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Louise Valliere App for The Wake

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Character Information
Character Name: Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière
Fandom: Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero)

Character History: Louise had always been looked down upon from her family, classmates, and to some extent even her teachers. It was simple. She had zero success rate when it came to performing magic. Instead of specializing in an element like every other aristocratic mage had, all she seemed to be capable of was blowing things up. Even with everyone giving her the nickname “Louise the Zero”, she was persistent in proving everyone wrong.

The most sacred ritual that a mage went through in their life was the summoning of their familiar. A familiar was the one creature that would spend a life time with their master and aid them whenever possible. Despite her previous attempts to magic, she was determined to summon a cool familiar that nobody else could get or has seen with Kirche’s –a classmate – badgering and teasing. What was summoned once Louise tried to do the summoning ritual was not a cool dragon or salamander, but rather… a human? He was a plebeian for that matter.

Naturally due to this failure, everyone kept insisting that “Leave it to Louise the Zero to summon a plebeian human as a familiar”. No mage has ever been noted to summon a human being and despite her pleas to redo the ritual, she was turned down and told that the summoning ritual was a sacred ritual and would not be made a mockery for simply redoing it. No matter how she looked at it, she couldn't believe she had to finish the ritual to bond her new familiar. He didn't even understand them, after all. Finishing the ritual and forming the bond involved kissing the familiar, in which caused unknown runes to show up on the boy’s hand.

With that out of the way, she found out that his name was Saito Hiraga and he was apparently from an alternative universe. Though the bond had allowed her to understand what he was saying and supposedly normal familiars are bound to obeying their masters after it, Saito seemed to be different from the rest, aside from being human; He disobeyed her orders more than a few times and thus started the endless cycle of explosions that continue throughout the entire series. Being forced to do her laundry, clean, and other various chores, she treated him as if he were simply a dog and didn't see him as a human but merely a familiar at first.

As time went by, she slowly started to see him as more than a familiar, but beating him and blowing him up continued even so. It wasn't until there was rumors that Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt was stealing object and looking for one in particular that things start to pick up from there. While trying to stop Fouquet from breaking into the Treasure Vault and the golem, Louise accidentally made a hole into the side when she missed and Fouquet managed to get away with the Staff of Destruction.

After the Staff of Destruction was taken, Louise, Saito, Kirche, and Tabitha tried to retrieve it once they had a theory of where Fouquet was hiding. Escorted by Ms. Longueville – Principal Osmond’s secretary – they arrived at what looked like to be an empty, dusty old house. Once they found the Staff of Destruction, Fouquet’s golem appeared. After challenging the golem – and failing at performing any meaningful magic – the others joined in to try to take the golem down.

With its’ regeneration, Louise tried to use the Staff of Destruction, but is unable to use it. It’s then when Saito recognized that the Staff of Destruction was really just a M72 rocket launcher from his world. What’s even more surprising is that despite never using one, he seemed to know exactly how to use it and took down the golem. After the aftermath of the fight, Ms. Longueville finally showed herself as she picked up the “staff”. It was then when she exposed her true identity as Fouquet. She tried to kill the kids with it, only to find out that the “staff” only had one shot in it and is now useless. With Fouquet now in custody, things seemed to get better as a ball as held in celebration.

Things slowed down for a while they continued with other miscellaneous things. That was until Princess Henrietta – a childhood friend and best friend of Louise – asked for Louise’s and Saito’s assistance. It was then that Louise was informed that Henrietta had arranged a marriage with the Emperor of Germania – a neighboring country -- for the sake of alliance and harmony. However if anyone were to find out about a letter she had written to the Prince Wales of Albion, it could ruin the engagement to the Emperor and break it off.

She asked for Louise and Saito to discreetly retrieve it from him and to give him a letter in return since she could not do it herself since Albion was already in state of civil war currently. Before leaving, she gave Louise the Ruby of Water – a ring passed down through the Tristain royal bloodline – as a way of repaying her for doing this for her. Unfortunately Guiche was listening in and offered his services as well. The Princess also told them that she would send somebody to escort them.

