was more of a threat then Train was. While running off, Saya saw him and started to race him. They sat down a spoke a little and she claimed that she won. She also said that he owed her a ramune for beating him. He finally gave in, saying fine. She gave him Hades back, saying that he’d needed to keep it with him. Shiki was about to get Train, but Creed told him [her in the manga ._.] that it was no use. When Train work up, he saw a note with a brilliant red rose sticking in his window. It was no doubt that it was from Creed. In it, he said that he would free Train. He was going to kill the witch and break the spell that Train was supposedly under.

Train raced to Saya. Saya had arrived at the festival before him and met some kids. She told them she had a date and then they asked if it was with a boyfriend. She said she wasn’t sure yet. This denotes that there was definitely that they both felt. Sadly, Train didn’t reach her in time. Creed had practically killed Saya by the time he got there because the kids led him there. She died shortly after telling him to never leave his Hades. Train vowed that he would kill Creed. In the end, a tanker blew up and he was beat to hell. The next time he woke up, he saw Sven and Eve. They learned that Eve and Sven had saved him. Eve took his gun, but gave him a stuffed animal. It was from the kids he saved, but he didn’t remember that. Sven had to go get some smokes, leaving Eve to watch over him. He found his gun.

There were rumors going on that he was killed in the explosion. Either way, Chronos let him be for the time being. While he was watching T.V., Eve tried to put a bell around his neck. They fought a little and he finally through it out the window and closed it again. When she mentioned, “If you put a bell around a bad cat’s neck, then you’ll always know where he is”, he was still pretty cold. He said that she’s not one to talk. “Look at you. A killer just like me.” This got to her as she left. She encountered Jenos and another Chronos member trying to take her back while Train was watching T.V. When Sven came back and heard that she had left, he went out looking for her. Train has a thing to come to the rescue at the nick of time. He managed to come to save Eve, wearing the bell that she tried to get him to wear. He told Jenos that, “She’s not just an engineered weapon; she’s a human.” They managed to get away, crushing Jenos’s car in the process because of his Orichalcum strings.

Train finally sold his Chronos clothing, buying new ones. Of course, Sven and Eve poked fun at the meat buns on the jacket. Sven called it his, “emergency food rations.” They were on their way to Desberg for their next bounty. Igor Planter was worth $400,000. They were talking about catching Planter, but Train said that he’d take care of him. He also called her “Princess”, hence the beginning of her new nickname. They stopped at a cafe, which they saw the same waitress again, but Train was too busy stuffing his face with bread crusts. Rinslett ended up seeing Sven and talking to him about her job. Once they found out about where Planter was, they noticed Eve went ahead.

Train and Sven went to go help her, just in case it was too dangerous. Well, Planter had just drunk the Spirit Water. Train managed to reach there in time. There was some struggle, but he shot the pendent that Planter was wearing, causing the potion to wear off. After they took care of Planter, they were off to their next bounty. Gyanza Rujikee went worth $2,000,000. Once he got hungry, he left to find food, though mostly milk. Sven was talking about how he always did this. Eve said, “Don’t worry. The moment he gets hungry, he’ll return.” And as Eve said, he was mumbling that he was hungry. He complained about not finding any milk. That’s when he saw a group of guys around Kyoko.

He stopped them from assaulting her and even caught her Popsicle in ease. Of course, Kyoko ended up developing a crush on him, though it was only one-sided. He was still looking for milk and though he was ignoring Kyoko, sticking the Popsicle in her mouth, she continued to hit on him. She even went as far as to try to kiss him, but he made her kiss a cat instead. When he said he was “Black Cat”, she came up with the nickname, “Mister Black.” Naturally, Train came back and plopped to the ground when he got hungry. “Any luck finding him?”, Sven asked. “No man! I couldn’t find any milk!” They thought of the plan to use a distraction. One of them would dress up as a girl, because Rujikee went for women only. Once they got him, they would take him down. They argued about who would do it, but Eve volunteered. Of course, they wouldn’t have that, so then Sven had to do it.

