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Mikleo App II for [community profile] soulgemmed

Player name: Terra
Contact info: [plurk.com profile] sugoitera | [AIM] Niaeron
Other characters currently played: N/A

Character name: Mikleo
Age: 18
Canon: Tales of Zestiria
Canonpoint: Just before facing Heldalf in Cammlan

Background: Wikia link, but if you need a game wikia as well, here you go.

Personality: All around, Mikleo is a fairly calm and collected person most of the time. Rather than rushing in anything guns blazing, he prefers to really think about his actions before recklessly doing them. He can also respond quickly to circumstances and react appropriately, as seen with Sorey and Mikleo falling down in the Mt. Mabinogi Ruins located nearby Elysia. Sorey responded with freaking out while Mikleo calmly caste a water arte to try to cushion their fall.

He's generally pretty quick and to the point with what he says and his questions, which in turn makes him just a little blunt in certain subjects. He would rather get straight to the answers, especially considering that generally the things that they need answered usually have some sort of time restraint on them. Maybe it's become a habit by now, but he's the kind of person who will ask questions when it is necessary. He's not likely to play the "ignorance is bliss" card and will research all of the information that he can about a location or situation as needed.

Because of this fact, it's easy to say that he's a pretty detailed kind of guy. There is also something to be said about a huge part of what makes Mikleo who he is. His love for ancient history and ruins, which is shared with Sorey. It's always been both of their dreams to explore every ruin in the world some day. It's common place to see the two of them gush over ancient history amongst each other while leaving the others to just watch from the distance while their have their discussions and debates.

He's interested in learning more about the world around them, considering Sorey and Mikleo both spent their entire life in Elysia prior before meeting Alisha and going after her. Despite being a history buff, he likes all sort of knowledge and is quite intelligent. He has spent a fair amount of time preparing for the moment that Sorey would eventually leave the village in order to live with other humans like him. Whether it be between investigating the ruins or even the landscape out side of Elysia, he likes to be prepared for whatever comes his way.

Although he's usually pretty calm and serious, he's a very kind guy who cares about his friends and family dearly. No matter what they might do or what he has to put up with, in the end his friends mean everything to him. Even though Edna and Zeveid give him crap from time to time, he will always think of them as friends, no matter how much it seems like he dislikes them at time. Just like Sorey, he believes that one day Seraphim and humans can one day coexist. No matter who you are, human or hellion (a creature or human corrupted by malevolence) alike, he would rather see every hellion purified rather than killed; I. E. He showed clear distaste in Zaveid initially killing hellions the first time they met.

He also tends to be a bit reserved as far as things he'd like to say. He'll take a step back and refrain from saying or doing something simply because it's not a good time or he feels that he has no right to say anything. You can see this when Muse insisted in giving up her life again in order to protect the blessing. After hearing her answer and her wish, he allows her to continue on without even mentioning anything about being her son or any sad feelings that come from seeing his mother sacrifice herself again.

This can also be said about how he feels about Sorey and what he must do. Just like everyone else in the party, no one wants to see Sorey sacrifice himself, but just like the circumstances with Muse, it can't be helped. Mikleo would love to be selfish and tell Sorey that he didn't want him to go, but even if that's how he truly feels about it, he knows just how important this was to everyone, not just him. He couldn't possibly stop him from doing what he must knowing this, pushing all of his own emotions aside.

Mikleo will do whatever it takes in order to achieve his goal. Because he shares similar dreams to Sorey, he will do anything to assist him. He's well aware of the fact that he has far less experience than any of the other Seraphim in their party, but he always tries his best to keep in tip top shape. He'll work extra hard and constantly practice so that he doesn't become a burden to Sorey and the others.

While in his efforts to become a stronger person (both physically and mentally), he can be pretty stubborn. In fact, once he has his mind set on a goal, it's very difficult to deter him from the path that he must take. The moment that Sorey brought Alisha back to the village he had an inkling that soon Sorey would leave. He couldn't possibly leave Sorey alone in the world, as guileless as he was. He was determined to stick by his side, no matter what.

Once they met Lailah and he took on the role of the Shepherd, they had a small argument. After the initial battle that Sorey told him to stay out of, Mikleo didn't take that well. He would do anything to keep from being a "liability" for Sorey and insisted on becoming a Sub Lord. This didn't end well with Sorey and Mikleo having conflicting thoughts on the matter, even though both of them were looking out for each other.