Being reunited with Wardes, the captain of the griffin squadron, they soon found out that he just happened to be Louise’s fiancé; arranged when she was just a kid. It didn't take long for Saito to grow jealous of him and even began to wonder if he would even be enough to protect Louise when she had Wardes to do that. While trying to win Louise over, he had her board the ship while trying to convince her that Saito and Guiche decided to turn back and return home. Louise didn't question it much since before taking of the other day; she had a fight with Saito and mentioned the proposal. Little did she know that Fouquet had escaped and she delayed the boys to keep them from boarding the ship in time.

After arriving in Albion after Louise accepted Wardes’s proposal, they searched for Prince Wales and found him in a church. It was thanks to the Ruby of Water that proved it was really Prince Wales that had the Ruby of Wind. By combining them, it made a rainbow affect to show the harmony between Henrietta and Wales. After delivering the letter and retrieving the one that Henrietta sent years ago, Wardes insisted that they should get married in Albion since her mission was completed. Louise insisted it was too soon, but soon found out that he was a part of the Reconquista all along. After being forced to partake in the wedding with Wales as their witness with the Ring of Andavari – a ring that created false life to those who are dead and forced people to do things against their will – she was saved by Saito coming in to stop them.

Because the marriage ceremony had be ruined with Louise getting her control back and Saito coming to save her, he killed Wales and insisted that he had at least achieved two of the three objectives he had: One, kill Prince Wales; Two, retrieve Henrietta’s letter; and the third one being, winning Louise over. After a fighting with Wardes, Saito came out the winner. The church started to collapse, but was saved by Tabitha, Syphid – Tabitha’s familiar – and Kirche. It was also Saito and Louise’s first kiss.

After returning back to the Henrietta, Louise had to inform her of Wale’s fate and gave her the ring that he had given her for Henrietta. With news of the letter – not thanks to the Reconquista – Germania broke of the engagement. After yet another fight with Saito, he went off on his own and came back with what was called “The Robe of the Dragon” and was supposedly a family heirloom for Siesta’s family. It turned out to be a A6M Zero Fighter from his world that they used during World War II. With Saito’s and Mr. Cobert’s attention to the Zero Fighter and trying to make it run again, Louise spent her time moping until she heard the news from Guiche.

Albion had declared war on Tristain. They were planning on striking in three days’ time; the same time as the start of the Solar Eclipse. Saito had found out that if he could make the Zero Fighter work, he could probably get back home during the Solar Eclipse and told Louise of his plans. This didn't set well for Louise because by this point, she had already started to thinking of him as more than just a familiar and even showing signs throughout all this time that she cared a lot for him in her own way. After a meeting with all of the aristocrat mages, they were told that war was inevitable and there was no way around it. Because of that fact, the school would be closed down for an unknown time.

Knowing that war was upon them, Louise decided to try to join the Princess in her time during war after “firing” Saito. He would be free to do as he wished and wouldn't be brought down by the oncoming war. Saito was going to leave until he found out about Louise and then that Albion was invading the village of Talbes, the village that Siesta lived in. There he went to help out with the Zero Fighter, only to run out of bullets. Kirche, Tabitha, and Louise showed up to come and help him once Wardes showed up on a wind dragon. Recklessly jumping from Sylphid, she was guided to the Zero Fighter with Tabitha’s wind magic and helped inside to help Saito.

It wasn't until Derflinger – Saito’s legendary talking sword – had insisted that she needed to awaken that her Void magic finally took effect. Void magic takes a while, so Saito had to buy her some time, but once she was done, a bright light appeared around them. Soon after, results had shown her success and that she had been able to defeat Wardes and the other troops, allowing Henrietta and her troops to take back Talbes. The Zero Fighter was destroyed and Saito realized he had missed the Solar Eclipse, but it was okay because he wanted to protect Louise. After an argument about “firing” him and obviously being worried about his well-being, she kissed him and said that is was a renewal to their contract.

