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Elize Lutus app for [community profile] empatheias


Player: Terra
[Aim] Niaeron
[Plurk] Sugoitera
Age: 21
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Elize Lutus
Age: 12
Canon: Tales of Xillia
Canon Point: Returning back to Rieze Maxia through the Temporal Crossroads.

Background: Elize

Personality: Elize is a fairly shy, awkward girl due to the nature of her life up until she met Jude and Milla. Because of being so detached from the world outside prior to meeting Jude and Milla, she hasn’t really had much of a chance to really explore or come to understand many things. Because she’s been stuck in that shack for so long, she’s naturally developed a curiosity to the world and the people around her. She’s still getting used to seeing so many people around in various places. Over her travels with Jude, Milla, and the other friends she’s met along the way, she’s gotten more familiar with it. Once she started traveling with Jude and Milla, she’d started to believe that her place was with her friends; dangerous or not. This was shown especially when Jude was still trying to figure out a place for Elize to go to. In the end she chose to go with them anyways. She would do anything for them, even if she doesn’t always have the best way to go about it. It’s thanks to the friends she’s met that she’s grown a lot along the way.

Along with her growing curiosity over their travels, she’s become a fairly studious girl. She’s very intelligent and has seemed to pick up things faster than most people. She’s very interested in the world and just general facts. In the confinements of her small shack and Hamil, she obviously wanted to know more. As the group traveled along, Elize really enjoyed learning about new things from the places they went to and from the people in her party (although mostly Rowen because he’s the wisest of them all). Every now and then, they had chances to learn about new things from people like Karla and even a few lessons about the Howe’s Egg Principal. She may not know a lot, but she has her own brand of wisdom, despite being so young. It’s really more based on her emotional experiences, but it really does do wonders from time to time. She’s also become very well aware of the fact that she could be helpful in her own way. Along the way, they’d even talked about Elize attending school at some point when things settle down.

Hamil hadn’t really been the worst place to live, even if she was stuck in a small shack the majority of the time. Sure she had bad memories of the place and the people who had treated her so poorly, but she also had good memories as well. The villagers weren’t as terrible as they seemed they were. Occasionally they would do certain things for Elize and she was always thankful for that. Even though for the most part people would speak illly about Elize and overall just disliked her, there were times that villagers here and there would make her food or check up on her. She felt terrible seeing how Hamil had been attacked and all the people she’d come to know were now gone due to it. The others were a little confused as to why she cared, but she had been the first one to ask to check on Hamil and the villagers that once lived there. Even they didn’t deserve to have that happen to them.

Ever sheltered, Elize wants nothing more than to be more like a kid and staying together with all of her dear friends. The thought of seeing everyone go their own ways makes her sad and as Teepo often stated, “pals stick together.” The moment that Driselle offered to show Milla and Elize the shops in Sharilton, she was really happy to think she could do something like that with her new friends. She’d also attempted to make more friends with some girls her age. Even with the tests they put her through, seeing the “cute pink thing” and making some new friends along the way has brought her great joy. Along with making some new friends, she also felt a great sense of achievement in becoming a true ‘Pinkist’.

The one personality trait that shows through the strongest is her shyness. She comes off as an awkward girl due to her seclusion. It especially shows when she first meets someone. She’s always nervous and awkward at first. She eventually gets better over time, though. Her time traveling with the others has helped her break out of her shell. A lot of the time, she ends up stuttering or pausing. Needless to say, she’s generally a soft speaker and very rarely yells.

It’s not too hard to imagine that with very little communication before meeting the others, her awkwardness sort of follows along. She has troubles communicating from time to time. And when she does, Teepo has the tendency to speak for her. Even with being awkward from time to time, she does desire to meet new friends. The moment she had the chance to become friends with everyone, she became attached to the idea of having friends. She’s also shown that she feels that friends should stick together through Teepo.

A lot of who she is can be thanked to her seclusion in Hamil for so long. Her naivety is only natural when she had to rely on believing those around her. Unfortunately for her, people – namely Alvin mostly – tend to take advantage of that. Luckily, they don’t do much about it outside of teasing. She falls for Alvin’s tricks every time. After they landed outside of Fennmont, Alvin tease her into thinking that while the wyverns seemed docile, they liked to eat small kids and toys.

Elize has come to hate liars. The best example to this is also probably the most obvious in the series; Her treatment towards Alvin. With all of his lies and the numerous betrayals, he’d really killed the trust in him; He’d even nearly killed Jude and Milla after realizing things were hopeless. It was clear that even when the others begrudgingly accepted Alvin back into the party, she’s always been the most vocal about her disapproval. She didn’t even bother to hide her dislike and constantly calls him a “big fat liar”. Most of the rude remarks and behavior came from Teepo, but she’s not incapable of saying rude things herself. The party may have forgave Alvin eventually, but Elize took a lot longer to come around. When she finally understood that all that time he had been lonely and wanted to be everyone’s friend again, she decided to be his friend. She did her best to stop her snide comments and put her faith in him again while they were in Elympios.