He had to walk in heals and a big poofy dress, but they found it was no good. He wasn’t doing anything. Of course, he only appeared to Kyoko. Just as she was about to use her flame Tao, Train came to the rescue again. Eve came and Kyoko tried to kiss Train again, causing her to kiss another cat instead. Sven finally managed to catch up with them as Kyoko was giving them her Popsicles. Once Rujikee heard Train say “Sven”, he recovered, declaring he would get his revenge. Sven was the one who put him behind bars years ago. They seemed to be taking a bad beating until Train and Sven figured out what to do. When Sven was dealing with him before, he busted his knee calf and Train noticed the injury. Train used a burst bullet, aiming where Sven told him to causing him to go down heavy. A trick learned from Saya.

After the fight, Charden came to Kyoko. Rujikee demanded more Spirit Water, but Charden just let him shrivel up, affects of the Spirit Water. Charden told them about the Apostle of the Star... and also said that Creed was the leader. This really boiled Train’s blood. “Creed... He’s alive...?” he said. He demanded to know where he could find Creed. When Charden finally spoke, he said he was in Sangela City. “A wonderful celebration will begin.” Kyoko and Charden got away by helicopter and it fired at them before they left. That’s the first time Sven or Eve had ever seen him act so hostile. It was clear that Creed was a huge issue in his life, but they didn’t know too much about Train yet.

He rushed to Sangela City, leaving them behind like usually. The World Summit was going on in order to find a way to “bring peace” to the world. The moment he heard Creed’s name Train had gone missing, causing Sven to worry about him. Of course, Rinslet had to tease him a little and Sven had to pretend that he wasn’t worried at all, though it was obvious. He found Charden, demanded to know where Creed was. He kept on avoiding the answer and Train went as far as to draw his Hades and shoot the top of his hat, demanding to know where Creed was again, disregarding that a helicopter had just been slashed and exploded. They stepped off to the side and the World Summit was slashed in half. It was the doing of Creed. That’s when things started to get hectic. Once Train saw him, He rushed to Creed.

Sven saw Train from his vision eye. He saw Train get shot. He immediately rushed to Train, Eve and Rinslet coming after him. He wanted to, “Stop Train from doing something stupid.” Creed introduced Train to the Apostles of the Star. He demanded to know why Creed killed Saya. He had negative-zero [Ik, it’s a double negative but it just goes to show how much he wanted] interest in joining Creed. Creed just egged it on, down talking Saya and saying he’d do it all again just to see his look again. This caused Train to attack him in blind fury. He shot Creed with a burst bullet, causing a giant hole to form. However, he just regenerated, thanks to Tao and nanotechnology. Maro increased the weight of Hades to 400 lbs while Shiki held him down with a summon.

Creed tried to get him to join again, but Train declined again. Sven managed to show up with the others. Durham took this to his advantage, shooting at Train. Of course, Sven knew about this. He took the bullet in the arm for him. After that, Creed got mad at Durham for shooting and they took their leave. Of course, Train wasn’t ready to let him get away. He tried shooting at him relentlessly as they left using Echidna’s Tao. Sven recovered for the most part, but slugged him in the face. Afterwards, Train sulked on the side of the river. Rinslet commented on how he must feel and also told him about Sven’s past and his vision eye, from what she dug up. As if trying to make things better, he teased Sven a little, talking about how he was hungry and how something simple would be fine. Of course, they started to argue and fight, but it was how they made up.

They were on the road to their next bounty. Blum Pullman, worth $80,000. Naturally, Train was dreaming about getting food. “All he does is eat and sleep like a real cat.” Not only that, he had a thing for expensive food. When they arrived, they learned that Pullman had been arrested already. It turns out that the “Black Cat” got him. When the waitress identified him, she said he looked like he was 40, had a goatee, beer gut, and love handles. Even though Train heard this, he could care less. When Train said to leave it, Sven made a comment that people were still after him and this could cause an innocent man to get killed. He didn’t seem like he cared, but you could tell that he was probably digesting this.