With that, the people of Tristain felt that Henrietta should take over as Queen. After watching her in a parade – and blowing Saito up for staring at her perversely after doing it all day – Saito was locked up by Agnès, the captain of the Musketeer Force. After a meeting with Henrietta to help her out and letting Louise see him again, Agnès informed them that any messages from the Queen would be addressed as Zero and would inform them of any secret missions from there forward.

It wasn't too much longer until Agnès arrived at Louise’s dorm – at an awkward time – to inform them that Queen Henrietta had been kidnapped. Louise and Saito, with the assistance of Kirche and Tabitha, arrived at Lagdorian Lake where they found Henrietta and what looked like to be Prince Wales. It wasn't possible though because Wales had died back in Albion. Soon they realized that he had been brought back by Cromwell’s Ring of Andavari.

Though they tried to persuade Henrietta that this wasn't truly Wales, she didn't want to believe it and with the combined forces of Wale’s wind magic and her water magic, they tried to keep from them taking her back. While Saito held the attack back, Louise was able to use Dispel Void magic to stop the attack; though that also resulted in the effects of the Ring of Andavari to wear off, leaving a dying Wales. He insisted that Henrietta should move on and find someone else to love and told her that he’d always love her, but eternity didn't exist for those already dead.

Not too long after, the male mages in the school were drafted for the war, leaving only the females at the school. Around the same time, a foreign exchange student came and quickly grabbed the interest of most of the female population; A Flamen from Romalia by the name of Julio. With war on their hands, classes were cancelled and replaced with military drills by the Musketeer Force. They insisted that they were mages so they should be learning spells, not fighting, which was quickly turned down.

A day or so later, Louise’s eldest sister, Eléonore showed up at her dorm early in the morning with the intent of dragging Louise home after finding out what happened with the school. Dragging Saito along with them, Eléonore also dragged along Siesta to be their personal maid along the way. There her mother and eldest sister insisted that she should give up on the school and magic and come back home to marry in lieu; although her older sister Cattleya felt that they were pressuring her too much and that they should leave Louise be.

After finding out that Louise was planning on joining the battle front with Queen Henrietta, her mother, father, and Eléonore were determined to keep her there. They had no faith in Louise being able to even cast a spell and Louise did what she had done every other time she had been upset; she went to a boat to lie and mope in just like she did as a child. With her family and thinking Saito chose Siesta over her, she felt alone.

It was thanks to Cattleya – whom had spoken to Saito and told here where he could find Louise and then asked him to take care of her cute little sister – that Saito found her and told her that her sister had asked him to take her back to the school and had set up a carriage. After a small fight, he confessed to Louise that he loved her and he would have never followed her or stayed there if he didn't. He could have gone home, but chose to stick around because he was in love with her. After confessing and kissing, they were found by her family, but got away and managed to escape back to the school.

After asking enough, Agnès finally agreed by bringing in Eléonore to be their instructor. Apparently Henrietta requested for Eléonore and Cattleya to come and aid those there as well as Louise. With a bit of trouble dealing with a thief in the meantime, soon they tried to take down a conspirator from Albion. Henrietta pretended to have been kidnapped for the sake of luring out the spy. It works as Lishman and the spy make a move and they try to arrest them both. He had assumed he’d gotten away when Agnès finally got her revenge for the razing of her hometown many years before, but not before getting info about the details of it in a hidden library underneath the school.