She’s young and makes a lot of mistakes. She has the tendency of taking out her hurt feelings on the people around her. Unfortunately that also means that she tends to say things that she regrets later on. A good example of this is when Teeop and Elize were taken. After they got Teepo back and found out that he was really a booster (an item that enhances the Artes and abilities of the user), she became more detached. She became more angry and irritated more often and hurt Leia’s feelings in the process. She did show remorse later and realized that she wasn’t only hurting herself but the others around her when she acted that way.

Finding out that Teepo was just a Booster and basically spoke what Elize was thinking was an upsetting time for Elize. To find out that her best friend had never really had a personality and never really existed was pretty hurtful. Even when she kept asking if Teepo was her friend, he kept responding with just, “Nope, I am just a machine”. He’s spunky and is much more outgoing than Elize is. Most of the time, he’d speak in Elize’s stead when she was fairly quiet. He’s been such an important person to her that she’s come to really rely on him for a lot of things. Finding out he was just a Booster made everything worse. He makes it easier to talk for Elize. In the end, he’s been very helpful for her when she really needed comfort and even knowing that he was just a Booster/doll wasn’t enough to deter her from referring to him as her friend.

Most of the rude and mean comments that come from Elize are vocalized through Teepo. He’s more vocal than Elize is, being the one more likely to dish out insults or cruel words. Even though he does most of the rude comments, Elize doesn’t always agree with how they come out. This shows that there’s a certain amount of emotion that gets lost in translation.

Abilities: Here’s a wiki of her fighting style but…

Elize has been noted throughout the game to be an extremely gifted Channeler for her age. She seems to be much further advanced as a Channeler than she should be. This is all thanks to Teepo ; Later on they found out later on that he’s really a Booster. In whatever instance that Teepo is not around with Elize, her Artes aren’t quite as powerful, but they’re enough to stand on their own. Elize mostly casts dark Artes such as Negative Gate and Dread Wings, but she can also heal and resurrect fallen comrades with spells like Pixie/Healing Circle. Her mana lobe developed into a fairly big size, but by no means was it small either. In order to handle Teepo’s use, she has to have a fairly decent sized mana lobe.

Teepo also helps out in battle, aside from boosting Elize’s Spirit Artes. When Teepo is switched on, he enhances her Artes and makes them stronger. When he was turned off, he does more physical attacks. A few of them being smashing enemies and lifting her up and moving her around. Elize is also faster when Teepo is switched off, allowing her to maneuver around better. When linked to others, she can also use an ability called “Teepo Drain” to suck some energy from her enemies to heal who she’s linked with and herself a little.

Spirit Artes are the spells that are cast by those with mana lobes by channeling spirits. It’s not limited to just elemental based spells or even healing spells, Artes are also used for a multitude of things in Rieze Maxia such as the lights in Fennmont and other such as places around Rieze Maxia. With the symbiotic existence between spirits and humans, it was a win-win situation. A Booster is an item that enhanced the user’s Spirit Artes/abilities. With the enhanced powers comes with downsides that includes ill effects on the user if used for a long period of time. The mana lobe existed within everyone who was born into Rieze Maxia and was missing in those who were born into Elympios. How big or small the mana lobe is is determined at birth.

Other: N/A


First Person Sample: Test drive with Jude and Alvin

Third Person Sample: Elize hadn’t thought about what it would be like to be out of Hamil. With everything happening so quickly, a lot had changed in such a little amount of time. Within that time Elize learned that Teepo wasn’t her only friend anymore and she could rely on other people besides herself or Teepo. She learned that Jiao had never really intended anything bad for Elize and he really did care. It was a shame he was no longer alive. Jude had continued to try to get her to stay with Driselle where it was safe, but she couldn’t do it. As much as she cared about Driselle as a friend too, she felt that her place was with the rest of the group. She wanted to help them.

She had no idea what she wanted to do before the others had found her. It was dangerous, but if she could help heal those who were injured and protect her friends, she could deal with it. She had been asked a few times what she wanted to do and each time she always said the same thing. She wanted to help everyone else with Milla’s mission. The moment that they found the dimensional rift the real question was if they were really prepared to take on Gaius and Muzet. They could just go home, but knowing what was going to happen to both worlds… Could she really sit by and do nothing?

Hugging Teepo close to her chest, she knew he was really just a doll, but she still found comfort in him. He may be a doll, but he was still her friend. They’d been through a lot together. Now facing the Dimensional Rift, she braced herself for what would happen next. This was it. This was their moment. Elize wasn’t sure about what to expect, but coming to some strange looking island wasn’t what she had expected. Did they go through the wrong rift or… was this place where Gaius and Muzet went? But why would they be here? Wasn’t Gaius’s goal to stop the Otherworld Reactor plan? So what would this world do for that plan?

Looking around, she looked to see what her other friends thought of this place except… They weren’t here. None of them were behind her. They wouldn’t leave her all alone either…. It wasn’t possible. So where were they? Holding onto Teepo a little tighter, she started to feel worried.

“Teepo…. I don’t think we went the right way…,” she said softly.

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