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Elize Lutus | Empatheias Canon Update.

Player: Terra
Character: Elize Lutus
Current Canon Point: Before facing Gaius and Muzet for the last time
Updated Canon Point: After Ludger vanishes, but before the time skip.

Updated Background: When Ludger, Jude, and Elle made their way to Helioborg, they found out that Exodus had attacked. Meeting up with Alvin and going to help out in their pursuit to find Balan, they came across someone from Rieze Maxia's "Goodwill Ambassadors" only to find out that Elize was here because of her school. Once Exodus showed up, she rounded the others up to protect them and then went to call for help when running into the others. Turns out that Elize only brought Teepo along because her friends wanted to show each other their plush animals. She was thankful that she did bring Teepo along, considering Exodus's sudden attack.

It didn't take long for Elize to start to worry about Elle once she reacted to the sudden thunder. It wasn't too much longer until they felt a strange sensation and went to check it out. Eventually they made it to the roof, only to find out that they've recreated the Spyrite Volt and it was out of control! Clearly Volt was the cause of the weird disturbance earlier.

After fighting Volt, that's when they found out everything wasn't exactly as peaceful as they'd hoped. With Milla going missing, tons of fracture dimensions to worry about as they all tested the cast in their own ways, and the truth behind the Chromatus and Spirius Corp., Elize provided support as she and the others assisted Ludger in his journey.

Chapter 1: Elize's Friend.
Elize was back in Hamil when Ludger, Elle, and Rowen witnessed a mother and a child talking amongst each other. Turns out Bunnykins were absurdly popular in both Rieze Maxia and Elympios. Finding one anywhere has gotten to be very difficult. The mother and daughter were talking about how Bunnykins only came to those who were good children. You had to be good in order for one to come to you, which prompted Elize to comment on how cute they were. After showing interest in having one in Elle's own way, Elize immediately decided that she wanted to find one for her and asked Ludger to help her find one.

Besides wanting to help find Elle a Bunnykins, she wanted to be like an older sister to Elle. Her ideals on family hadn't changed since the first game and if nothing else, her desire for a family only got stronger. She knows she has the others, but now she wants to give Elle the same feeling.

Chapter 2: The Great Bunnykins Race.
While in the pursuit of a wildly elusive Bunnykins, Elize found out that there was a competition taking place in Marksburg for the chance for a Bunnykins. The problem was that Rieze Maxians weren't allowed to participate without at least one Elympian with them. Good thing they knew one huh? Supposedly it was a way to make sure that Rieze Maxians wouldn't cheat while using their Artes. Ludger agreed to help her out and while they managed to come out the winner, Elize and the others realized that something was definitely wrong here. It turned out that the Bunnykins was a fake and it wasn't likely that they'd find a limited run doll anymore. Elize was disappointed that she couldn't get the Bunnykins that Elle would have liked, but her desire to find one would make Elle happy regardless. That's when she spoke about her accidental penpal "Luna". She shared a ringtone for her GHS with Elize of Teepo's voice as a token of friendship.

Chapter 3: Unrequited Sentiment.
While in Leronde, Elize found out that Chancellor Marcia was here for a peace treaty, but Exodus wouldn't have any of that. They took advantage of the situation to take Chancellor Marcia and the others hostage in with the return their comrades in exchange. Finding out what happened, they went to go save her to find out that Marcia was able to get away, but the others weren't as lucky. Marcia receiving a text pointed out to Elize and the others that "Luna", was Marcia this whole time. After finding the Exodus agents, she was able to keep them from being executed right away after finding out that they were just trying to save their friends from execution. She was certain that Chancellor Marcia would understand, only to find that she had them "disposed of". When she asked why she couldn't do something about it if she was the Chancellor, but it was because of that reason that she had to do it. She couldn't understand how she could be so cold-hearted. They were friends weren't they? So why did she not even listen to Elize's request?

Chapter 4: Before my feelings could reach you.
While dealing with "Luna" texting her, Elize was unable to answer back after what happened to the Exodus members. She just couldn't seem to summon the courage that she needed, so for the time being she decided to assist Ludger with a fractured dimension. Returning back to the manor, they were greeted with Driselle saying that Elize really took her time coming back. Turns out that her father was coming to visit! .... Except for the fact that Elize didn't have a father...?

Oh, well now there's Jiao in the picture and he's calling her his "Little Princess". This certainly was odd. Clearly from the way that Jiao and Yurgen were speaking, Elize meant everything to Jiao and he always talked about her. Anyone who even displayed the slightest interest in her would mean that they'd have to meet Jiao's high standards. After all, she was "His sun, his moon, and his stars". It seems that it was normal for him to bring her a souvenir whenever he was out for work. There was nothing that came to mind when he'd asked her if she'd want anything at first, but then she decided to try to ask him to find a Bunnykins for her.