Train went to train a little, but then went off to find milk. He just sang about food and milk as he walked back to see Eve in some sort of restaurant with someone. “Hey Princess, whatcha’ doing here?” Durham had just challenged Woodney, the imposter Black Cat [Right after Woodney declared the Black Cat would not run and would protect her]. When Durham saw Train, he went to attack him. “Hey, I remember you. You tried to kill me.” When Durham went to shoot Train, he easily shot the bullet down. Durham got mad, trying to continuously shoot at him. He easily hit them all aside and even managed to prop Hades under Durham’s chin. He did his last attempt and Train took him down. Sven and Rinslet finally managed to catch up after they were done. They were off again, Woodney in tow. He wanted to become Train’s apprentice, but when Sven was addressing him, he seemed lost in thought holding his milk.

Train had fallen asleep in the car. He had a dream about Saya. At first, he was excited to see her, offering her milk, but she looked at him so seriously. “I need to tell you that you can forget about me now.” Before he knew it, his dream became a nightmare, reliving her death. He quickly woke up from it. With that, he took Woodney’s bike and went off in the middle of the night on his own. When Eve woke Sven up saying Train was gone, Sven went after Train. He had finally reached their castle, but it seems that Chronos got there before he did. He didn’t bother with the Apostle of the Star members. He’d leave them to Chronos. No, he went directly to Creed to attack him.

Just when Creed had the perfect opportunity to kill Creed, Sven and Rinslet came. Shortly after they arrived, so did some of the Apostles of the Star. Sven and Rinslet were chained and unable to move. After Echidna and Charden tried to hurt Train, Creed wouldn’t have it. He got furious and made it impossible for anyone else to interrupt. Train would have had the chance to kill Creed, but the castle was collapsing. Instead of taking his vengeance, he chose to save the falling Sven and Rinslet instead. Eve had saved Leon and grabbed them. Leon was left on the ground safe, but the others drove off. Sven didn’t know what Saya was to Train and even asked if she was a girlfriend of his or something. He just responded with, “It was nothing like that. She was actually more of a close friend.”

Overtime, Train had caught a cold. Sven, of course, had to tease him by saying even the Black Cat gets a cold. Of course, they have to argue and fight about being poor. Train finally got mad and walked out saying he was going to find a good paying job and Eve went with him. Where would they go to find a job? why that would be the sweeper's lounge of course! Of course, it was the most obvious place though. Kyoko found Train and glomped him. She even tried to kiss him, but she just kissed a cat again. Train was on edge due to the fact that she was in the Apostles of the Star last time he checked, but she insisted that she, "quit those guys like a bad habit."

She was going to give him her chocolate since it was Valentine's Day. Though, Train didn't really know it was. Just as she went to give her chocolate, a sweeper accidently broke her chocolate. She didn't take it well. She nearly burnt the guy to a crisp, but Train kicked the guy in the face in order to dodge it. Train didn't get the full chocolate, but he tried a peice of it. It was pretty good other then the fact it was super spicy. Of course, the place had to blow up. Doctor made his appearance, going to shoot Kyoko with Lucifer. Train, ever the hero, took the bullet for her. He thought it was just an average bullet, but some things made him curious. "I highly anticipate your appearance when next we meet." With that, he took of with Leon.

Lucifer was, as Doctor told Leon, a bullet full of nanomachines. "Once injected into the body, the subject will transform drastically. When they divided DNA material of the subject regroups, it happens random so there is no way of knowing what kind of alterations will happen." Train and the others had no idea what was in store for him. When they got back, Train was starving, but he couldn't eat due to his burnt taste buds. They weren't expecting Kyoko to randomly come. Of course, it didn't help with Eve giving her the address, but it would be better then giving their location away. That's when the effects of Lucifer began to take place. His shoulder was acting up before they knew it, his body changed to a kid's body about 13 years old. His personality and everything, however, stayed the same.

Since he had become smaller, his clothing no longer fit. The only other options were 1) go get new clothing, in which Eve and Kyoko already went to do -OR- 2) wear some of Eve's clothing. At first, he was forced to wear one of Eve's outfits, which Sven found quite hilarious. Eve and Kyoko came back with clothing and after a few choices, he finally chose something that looked identicle to his older outfit. When they figured he had nanotechnology in him from the bullet, he figured he could grow wings like Eve could. To test it, he went to jump out the window. After a minute or so, he simply fell and you heard him complain about how it was a ripoff. Kyoko followed after him.