With the pressure put on Henrietta for war, she could no longer get away with wanting to solve things with peace and joy. She officially signed a declaration of war against Albion. With war definitely on the way now, Agnès wanted to at least tie loose ends and they decided to look into this library once receiving permission by Henrietta. Thanks to Siesta following Louise, Saito, Agnès, Eléonore, and Julio, Saito’s flirting with Siesta ended up having Louise’s jealous rage cave them in. While there, they were advised not to take any books and everything to be put back where it was when they found it. Most importantly, there would be no magic use while there. After cleaning up after Siesta, Eléonore seemed to forget that and the library started to react. After having to pull Agnès out once she found out the captain’s name had been torn out, they got away, but no one would be able to come back down there again.

The next night, Louise was tied up and put in a sack as her sister put her in a jail. Taking her wand, she threw a change of clothing and told her that she would stay there until she decided not to go to war. Turns out that Saito had told her that Louise was planning on going to the war front. Even when she asked Saito to let her out, he told her that for once he agreed with her sister and even Mr. Colbert agreed that it was not a good thing to do. Although while she was in jail, there was a commotion and Mr. Colbert went to check it out. After a good amount of time, Saito finally caved and gave her her wand to check what happened out by blowing the door up.

It was then that they found out Benubiro, the vice-captain at the time of the razing of Agnès’s hometown, was sent there by Sheffield (Though not announced) to burn down the academy and without hostages to try to persuade Henrietta to draw back her troops. After planning out an attack, despite Mr. Colbert’s attempts to have them wait for backup, they put it in motion to stop them and save the hostages. After Kirche was nearly about to get burned, Mr. Colbert stepped in to protect them as he ordered Kirche to take Tabitha to safety and Louise and Saito to get the hostages out. It was because of Benubiro that they found out that the same guy that Agnès and Benubiro had searched for so long just happened to be Mr. Colbert all along.

Back then he had been the leader and the one who set the town ablaze, but quickly realized his mistake and the sin he caused upon learning that there was no epidemic in the first place. He was only able to save Agnès as he carried her out of there. After doing what he could to defend the others, he had been badly injured. Agnès had no idea what to do because on one hand she found the man who caused her suffering, but he was still the one who showed the most concern for her and had even saved her back then. She decided to kill Benubiro instead, but it was too late.

Mr. Colbert insisted that she killed him for it, but to make it her last kill; because nobody should get used to killing or fighting. After finding a letter addressed to Saito about the sins he had caused, he told him he wanted to see his world and that he should never get used to fighting, war, or killing. Louise insisted that he didn't have to hold it in and that it was okay to cry as they both embraced each other and cried about his death.

A little while after, Henrietta asked for Louise and Saito to go to the enemy line in South Gotha. Louise would use her Void magic to take out the enemies that way so that there would be less bloodshed. Unfortunately, she could not get her Void magic to work properly and they were attacked and crashed in a snowfall. After meeting with a pilot named Henry, they encouraged him to return home and marry his fiancee. A while later Julio picked them up and saved them, but left Louise to have to figure out a way to try to tell Henrietta that she had failed. Luckily despite the issue, they managed to take back South Gotha.

Once they got back, Louise was already getting fully involved in the war for Henrietta’s sake and Saito didn't like it. He was hesitant the join the war because of Mr. Colbert’s words. Everyone continued to talk about how honor was the most important thing for aristocrats and they would die for their honor. He thought it was stupid to die for honor and for a few medals, but he didn't seem to understand from Louise’s perspective. Louise in turn didn't understand him either and was dead set on doing everything she could for Henrietta’s sake.

After their argument and given an assignment to scout enemy forces, she turned to Julio and asked for him to go with her in which he accepted right away. This infuriated Saito, but Louise was off busy on her mission while Julio tried to inquire why she wasn't going with Saito. Upon coming back okay, she noticed that Saito wasn't in their room yet and ended up having a serious conversation about returning his feelings with Derflinger. He suggested that she should form a stronger bond not based on a master/familiar status, but as something more. He even suggested that maybe they switch roles for a day where she becomes the familiar and he’s the master.

