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Gou Matsuoka App for [community profile] empatheias


Player: Terra
Contact: [plurk.com profile] sugoitera & [AIM] Niaeron
Age: 23
Current Characters: Athena Cykes & Elize Lutus


Character: Gou Matsuoka
Age: 16
Canon: Free!
Canon Point: End of the anime (Eternal Summer)

Background: Wiki

Personality:Gou, at first glance, can be seen as someone who's pretty outgoing and easy to get along with. She can generally get along with people fairly quickly. This also makes it easier for her to make new friends with that bubbly personality of hers. She really enjoys meeting new people and making new friends, considering that they are what make her strong. It's thanks to them that she can move forward in life and give her the strength to carry on, along with her family. She's always looking out for them and will do whatever she can to help them out to the best of her abilities. She's motivated to push forward and support them however she can, which tends to guide her actions. She initially joined the swim club as their manager in order to bring her brother and his friends back together. An interesting thought process when she, herself, has no idea how to swim. It's entirely possible that she just hadn't learned yet because of the incident with her father.

Although she can get easily distracted by muscles, Gou has proven to be an efficient manager. She constantly looks after the boys, as stated before. She looks for ways to improve their skills all of the time whenever an opportunity presents itself. Sometimes it's as simple as just improving their training by changing their regimen to better benefit them in the long run. Originally she used an old regimen that her brother used in the past while she was cleaning the house, but not too long after she realized that it wouldn't be good to just use one that she found sitting around. She quickly decided to make a few tweaks to it to further take in account for the boys' strengths and weaknesses. Those things that she found that the boys were lacking in, she quickly tackled to have them work on them. She also had to make sure to account for the fact that Rei barely knew how to swim and what would be best for him as well as the other boys. If Demon Coach Goro could acknowledge her regimens and say they're pretty well thought out (and prove to be a challenge to achieve), she has a pretty good future in terms of managing and organizing and has their needs in mind as she proceeds.

To further her duties, she doesn't just make challenging regimens. She's also gone out of her way to organize joint swimming practices when they were unable to swim in their own pool due to the weather and water being too cold. By doing this, she's not only made it possible for her team to practice, but it has also allowed her to bring her brother and the others together to some extent. When it wasn't possible to do joint swimming practices, she did what she could to allow them to continue their practice. This led to finding ways to swim in other pools such as the Iwatobi SC or other pools that were ultimately decided against due to the cost. There are other ways to improve their forms besides the ones listed already. A good example of this is the "abandoned island" training that she came across. She believed it would be a good way to build some much needed endurance.

Oh, but she didn't just stop there. She wanted to know just what their competition would be, so she did recon to check out the other swimmers and gauge what they were good at. As if that wasn't thorough enough, she even made info cards about each swimmer and their statistics so that the boys could have an idea of who they were going against. She wouldn't be a good manager if she just stopped there.

She also felt that it was her duty to look into their lunches and see just what they were consuming and how it would affect their performances. Healthy athletes need to have a balanced diet after all. What she found was carbs, unhealthy food, and for some of them, unbalanced lunches that had either too much vegetables or meat. She took it upon herself -- and partially because the boys asked her what a 100 point lunch would be -- to show them the kind of food they should be eating. While she had the right thought in mind, using protein powder in everything wasn't exactly the best way to go about it. She can come off as strict with them when it comes to being a good manager, but she has their best interests in heart. This means that she doesn't allow slacking off and messing around when they need to work on their practices and training.

Despite being the manager for the Iwatobi swim team, Gou is very supportive of both Iwatobi and Samezuka. With all of the things that she does as the manager of the swim club, she puts in a lot of time and is always looking for ways to help them improve their training. Besides cheering on Iwatobi, she also makes an effort to cheer for Samezuka as well (when the Iwatobi team isn't up as well). Of course she cheers for her brother, but she'll even cheer the others on occasionally. Whenever it's her brother and Haru up at the same time, she doesn't just strictly cheer for Haru; she feels that it's only right to cheer for her brother as well.

It's not that hard to see that Gou admires muscles way too much. It's extremely obvious and even though she used to attempt to hide her love for muscles in the beginning, eventually she stopped trying to hide it. Everyone basically knows anyway. Strange as it may sound, muscles are another motivator for her. She'll admire any and all muscles. It doesn't matter what kind of muscles they may be; triceps, abs, calves, you name it! She loves them all. As a means for "advertising" and attempting to bring in new members for the swim club, she'll also occasionally bring up the swim team's "Charm Points". And all the while, Nagisa occasionally brings up her using her "feminine wiles" in return to assist the club, which are often turned down by Gou. Surprise, surprise! Their attempts to gain more members her second year by using their "Charm Points" had little success.

There is a general theme, so to speak, in the Iwatobi swim club. All of the members have names that often get them confused for girls upon introduction. Gou seems to be no exception in this case for having a boy's name, despite being clearly female. It seems that this has almost become a requirement in the club unofficially. She was actually named after the Sengoku warlord's, Nagamasa Azai, third daughter. Unlike the others who have come to terms with this fact (or just gave up on trying to fight it), Gou still frequently insists that people call her "Kou" because it sounds cuter. There are a select few people of which that she'll allow them to call her Gou without complaint (I.E. Rin & Sousuke), but generally she will still try and correct people when they call her Gou. Despite her best efforts to have people call her, "Kou", Nagisa and the others still frequently call her "Gou-chan" regardless of her attempts to correct them every time they do it. Nagisa has been the worst offender of this and is more likely to continue calling her that despite her constant corrections. Nagisa is Nagisa and he will never stop, which she's sort of come to terms with by now and has stopped trying.

