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Tales of Link Masterlist

Tales of the Abyss 7/58
TitleNameStarsSkillLC Required
[Devastating Cutie]Anise✭✭✭✭✭Change & into .35 LC
[Grown-up Child]Anise✭✭✭✭Boost ATK to 1.6x for 1 turn.30 LC
[Puppeteer]Anise✭✭✭Change into .30 LC
[Sigmund Tactician]Guy✭✭✭✭???? LC
[Albert-style Fighter]Luke✭✭✭✭Change into .25 LC
[Duke's Son]Luke✭✭✭Boost & ATK to 1.2x for 2 turns.25 LC
[Fonist]Tear✭✭✭Restore 30% of HP.35 LC

Tales of Eternia 1/20
TitleNameStarsSkillLC Required
[Scholar]Keele✭✭✭Boost & ATK to 1.2x for 2 turns.25 LC

Tales of Destiny 10/44
TitleNameStarsSkillLC Required
[Shortbow Maiden]Chelsea✭✭✭Boost ATK of shot/spell to 1.2x for 1 turn.40 LC
[Poker Face]Garr✭✭✭✭Reduce earth damage by 50% for 3 turns.30 LC
[Winsome Killer]Leon✭✭✭✭Change & into .45 LC
[Burning Flame]Lilith✭✭✭Restore 3,000 HP.30 LC
[Priestess]Philia✭✭✭Deal a 6x-power earth attack to one foe.35 LC
[The Invisible Hand]Rutee✭✭✭✭Change & into .35 LC
[Lens Hunter]Rutee✭✭✭Restore 3,000 HP.30 LC
[Swordian Master]Stahn✭✭✭✭✭Change & into .35 LC
[Gaze of Justice]Stahn✭✭✭✭Boost & ATK to 1.4x for 3 turns.30 LC
[White-Hot Swordsman]Stahn✭✭✭Change into .30 LC

Tales of Destiny II 2/19
TitleNameStarsSkillLC Required
[Avatar]Reala✭✭✭✭Change into .25 LC
[Scientist]Harold✭✭✭Boost ATK of thrust/spell to 1.2x for 1 turn.40 LC

Tales of Graces f 5/43

TitleNameStarsSkillLC Required
[Wielder of the Light]Asbel✭✭✭✭Boost & ATK to 1.4x for 2 turns.30 LC
[Sword Initiate]Asbel✭✭✭Boost & ATK to 1.2x for 2 turns.25 LC
[Healer]Cheria✭✭✭Change into .30 LC
[Gun and Glyph User]Pascal✭✭✭Boost & ATK to 1.2x for 2 turns.25 LC
[The Awakened]Solphie✭✭✭✭Delay an enemy's attack by 2 turns.40 LC

Tales of Hearts 5/27

TitleNameStarsLevelLC Required
[Reaper]Hisui✭✭✭✭Change into .30 LC
[Double Trouble]Hisui✭✭✭Restore 25% of HP.35 LC
[Courier Coordinator]Ines✭✭✭✭Change & into .45 LC
[Stout-Hearted]Kohaku✭✭✭Restore 3,000 HP.30 LC
[Somatic]Kor✭✭✭Deal a 6x-power neutral attack to all foes.45 LC

Tales of Innocence 4/26

TitleNameStarsLevelLC Required
[Broadsword Tyrant]Ruca✭✭✭✭Change into .25 LC
[The Resurrected]Ruca✭✭✭Boost & ATK to 1.2x for 2 turns.25 LC
[Free Aristocrat]Sparda✭✭✭Boost ATK of slash/bash to 1.2x for 1 turn.40 LC

Tales of Link 32/120

[Paladin]Alfas✭✭✭✭Level 1
[Armored Soldier]AlmeidaLevel 30
[Soldier]AynciaLevel 35
[Bandid Underling]BassLevel 1
[Elite Soldier]Beatrice✭✭Level 1
[Sorcerer]Cadash✭✭Level 30
[Muscleman]DanabrawnLevel 30
[LP Tank]Dark Wings Domio✭✭✭Level 1
[LP Tank]Dark Wings Gitz✭✭✭✭Level 1
[LP Tank]Dark Wings Natey✭✭✭✭✭Level 1
[Apprentice Cook]EllisLevel 1
[Martial Artist]FalonLevel 35
[Heavy Infantry]Fiorina✭✭Level 1
[Cook]Hodd✭✭Level 1
[Rouge Mage]Hoppa✭✭Level 35
[Apprentice Mage]IdaLevel 30
[Trainee Caster]Lippy✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Journeyman Caster]Lippy✭✭✭Level 20
[Dark Wings Bandit]Melissa✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Girl & Dog]Mil & Marishiba✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Bullet Blizzard]Nikola✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Resplendent Warrior]Nitoa✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Bandit]Percy✭✭Level 1
[Armored Soldier]RodanLevel 35
[Soldier]Ryuka✭✭Level 1
[Brave Slasher]Sara✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Eager Caster]Sara✭✭✭Level 20
[Nurse]SariaLevel 35
[Apprentice Ninja]Shizuna✭✭Level 40
[Elite Soldier]Silas✭✭Level 1
[Heavy Infantry]Terias✭✭Level 1
[Diva]YuminaLevel 30

Tales of Phantasia 2/37

[Demon King Hunter]Cress✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Albane-style Fighter]Cress✭✭✭Level 50

Tales of Rebirth 1/13

[Ice Swordsman]Veigue✭✭✭Level 1

Tales of Symphonia 7/52

[Sorcerer]Genis✭✭✭Level 40
[Straightforward Lad]Lloyd✭✭✭Level 1
[Twin-Sword Warrior]Lloyd✭✭✭Level 1
[Archaeology Fanatic]Raine✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Teacher]Raine✭✭✭Level 40
[Elemental Summoner]Sheena✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Summoner]Sheena✭✭✭Level 45

Tales of Symphonia II 2/17

[Knight of Ratatosk]Emil✭✭✭Level 1
[Spinner-Wielder]Marta✭✭✭Level 1

Tales of the Tempest 2/7

[High Priestess]Rubia✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Apprentice Priestess]Rubia✭✭✭Level 25

Tales of Vesperia 5/56

[Elegant Princess]Estelle✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Healer]Estelle✭✭✭Level 45
[Lancer]Judith✭✭✭Level 1
[Genius Researcher]Rita✭✭✭Level 40
[Vigilante]Yuri✭✭✭Level 1

Tales of Xillia 6/54

[Artes Wand User]Agria✭✭✭Level 40
[Hired Gun]Alvin✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Martial Artist]Jude✭✭✭Level 40
[Lord of Spirits]Milla✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Resolute Spirit Lord]Milla✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Spirit Swordswoman]Milla✭✭✭Level 45

Tales of Xillia II 1/31

[Upbeat Reporter]Leia✭✭✭✭Level 55

Tales of the World/Radiant Mythology II & III 0/11

[Title]Name???Level ??

Tales of Zestiria 3/27

[Umbrella Magus]Edna✭✭✭✭Level 50
[Fire Seraph]Lailah✭✭✭✭✭Level 59
[Sword Harrier]Sorey✭✭✭Level 45

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