Unknown to Louise, she had decided to wear a skimpy cat outfit for him and said he’d be her master that night, only to find out that it wasn't Saito who opened the door; rather it was Siesta, Guiche, Scarron, and Jessica instead. By the time that Saito finally came in and asked what was going on, she had already tried to hide. To make matters worse, she lied saying she did it for Julio out of the blue to try to hide her real reasons, only to have Julio walk in. Guiche tells the others that he’d gotten a badge and then he was brought back to life by a fairy during that time, in which nobody believed.

After all of the silly drama that went on from there, a rebellion started to happen with Henrietta’s men due to cursing the water source with the use of the Ring of Andavari to make them try to kill Henrietta. After Saito protected Louise during the rebelling, it died down but she was approached by Henrietta’s adviser Mazarin in secret. He asked for a request, stating it was not an order, but it was for the sake of saving the Queen’s life. He had asked Louise to hold back the rearguard that Henrietta and the others could get away safely and escape. It hadn't been an order, but if it was to save Henrietta’s life, she accepted none the less.

Louise knew it would be a suicide mission, but she felt that she had to do it. Not just for honor that was meant for any rewards or medals, but for Henrietta’s honor and that’s all that mattered. She wanted one last thing before she went to die for her. She wanted to make a stronger bond with Saito and then send him off. She told him what she was going to do and that it would be goodbye for them, but before that she wanted to do one last thing before then. She wanted Saito to marry her. Just like before they argued about honor and how this was stupid, he got more desperate about it trying to convince her otherwise. When he saw he wouldn't be able to change her mind, he agreed to marry her.

Grabbing a few things, Louise asked to buy two Éclair D'amours from a merchant packing up; who insisted they could just take them. Saito asked what they were, but she just insisted that he’d find out. Once in the abandoned church, Saito slipped sleeping potion in her drink that he had gotten from Siesta just in case she was going to do something dangerous. After expressing their love and the flowers bloomed, she passed out before she could tell him that she had always loved him and to let him know. He carried her out and found Julio outside asking what he was doing.

He asked if Julio could take care of Louise for him and take her on the ship to escape and left his Éclair D’amour. Once Julio asked what he had been planning on doing, he told him that he was going to take her place against those 70,000 because he felt that expressing his love for her would diminish if he didn't do that much. The next thing that Louise remembered was waking up on the ship where Julio told her what happened.

Louise couldn't accept it. She even tried to jump from the ship already in mid-air and insisted she could still make it. She couldn't make him die alone. Instead, Scarron and the others held her back from jumping, despite how desperate she was to go to Saito. Soon she noticed that the Éclair D’amour that was left with her – a magical flower that informed on Saito’s condition despite the distance – started to wither away and finally die. He had died. She couldn't take it. Despite being back at the dorm and having her sisters try to cheer her up, she couldn't do it and eventually they left her to herself to give her space and cry.

Character Personality: At first glance, Louise is just an extremely prideful aristocrat that seems to look down on all plebeians as if she’s better than them. She’s harsh and very stubborn, but once you get to know her more, you end up realizing there’s so much more than that. She’s all of the things about, but she’s also very loyal and really does care about her friends and Saito. She’s easily jealous and just wants Saito to only look at her and no one else.

All aristocrats tend to be very proud and full of themselves. It’s even expressed throughout the entire series that honor is the most important thing in an aristocrat’s life, especially near the end of season two. As war rages on and she continues to throw herself into war for the service of her best friend and the Queen of Tristain, her honor becomes even more and more important. There are many instances where her pride and honor come into play such as when she was working undercover at the Charming Fairy Inn for Scarron; She ended up doing terrible for calling people dogs and snapping at customers because an aristocratic mage shouldn't have to put up with that kind of behavior. Although the most notable instances would be later on in the series. Her honor is what keeps her moving forward and even though she’s afraid most of the time, she can conquer those fears because there is a more important matter at hand.