It seems that monster poaching has become a problem in Sapstrath Deepwood again and they have little time to rest. They need to head out as soon as possible. Elize couldn't help but wonder if the her of that dimension knew the truth about her parents. Upon finding more about Jiao of this dimension, they walked in on Jiao yelling at Yurgen. Apparently he'd been sending defense strategies to the poachers. Isla was sick and her medicine was only made from protected animals. Just like the incident with Marcia, Elize couldn't stand by and allow Yurgen to be killed because of what he did; not when he was just trying to save his wife.

He was the chief so surely he could bend the rules. Just like with Marcia, he had to defend the honor of the clan by going through with it. Thankfully, she was able to at least talk him out of it right away by having Yurgen taking him to the poachers. He would allow poaching particular animals only for the medicine that Isla needed. Turns out that Jiao is the cause of the divergence catalyst. With knowing that, they followed after them.

When they arrived, they found a few of the poachers and Yurgen had been killed by Jiao. They were trying to black mail him according to what Jiao told them, but it was hard to see something like that, even if it was a fractured dimension. After being forced to fight Jiao, she found out that even though he expressed how difficult it would be to find a Bunnykins, he still tried to find one. He couldn't get it for her because they're made of poached fur.

After the fractured dimension was dealt with, it was then when she realized that if the others had listened to her than the same thing might have happened to them too. It was then when she finally realized that her ideals aren't quite as mature as she'd like to think. She made up with Marcia after realizing it. She also decided to just take Elle out shopping for a different stuffed animal, even if it wasn't a Bunnykins.

Updated Personality: Elize has gotten to be a lot more confident from the first game, being a bit more outgoing than her shy nature before. Honestly, Teepo probably would have stayed in the box at Driselle's if her friends didn't want to share their plush dolls. It's really just goes to show how much she's tried to grow up without having to rely on Teepo to share her thoughts. Although just because she's starting to grow up a little, it doesn't mean that it doesn't come without troubles.

Despite maturing since her previous canon point, she still has issues with her thoughts on circumstances. She's a pure hearted idealist even now and doesn't really understand how adults can act they way that they do from time to time. It takes a while for the others to show her just how childish her ideals are from time to time and how they're not practical in the real world, but she eventually learns that not everything is black and white and not everything can be solved as simply as wishing for the best. Between finding out who "Luna" really is and Jiao, it was a rough lesson to learn.

Threatening and holding Chancellor Marcia and the others, Exodus lost to the Elize, Rowen, and Ludger. She found out that they were only doing all of this so that they could save their friends and comrades who were being held captive. They were going to be executed if they didn't do anything, but the price of treason in Elympios also ended in execution. Elize was sure that they'd simply be arrested and she could save them from execution, but it doesn't work that easily. She didn't understand why Marcia couldn't do something. She could do anything she wanted after all. She viewed it as cold hearted and couldn't understand why she could easily "dispose" of another human life for trying to do something for their friends.

After dealing with Marcia and Jiao, she started to realize that her ideals were not as perfect as she'd like to think and if they were to really succumb to their emotions while in power, things could end up worse than if they had really bended the rules. That's when she realized that responsibility meant that sometimes people had to make decisions that they didn't want to do.

Throughout the game, her desire to have a family grows stronger. She already sees Milla and the others as a family and decides that she wants to be like a big sister to Elle. She understands how Elle must feel and even did the best she could to get her a Bunnykins. In the end, she was unable to do so, but her desire to be there for her was still enough to show how much she tried and how much she cared.

Along with her more confident, outgoing personality, she's also gotten a lot sassier. Or maybe she just used to Alvin by now that she can deal with his teasing better now? Either way, she's become more expressive and doesn't fall for his teasing nearly as much; though she's not completely off the hook. She's also grown a lot more open to teenage subjects like interest in boys (although it's only joked about in the game really). She's more prone to acting like a teenager now with the experience and time spent together with everyone.

Updated Abilities: Elize's abilities doen't really change much between Xillia 1 and 2. She generally has the same Artes and strong suits, although she's more confident in her abilities. She does have a few different Linked Artes (considering you can now fight with Muzet, Ludger, and Gaius, but they're fairly the same other than Mystic Artes.

Other: I'll be switching over to [personal profile] pinkidealist

Questions: None at the moment!

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