He was walking around town with Kyoko. He found that he couldn't even finish his bottle of milk. "Usually I can drink ten bottles, but now even one is hard to finish..." He ran off from Kyoko. Eve and Train found a boy named Tim taking on gangsters. Train shot the gun out of the man's hand and took them down. After this happened, Tim tried to get Train to help protect their home because of the gangsters. They wanted to take over their home and build a casino. Tim wanted revenge, but Train declined. He thinks it's stupid, especially since he tried it when he was young. Even though Train wanted to leave, Eve said she was staying. Train went to go train, seeing if it was still possible to shoot. He felt the recoil.

The next morning, Eve made them some omlettes, but they were burnt. While the others didn't want to eat it, Train ate it actually said it was pretty good. It was just a little burnt. When Tim and Train were alone, he was talking to him about revenge. When the gangsters came back Train took them down as Eve protected the kids. The gangsters tried to take a girl as hostage, but Eve and Train came up with a plan and took her back. When they had the chance to take revenge on the guy, Train handed Tim Hades. In the end he didn't do it, but the gangsters were driven away. When Train returned and came from the shower, he noticed from something Rinslet said that he turned back to normal.

While they were on a "vacation" to let Train "heal", Sephiria came to visit. Sven and Eve were watching a feed that Creed sent while Train was walking on the railing with his hands. Eve pushed him over and they fought for a while, but Train was distracted. He noticed Sephiria. At night time, he went to go see her. She claim to "clean the slate", but he had no interest in fighting her. His response to her was, "The only thing I want is to live life on my own terms." Since he had said that, Sephiria insisted that he gave back Hades. He refused with the following: "No thanks. I have a lot of unfinished business to attend to. Redemption for all the lives I've taken with Hades.

Sephiria went to attack, but when he wouldn't move, she questioned why he hated Chronos so much. They wanted the same thing, so why couldn't he come back? "The life of a stray cat suits me better." They were interrupted by Charden. He questioned why he went to attack Sephiria. He quit the Apostle of the Stars, so why did he still want Chronos dead. They started to fight and just as her number states, she was impressive and very fast. Train stopped their fighting, saying they weren't killing each other in front of him. Sephiria finally understood him, giving him an Orichalcum bullet. She told him to continue on the path he laid out for himself.

They were to meet with Woodney about some job. Since he was late, Train was busy watching Godzilla. Sven noticed the flier for Creed - worth $3,000,000,000 and under it was a flier for the Sweeper's Alliance. Sven couldn't let Train see the fliers. There's no doubt that Train would be even more tempted to to go after Creed. When Train went to ask the waitress they always seem to bump into for food, Sven had to hide the fliers. Train thought it was odd, but paid no mind to it. Woodney finally came and told them about finding Madame Freesia's reward for finding her pet, Flora. It was worth $100,000, but they really couldn't complain.

After they got the details and Flora's baby picture as a reference, they went to ask around the town. The townsfolk freaked out hearing Flora was missing and evacuated for some reason though. They saw Rinslet dressed fancy. When she asked what was going on, Train imitated Freesia's voice, "The town was in a panic over a stupid pet lizard, darlin'." Their first idea was to check the sewer. That was the only possible place to be during day time. That's when they first met River, a fellow sweeper who had a very bad sense of direction. He ended up following them in the end and helping them. When they heard a roar, the others weren't sure if they wanted to continue, but Train just went ahead and River, after hestitating, followed after.

It took about 10-15 minutes before they started to run back to them and pass them. That's when the rest of them saw Flora. They couldn't take her down there. Instead, they got out of the sewer, ending up in the Sweepers' Alliance meeting place. He saw Sven and wondered why he was there, but he just told him to look out before Flora came after. Everyone worked together to take down Flora. After which Glin, the one heading the Sweepers' Alliance, invited Train to the Alliance and said their target was Creed. No matter how much Sven tried, he couldn't stop Train from learning about it. As soon as he found out he could find him at Craken in the Adonia Sea, Train took off just like he had before at the mention of Creed.