Unfortunately because of that honor and her aristocratic pride, she does come off as stubborn and a bit unbearable at times. Once she sets her mind on something, she rarely changes her mind. To the point that those around her get frustrated with her, though most of the time it’s Saito who’s at the receiving end of this. She’ll even turn down help until she has to admit to herself that she really does need the help. And even upon receiving said help and being saved in the end, she’ll quickly come up with an excuse to hide her true feelings about the situation.

This leads to the simple fact that Louise is not a sweet, gentle girl mostly because she fits the definition on tsundere to a T; That’s not to say that she doesn't have her kind, sweet moments though, even if they are rare. Throughout the series it’s clear that she cares about Saito, but always hides the fact under false excuses; An example being when he first picked up a sword and accepted the duel with Guiche. She had spent a good amount of money on an elixir for his severe wounds and staying up night and day to tend to his needs while he was passed out. When he came to he expressed his thanks to Siesta who told him that it had been all thanks to Louise that he had been cared for so well. It’s just easier for her to express her love like this than being straight forward with her emotions unless it’s a serious situation.

As an easy testament to show how much she cares and loves Saito, she often gets jealous that Saito is either being hit on or he hits on girls or stares inappropriately at them. It becomes a daily thing for her and in return she ends up being a bit of a towards him whether it be because of her whipping him, kicking him, or blowing him up with her magic. It’s very clear throughout the entire series and they have a lot of arguments in return, causing her to pout a lot and say things that she didn't intend to say.

Louise has always felt insignificant to everyone around her because her lack to do magic; or rather self-teaching herself to use Void magic later on. Even as a child, she’d been a failure compared to her sisters. Even to this day, her family doesn't seem to have any faith in her and constantly says that she should just give up on magic and marry in lieu instead. The only family member that may have some faith in her and doesn't necessarily push her like the rest of her family does would be her older sister Cattleya. This carries on into school life, especially in the beginning. Slowly though, people start to let it go more as the story progresses, but still call her “Louise the Zero” regardless.

Because of that, it just makes Louise try even hard to get better at doing her magic and proving everyone wrong. Sometimes she feels like it’s not enough and she’ll never amount to anything, but that’s often pushed down inside her due to her pride and the pressure she gets in the process. Over all, despite how people think of it, she constantly tries her best no matter what; even when she really shouldn't be.

Because of a few traits such as pride, honor, and all of her hard work, it’s also become a source of strength for her. It’s because of all of these things that she has such a strong willpower to brave through her troubles. Even when she’s frightened to death about what to do, she’ll shove that fear down and face her problems head on. A good example to this would be when facing Fouquet’s golem. Realistically she wouldn't have any chance to defeat it, and yet while everyone else insisted they should back up and regroup, Louise stood her ground. Another good example would be her resolution to go and face 70,000 troops by herself in the rearguard, despite knowing that it was a suicide mission and she would most likely never survive it.

Behind these feels are always the feelings, fear is always present and uncertainly creeps in. For most of the dangerous things she does, there has always been uncertainty if she could even manage it or if she’ll be okay. Because she was always looked down on, she always felt afraid in the end. It’s because of her willpower that she could manage to brave through it all. In many of the requests Henrietta has for Louise to use her magic for her purposes, it’s clear that Louise is always nervous and that she doesn't think she can do it, but she always accepts regardless.

She seems cold and distant to many at first, but in truth many of Louise’s qualities that could be considered bad traits end up bleeding into many of her good traits as well. And though she doesn't seem like she’s all that respectful when you look at how she snaps back at people and especially Saito, it’s clear that when it comes to Henrietta or any other authorities figures, she’s extremely respectful. She always makes the effort to bow in honor before Henrietta, even though they’re best friends. She’s also shown her respect to many others such as Agnès once they talk more.