Despite walking away in anger, Mikleo still followed them anyways from the distance. This is just one of the moments which present the fact that Mikleo is a bit of a worry wart and despite their argument, he was still worried enough to tag along behind them. It's seen throughout the game as well, constantly worrying over Sorey and occasionally the others. Sorey is pretty trusting of everyone, but Mikleo tends to be a bit more.... cynical with things. It takes a bit longer to warm up to Mikleo than it would to Sorey and goes through a lot for Sorey's sake.

As stated before, Mikleo can be pretty serious and is more likely to express more mature and inquiring looks than smiles, but despite being quite intelligent and a Seraph, he is still a teenager. He still has his bratty moments and it's a nice reminder that despite his usually mature personality, he can still act like a regular teenager would; Although you tend to see this mostly whenever he's talking to Edna and sometimes Zeveid.

Mikleo can be quite competitive and this is shown throughout the game as Sorey and Mikelo compete for who can find more secrets in a new location than the other. Sorey is both his rival and his best friend and has proven to be a lot more likely to get stirred up when he's brought up somehow. Because of the others easily realizing this, Mikleo tends to be at the butt of every joke and nickname possible.

Despite how much he likes to act like things don't bother him, that attitude generally doesn't last that long until Edna or someone else gets him riled up again. It's even stated in the skits by Rose that at this point, he has to know that Edna is just messing with him by this point. No matter how many times he tries though, he always seems to get worked up again and then teased in an endless cycle. This has resulted in numerous nicknames given to him by (mostly) Edna and the others. (I.E. Meebo, Feebo, Touchy Feeleo, Mikboy, Mickey boy, the list goes on).

When he's not the victim of every joke and nickname, he can be quite sarcastic himself. The closer he is to someone, the more likely he is to poke jabs or tease someone; Sorey being his main target in which he usually bites back with his own responses. Sorey may be more gullible than Mikleo, but Mikelo is definitely easier to fluster in which he denies denies denies. He's given Sorey teasing jabs like "So you can put lipstick on a pig" once he first wore the Shepherd cloak and telling him that he "finally learned not to be a creeper". In the end, they can sound a bit rude, but he always means the best and very light hearted about his jabs.

Wish: "Purify Maotelus and Heldalf so that Sorey doesn't have to."

By no means has Mikleo ever wanted to outshine Sorey or steal his thunder. If Sorey never had to purify them, then there would be no reason for him to sleep for however long it would take for him to wake again. He wouldn't have to sacrifice himself. Mikleo never wanted Sorey to go, but he knew it was something that he had to do. That was until this wish business came to light.

If Mikleo could wish for this, than that should allow Sorey to keep doing what he was doing. He could continue to explore new ruins and the places listed in the Celestial Record. He never had to sleep and he could live his life like a (fairly) normal human. Mikleo was fine with disappearing in his stead, although all he'd ever wanted was to always be with Sorey; To always see him smile. That way, Sorey would be able to spend time with the others yet. He would be able to see Rose and Alisha before they grew too old. That might not be possibly if he were to sacrifice himself, only to wake up 100+ more years later.

Mikleo would miss Sorey of course, but as long as it's for his sake, he can deal with being sent to a completely different world.

Passive ability:
» Malevolence Resistance - Purifying hellions back where he's from comes from the power of the Shepherd and the Prime Lord, but thanks to his wish, his Soul Gem takes longer than usually to get muddled after every use. It's not a long term fix by any means, but it allows him to go a little bit longer before having to find another Nightmare to beat and purify it.

Because his wish is to purify both Maotelus and Heldalf, this falls into some resistance to Soul Gem corruption. Despite this, he will still need to find Nightmares just like everyone else and at most might be able to last a few more fights before needed to do so.

» Aura Detection: Mikleo can detect when there is another person nearby, although he may or may not be able to recognize who they are right away unless they're close enough. He wouldn't likely know who it was if he's never met them prior to that. Thanks to that he would be able to recognize anyone nearby despite not being able to see for whatever reason. At first, he'll just have minimal abilities that will allow him to detect others, but not who they are with minimal distance.

Active ability:
» Water Manipulation - Although he's been stripped of his water affiliated artes, it seems being a water seraph has allowed him to at least use some water manipulation, although it's been fairly limited to what he used to be able to do. Right away, he'd only be able to do minor attacks. At least something to fight with if the need arises. He's a fairly decent fighter normally, so if nothing else, he can at least hold off for a while on the limited use of water abilities.

In some cultures, it's believed that water has a holy, purifying effect; most commonly found in religion and churches. Purifying hellions had always been more desirable than outright killing because people could be saved even if their souls had reached that point.

Weapon: Muse's Staff

Sample: Call me out
Test Drive

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