The only way to reach the nearest port was to go hike through the montains. He took that in order to get through as fast as possible. It was really foggy and he thought he saw Saya for a moment before blacking out. It was dangerous at that time to go out on his own. He found himself walking up in some strange place and getting slugged in the face. The girl said that she was sorry and it was her reflexes, but something was odd about her. She looked exactly like Saya and she acted like her. When she finally made a note that he was staring at her weirdly, he snapped out of it.

The duration of his time there, he kept on getting dreams about Saya, continously falling off and waking up from them. He noticed things were odd there. There were tons of traps set up and it was clear that it was deserted, yet it looked like there were others about. It didn't help that Saki continued to say "we" and "us", especially since she's the only sign of human life he'd seen that whole time. She went to throw him a fruit to catch in his mouth, but of course it was too big. He had to change and wait for his clothing to dry, but it seemed to take forever. He was put to sleep by some medical herbal tea that she made. When he woke up and looked for her, he heard singing.

He went towards the voice. The song was so familiar. It was Konoyo no Uta, the song that Saya always sang. He stopped to see Saki singing on top of the bridge. He had to ask. He asked if she knew where that came from, but she told him she didn't know. She had been singing that song ever since she was a little girl. He was starting to get suspicious, but he just went to bed. He woke up, not seeing her anywhere in the house. He saw her raking the garden, but the place was a mess. When he questioned it, she got defensive. She started to tell him to leave and he was unwelcome now. He said he'd leave once his clothing was dried and went back inside.

When Saki came with more tea and started back down the stairs, he asked if she was really going to be okay. She said that she didn't want anymore of her friends to die for her. With that, she left. He didn't drink the tea this time. He clearly heard fighting going on. He knew she couldn't take them all on her own. Just like many times before, he came at the nick of time to help her. The man in one of the robots said that she was the enemy. She was saving the infant that had the Curse of Mederico. Once it was older, he would cause famine and destruction.

After they were taken care of, Saki showed him the infant and told him the whole story. The baby had been taken because they couldn't let a infant be killed because of what he's destined to do. Her friends were killed while defending the infant and she was the last one. He called them heros. He also said that they probably didn't regret it one bit that they died the way they did. Train was finally on his way and he was glad to see Sven, but he was greeted with a punch in the face. Of course, he scolded Train for going on his own and what not.

When he met up with the other sweepers with Sven and Eve, he didn't trust Glin. He pointed Hades at Glin, asking why Chronos was in this. When "Glin" denied this, Train shot him. Of course, Sven thought he was acting crazy, but he saw why he did it. "Glin" exposed himself as number X of Chronos -- Lin Xiao Li. He just responded by saying Chronos was just a bunch of murderers. Of course, once the Alligance found out that their leader "Glin" was really in Chronos, they broke up. They may have broken up, but Train, Sven and Eve still needed to get to Craken. River was dedicated to going on to Craken, going with.

Train saw Lin and they started to talk. He didn't get why Train became a sweeper. They both wanted peace, right? The sweepers would be a decoy while Chronos moved in for the Apostles of the Star. They were about to fight to see who was better, but Doctor's creations interrupted. They began to take them out and they saw the other sweepers taking out the creations in town saving people. Train said they weren't doing it for the profit. They were doing because it was the right thing to do. After the events, they decided to continue on to Craken after all. While on the ship, they were talking about how Rinslet had already blew town. "Woman are so busy. I mean, you don't need to look far" he said, kicking the gun from Echidna's hand when she appeared in front of them. She warned them not to come for Creed and left a small "present". The ship was blown up and they had to make it to land. Luckily, it wasn't too far off.

Even though they all made it in one peice, they were all separated. It was important to look for them as they continued on. The creatures they fought before were improved and had nanotechnology that seemed to make them harder. Still, it was nothing as they continued on. Train managed to find David, seeming beat up and down. Though it was sad, there was nothing he could do. He just moved on. Train was able to find Sven and Eve, but they also found Preta Ghoul. It was obvious he was delarious, because he mistook the Silphy, the girl sweeper, with Saya. Since it's against Sven's beliefs to harm a woman, he stayed back to take Ghoul on as Train continued on.