Just as she’s respectful, her loyalty also shines through in the moments regarding Henrietta. She’s so loyal to Henrietta to the point that she even stated that she would gladly give her life for Henrietta and her cause. If there’s no better testament to this, let her accepting to hold off the rearguard of 70,000 troops despite Henrietta not knowing about it be evidence to this.

Along with those sentiments, she’s not as cold as she seems. She does truly love and care about her friends. She would do anything for them. And especially anything for Saito, even if it means attempting to “fire” him so that he can avoid doing anything with the war anymore. Yes she was mad that he wanted to go home, but in the end she was worried that he would miss the eclipse if he didn't hurry, Yes it would hurt, but she knows how important it is for him to go home, and thus she’s willing to let him go if it means he can go home, no matter how much it’ll hurt her. And even though she often gets jealous and mad at Saito, she has never actually stood between him and whomever he wanted realistically. Even faced with the thought that he cared more about Siesta and how much it hurt, she didn't keep him from her past her normal antics. All she can hope for is that he would chose her in the end without her forcing him into the decision to do so.

Powers and Abilities: Throughout the entire series it seems like Louise has zero talent for spells and also zero success rate, thus earning the name of “Louise the Zero” by most of her classmates at first. The one thing she is good at since she is a mage regardless of her inability to cast spells is that she is damn good at blowing things and people up; although most of the time, explosions happen because of her anger towards Saito whenever he flirts with other girls or stares indecently at other girls. It’s gotten to the point that people in her world might jump in surprise, but then ignore it as if it was nothing, insisting it was probably just Louise and Saito bickering once again.

However as the series progresses, she starts to understand her magic better and despite constantly being compared to her sisters by her family and ridiculed by her classmates for not being about to use magic that well. Mages usually specialize in a certain element, though it’s possible to learn other elements as well; although that takes time to learn and there are different rankings that a mage can or cannot achieve through learning them. Respectively the ranks aren't easy and must be achieved through a lot of practice and experience.

It took a while, but she slowly started to understand that her familiar was not just an average familiar, nor was he really a mistake like she originally assumed. With all this talk of Saito being Gandálfr, she slowly started to learn a bit more about herself as well. Such as the fact that the forgotten element of Void possibly proving to be more than just a myth and possible real if Gandálfr was real as well; making her a user of Void. It wasn't until the final showdown with Wardes that Derflinger – Saito’s legendary talking sword – insisted that she needed to wake up that her Void magic woke inside of her, taking down a good chunk of the enemy’s army as well as Wardes in the process and thus being the key to winning that battle.

While getting to understand her Void magic a bit better, she was able to manage to Dispel Pentagram magic (five elements and reserved for royal family) when the Prince Wales of Albion came back to life with the help of the Ring of Andavari – a magical ring with the ability to bring fake life to the dead – after Queen Henrietta was “kidnapped”. That on its’ own is an achievement due to mixed magic from both Henrietta and Wales.

Despite being able to do something as powerful as taking out Wardes and even taking on Wales, it didn't come without a price. It was later shown as being surprisingly difficult to actually cast and not having enough energy saved up after using all of it during the battle with Wardes. She also seemed to have troubles trying to cast Void magic from time to time, but she does show signs of getting better with it. As shown in the moment that she’d untied her sisters’ bound wrists with one of her spells without blowing them up; and in a moment of her eldest sister commenting that it was just a fluke in which she managed to untie all of the other girls around her at one time with the same spell with no troubles or explosions.

Network: [Louise had spent a good chunk of time moping around in the closest boat that she could find. She hadn't even bothered to check the device she had been given. Well now that her stomach was clearly telling her that she needed to stop moping and crying, she finally started to toy with the strange device enough to maybe even accidentally contact random people in the mix without really understanding. She eventually got it to work correctly.]

Is this on? Or rather… what exactly is this thing? It’s so weird… Whatever…

If anyone can hear me, I have to ask… Are there any places where I can get some food? I… don’t really think I’d be able to pay for anything right now unless there’s a way for me to pay it off, but… it seems that I can’t just stick around here for long.