The original reason for joining the club at all was because she was worried about Rin. He had stopped answering her texts or calls. Often whenever she tried to contact him, she never heard directly from him. That didn't discourage her from trying though. She figured if anyone can save Rin from the path that he was going down ever since coming back from Australia, his old friends would be able to be more influential to him and that he would eventually see for himself where exactly he was going in life. If she couldn't do it on her own, she planned to keep him in the know and hopefully get him to actually act on what happened.

Despite her original intentions, her reasons for joining changed slightly as she spent time with all of the others. She still wanted the same thing for her brother, but by this point, they had all became dear friends to her that she cared deeply for. She wanted for all of them to be happy and she wouldn't rest until she managed to bring them back together one way or another.

Gou's own past isn't exactly explored since the story follows Haru and Rin for the most part. As we know, Rin and Gou's father became a fisherman after having Rin. Before then, he'd wanted to become an olympic swimmer, but gave up on his dream to raise his family. During an intense storm on the sea, he passed away when his fishing boat sunk. The story clearly shows the impact that it had on Rin, but what is had done to Gou was never mentioned. Her father's death had to have made a huge impact in Gou's life as well, though she may have been a bit young at the time to truly understand what happened and why it did. There's the possibility that that was the incident that made her become so protective of her brother and the people she cared about. There's also a good chance that it's also the reason why she hasn't actually learned how to swim. It's hard to say for certain why that may be caused, but I would think that would have an impact on her desires to actually learn herself. Gou is generally a cheerful girl, so it's possible that she simply hides any fears she may have beneath a mask so to speak.

Abilities: Gou is a fairly normal girl, despite her odd muscle fetish. She may not have any supernatural skills, but she is a capable manager. She has taken up the job of looking into the best regimens for her team and even kept the boys' diets in mind in order to keep them healthy. Because of her dedication to the swim club, she's very organized. She keeps her eyes out for any opportunities that will help the team. By doing so, she tries her best to plan any trips or training ideas to keep the boys busy. She can be a very strict no nonsense manager with their well being in mind. It could be debated that she might even have the right skills to bring people together, though it doesn't always work out the way she'd like.

Alignment: Elios; Gou has always been motivated to do her best out of love for her friends and family.

Other: N/A


Sample: Entry from a different game
Test Drive if there's enough there by then

This was such a strange place. It was taking Gou a while to really get the hang of things here. With so many people's thoughts running through her head and emotions coming to life.... It was a bit to take in. And then more than that, the people here were probably the hardest thing to get used to. To think that so many people came from completely different worlds and had different kinds of powers or abilities that would be seen a strange and paranormal back home... Who would have thought a melting pot like this even existed?

Being here for a week now, she was just glad to have people that she knew here. She couldn't imagine settling in for the time being without them. She still felt a little uneasy about emotions showing up, especially since she hadn't exactly been all that secretive about her love for muscles in the past.. If she wasn't obvious before, she definitely was here. Those sparkles and bright lights were always present every time she found herself admiring somebody's muscles. Had she really been that annoying about it before? Well, it wasn't likely to change any time soon.

Staring at the task board, she had been warned by her brother that every now and then there were strange tasks posted. She almost expected the worse, but making sure a woman didn't get too carried away didn't seem so bad. She basically did this to some extent with the club anyways. She wanted some sort of currency here at least. She didn't want to have to rely on her brother and the others forever.

Heading to the woman's house that the concerned mother directed her to, she eventually reached her destination and knocked on the door. The woman didn't look too happy to see her there once finding out that her mother was worried, but she let her in none-the-less. After a while, she'd noticed that she still hadn't eaten. She was so wrapped up in her work that she missed dinner. While Gou could appreciate someone who worked hard on what they did, she couldn't abide by something that would be bad for her health.

"You need to eat sometime. I'll make you something, you name it. Just let me know!" Gou insisted. With enough badgering, the woman finally gave in.

Dinner seemed easy compared to actually getting her to stop writing and researching to actually go sleep. It was like trying to get Nagisa to stop calling her "Gou-chan". She tried everything to get her to stop until finally she just took her novel that she was working on and pointed towards her bedroom.

"Sleep. Now," she insisted. With the woman arguing back and trying to reach for the novel, she slapped her hand away. "No buts. If you get sick, you won't be able to write your novel and that would be much worse. All I'm asking is that you go and get a little bit of sleep at least. Wouldn't your writing suffer more when you're tired anyways?" she asked her.

After finally getting through to the woman, she finally gave in and went to go sleep. Seeing that, Gou let out a deep sigh before sitting down on the closest chair. "This is a lot harder than I thought it would be....," she thought out loud with a sigh. That gloom cloud was hardly necessary though. Letting out a yawn of her own as she tried to swipe away the cloud, "I guess I'm pretty tired too. I should go home and sleep too soon."

Questions: Nope!

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