Train finally managed to get to Creed, pointing Hades at him. For all times sake, he used his punch line. "I've come to deliver some bad luck." He noticed Sephiria, but he was too concerned with Creed at the moment. They started to fight, just as they always did. When Train thought that he got Creed, he healed up. He was "immortal". That's when Sephiria said to use the Orichalcum bullet to kill him. Creed was done playing games and trying to get Train to join him. He was now determined to kill him instead. He refused to kill Creed. "You need a life of repentence for all the lives you killed." He almost lost the Orichalcum bullet when he was trying to put it in, but caught it. Instead of shooting to kill, he shot the Imagine Blade because it was now apart of Creed. After he did so, it shattered. This left Creed defeated, especially when Eve took out Creed's nanomachines in his body.

By doing so, he was no longer "god" and now mortal. He had to live his life with the repentance of what he had caused. Even though he shouldn't have allowed it, he allowed Echidna take Creed away as long as he kept out of trouble. Sephiria understood his actions now. Instead of giving him the easy way out through death, he would have to live through it every day of his life. Once they returned, the saw Annette with all her guns and weapons. She was apparently late for the party. Even though the Sweepers' Alliance was upset that they didn't get a reward, they were convinced that they would succeed any other job. "We didn't lose to the Apostle of the Stars; We can take on anyone."

[Personality] The first thing you should know about Train is that he is like a stray cat. He goes where he wants to, when he wants to. If he hears news about Creed, by the middle of the night, he’d be gone and going after Creed. Sven always seems to punch him for it. At first, he wasn’t very talkative, but he gets to be as the story progresses. He’s also very blunt and will say what’s on his mind. He doesn’t lie, but he might leave out details here and there.

He’s pretty loyal once you get on his good side, but he can be unpredictable at times. He also has his stupid moments: I.E. the time he was hit with Lucifer [a bullet that caused him to age younger] he tried jumping out the window summoning wings because he thought he could do what Eve could with nanotechnology. He’s a free spirit and nothing will hold him down. After Chronos, he absolutely refuses to kill anyone or follow anyone’s orders. He’s also a glutton. Sven, Train, and Eve were broke most the time and often went without eating for a while.

When they did get to, most of the bounty they collected goes to “Eat like a pig and live of Sven for free” plan. This is a good reason why you keep Train away from the food at The Cockerel. He tends to have blind fury when Creed’s name is mentioned and because very hostile. Other than that, he’s very lackadaisical and even during catching a bounty; he’ll give off smart ass comment or seem very casual about them to lighten up the mood a little. He tends to “wear his heart on his sleeve”, as Saya once recalled. He can’t hide how he feels towards something.

[Abilities] Train has no super powers like Tao or the use of nanotechnology, but he's an expert gunman. His pistol, Hades, is his primary weapon. He's very agile and fast. His aim is nearly perfect, but of course, he can't take the role of perfection just yet.

[Other important stuff] Train is a Sweeper by trade, long abandoning Chronos and their values. He has no desire to kill and absolutely refuses to. He didn't even kill Creed, and he's the only person he's ever had intents of killing after his days playing as "pet cat" for Chronos. He has extreme hostility towards Creed and even at the mention of his name, you will see the drastic change.

[Sample post]
[First Person]
- Would you consider yourself a hero or a villain? Why? Neither is an option as well, but still tell why.
I wouldn't consider myself a hero, but I'm no villain either. I'm simply a stray cat that desires to be free to choose what I do and live life on my own terms.

- You are a given a mission. Would you complete it effectively or would you goof off and do something else? Expand a little on the response.
I was over with missions when I left Chronos. I refuse to take orders from anyone now. I live life on my terms. A stray cat has no owner and a stray cat does not do what you tell them to do.

- Murder. What is your opinion?
I refuse to kill someone or watch other people murder each other. Chronos and Apostle of the Stars won't kill each other. Not in front of me.

- You have two options: either save your friend who is hanging from a cliff, or chase after the bad guy who put them in a position. If you choose the former, the bad guy will get away and it will be hard to catch him. If you choose the latter, the cliff will crumble and the friend will fall to the spiky rocks below. What do you do and why?
Hmm... I would probably hesitate at first, but my friends mean more to me then getting revenge does. I would most likely save them.