[For someone who’s obviously new, she doesn't seem to be all that concerned with where she was at the moment. Or rather, maybe she’d already gone through the motions after moping. If people look closely enough though, they might notice that she’s in some sort of boat.]

I guess… I should inquire about my location too… I… haven’t really thought about it because I have other stuff on my mind right now. My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière and… it seems that I just arrived here a few hours ago.

If anyone can help me, I would be most appreciative.

[Seeming as she’s said what she wanted to say, she fumbled to try to turn the device off. Although with a few random buttons, a random view of part of her pink hair and the sky, and some frustrated mumbling, she finally manage to get it to turn off.. Except she turned it off all together. Whoops!]

Third Person: How could he? How could he put a sleeping potion in her drink like that? How could he tell Julio to take care of her and go and fight in her stead? Louise understood his reservations and knew very well what he thought about war and the honor of aristocrats. She knew how he felt about what he thought about when any of them said it would be the highest honor to die in battle for the sake of Tristain and the queen. And this all came down to her decision to go to the rearguard and try to buy time.

She should have known better than to think that he would simply be okay with her going to her death for the sake of her best friend, even if she wasn't the one who asked her for this request. Dying for honor was stupid in Saito’s perspective, but honor was the most important thing to an aristocrat. She wasn't dying for honor for the sake of badges and recognition. She was dying for her best friend and the queen of Tristain, because there was no greater honor. In fact, she didn't even need any recognition from anyone but her best friend.

If she were to be honest about her emotions – which was a rare occurrence for Louise to begin with – of course she was scared. Of course she was frightened to go in alone, but even if her magic wasn't the best and her Void magic didn't always work out the way she wanted it too, she had more than enough willpower and pride to face her fears regardless. She didn't want to die – who did? – but she knew that she would most likely die in the process. She knew there was no way she could take on 70,000 soldiers by herself especially when her magic tended to be a swing and a miss as it was.

She just wanted one last thing before she marched on to her death. She wanted a stronger bond with Saito that didn't include being master and familiar. She wanted to at least tell him that she loved him back. She wanted him to know that despite how she treated him sometimes, he’d become the most important person in her life and she loved him more than anything. She could honestly say that now.

And yet she had been pulled away from her duty much like her sister had tried when she learned from Saito that she was going to help the queen at the war front… He drugged her so that she couldn't do it and decided to take her place instead. That idiot… Why…? Why did he have to do that? Didn't he say that he didn't want to fight in a war or that he wanted them to live? He wasn't even from this world and he still took her place knowing what his fate would be by doing so. No matter how much she tried to jump off the ship already in the air, people around her continued to hold her back.

And then she felt her heart break as she saw the Eclair D'amour – a magical flower that informed her of Saito’s condition no matter how far away they were – begin to shrivel up and wither away until it was thoroughly dead. That idiot…. How could he? How could she be okay with this situation? Even when things had died down and she’d returned to the magic academy… Even with her sisters attempting to cheer her up… Nothing mattered to her anymore. Not if Saito wasn't by her side. Not if he was dead because he took her place. Her sisters still assumed that he was just some familiar to her, but he was so much more than just a familiar. She had lost the one person she’d loved so dearly and she never got to actually tell him that. He shouldn't have even been up against those 70,000 in the first place.

Upon waking up in a strange new land, she knew she wasn't in her dorm… She wasn't in Tristain anymore. None of that mattered though. She should have worried more about her current situation, but couldn't find it in her to care. She couldn't pull herself together to figure out more about this place… All she wanted was Saito. Disregarding the device that had been lying in her hand upon arriving, she did the one thing she was used to. Instead of making the effort to try to figure out what she was given or even where she was, she decided to lie down in the closest boat she could find. Maybe it was silly for her to still do something that she had done even as a child, but it was all she could do at the moment.