- You just got a challenge to fight from one of the strongest gang leaders around. Do you accept or reject? Why?
 I would rather do my own thing, but if they got in my way I'll easily take them down.

- You're dirt poor and your family is starving. You have a chance to steal bread. Do you: a) ignore it and get a job, b) steal it anyway because you know you won't get caught, c) get caught but break out of prison anyway, d) steal it and then hide from the creepy cop that keeps stalking you, e) don't steal because stealing is wrong :(. Explain why you chose that option.
That's not new. All we have to do is land some big bounty and we're set for a while.

[Third Person] 2-3 paragraphs
Train was simply strolling through the streets of Feukeda City. Sven would probably be mad at him for going off without a single word, but he honestly didn't care. This was how he was. Sven should know that by now. If he didn't, than he had a lot to learn. He felt his belly rumble as he grumbled under his breath. This was the second day without eating so much as one measily cup of ramen. He started to look for any place they might have milk. He had very little money on him to get by with anything. At least he had enough for some milk.

He froze after a getting a bad vibe. What was that sound? It was coming towards him at an unusually fast pace. He cringed upon seeing Kyoko. He wasn't fast enough to dodge the girl's glomp. He couldn't help but to groan. Of course, it was better that she was no longer in the Apostle of the Stars, but this wasn't much better. She rubbed her face against him.

"Mister Black! Mister Black! I finally found you!", Kyoko exclaimed happily. "Why didn't you answer your phone? There's no need to be so shy, Mister Black!"

He let out another groan, pushing her off him. "What do you need, Kyoko?", he asked the girl.

"Don't be so rude! I just got you the best job ever! You'll definitely love it!" she relied, showing him the flier.

He looked to her condensendingly, but took it from her hands to see for himself. A bounty for $90,000 for some guy named Adjun Torris. Sure... $90,000 would get him some food, milk, maybe a soft bed for a night, but it was still weak. Still, beggers can't be choosers. He heard his stomach groal again. Hell... it was better then what he saw in the Sweeper's Lounge at the very least. It wasn't the best job, but he had to thank Kyoko for it.

"Thanks. You didn't have to find one for me," he told her with a sigh.

"No thanks is required! All I need is a kiss for a thank you," Kyoko said attempting to kiss him.

He cringed at the gesture. Of course, he should have seen this coming. It was Kyoko, after all. She was inching closer slowly. He had to think fast. He looked to the side, grabbing a random stray cat and making her kiss that instead. He let the cat down after it had done it's purpose. He turned, going off to Sven and Eve.

"Thanks, Kyoko. Stay out of trouble," he said before he was out of earshot distance.

It didn't take too long to reach the crappy motel they had to stay in. He burst through the door. It was apparent they were caught off gaurd. Sven jumped, nearly spilling his coffee. Eve looked up over her book that she was reading. Funny how she just got it earlier that day and she had already been three-fourths done. He took notice to a particular purple, short haired woman. Rinslet must have came after he left.

"I've got a solution for our staving stomachs!" Train blurted out with a wide grin.

"Food and a soft bed?" Eve asked with hope as she set down her book.

"Possibly. Let's go, Princess! We have a bounty to catch!" Train encouraged, going to the door.

"Hold it, Train. Where do you think you're going? You can't just run off by yourself. You should really be more considerate of us, you know? You live off my money and you expect to have it garuenteed to you. Just wait before you go," Sven stated while reading the newspaper.

"Uhh... Sven... Train and Eve already left," Rinslet pointed out.

Sven let out an exasperated sigh. "He'll come back when he's hungry. He's a stray cat, after all." he said, going back to his paper.

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] I've always wanted to apply for Train because he's amazing. I've attempted minor roleplays with Train, but I want to try my hand at him here at Somarium.
[Which rule was your favorite and why?] No-Godmoding, because what fun is it if everyone's a "god". -coughCreedcough-
[Where did you hear about Somarium?] App_this_Plz
[Any questions?] Nope~