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Maharl App for Dystopian Flux

Player Details
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How did you hear about [livejournal.com profile] dystopian_flux ? App_This_plz I think

Character Application
Character Name [Canonly Written]: Maharl
Series: Makai Senki Disgaea
Gender: Female
The Item: Her “stuffed” bunny
Point with which your character has been taken from canon: She’ll be taken from the anime, right before she betrays Laharl and before the letter of challenge came.
Personality Maharl may seem like a cute little girl who’s innocent, but she is a demon. She can be very demanding and bossy. This is especially so since she believes she is King Krichevskoy’s younger child and little sister of Laharl. She has a serious sweet tooth and unusually big appetite for a child. She hates doing dirty work, manipulating others to do it for her instead.

To Laharl, she has a loving attitude towards him. She adores him and wants to be just like him… or better yet, better then him. Though, because of that, she’s extra-critical towards him. “Family” is like that towards each other. She feels the happiest being around Laharl, aside from his somewhat cold personality. Even though she acts this way around him, part of the reason of sticking near him is to find any flaws that he may have or any mistakes that he had. In doing so, she could prove him to be unworthy of becoming the next Overlord to get it for herself. But if you asked her if that was her goal, she would just say she thinks of him as the next Overlord.

Like all demons, she honestly believes that she’s better then a lot of people, nearly everyone else. She may look like she loves making friends, but just as any demon would do, she often treats them as if they were not worthy enough and as if they were her servants. Even if that is not the case, she still treats them the same. Her loyalty can be questioned, as she’s not exactly a team player. She will try to get what she wants, and if that means pushing an “ally” in front of her without hesitation, she’ll do it. However, when she figures they could be of use to her, she’ll pick them back up and put on her cute, innocent look once again.

She also tends to change her mind. It’s not once in a while, either. It happens a lot. Which causes much frustration and irritation to Laharl and Etna. When she changes her mind, it’s not just a small thing, either. It tends to be big and at times, outrageous, things such as eating at the most expensive place and changing her mind at the last minute to something simple.
Powers/Abilities CANON: Since she is Laharl’s “little sister”, she, too also has the ability to summon small amounts of demonic energy [usually in a ball or sphere form to throw]. Though, the thing shat she’s really able to do the best is manipulating others with her behavior and innocent looks. After all, she is only 6-7, speaking in appearance wise. Because she’s so young, she doesn’t have as much physical strength as an average demon. However, taken that in mind that she is a demon, she is stronger then the average human. She’s pretty fast and nimble, but that doesn’t mean missing hits is her strong suit. She’d rather run from danger. Especially to her “onii-chan” AKA Laharl.
Powers/Abilities AU: As far as powers go here, she’s lost the ability to summon demonic energy. Since she could do small amounts in the first place, the odds of being able to do them at all here is slim to none. But, she’ll keep trying for the sake of trying.
History: It all started out when Laharl, Etna, and Flonne had entered a pub. During trying to eating, they met the humans trying to earn money for ship repairs. To Laharl, he could care less about what they were talking about until Gordin said something about a little sister. Apparently, there’s a small girl calling herself the true heir to the throne. Laharl’s throne. A prinny was throwing papers about her. From that, they learned a little about Maharl. Laharl kept on insisting that he had no sister, but Flonne didn’t seem to listen to him.

It wasn’t long until Maharl stumbled into the pub. She seemed tired and scared, but she didn’t do much until she saw Laharl busy stuffing food down his mouth. She started towards him. She asked him to save her. She also asked him to please hide her before collapsing. Laharl didn’t give a damn, but Flonne, the ever caring one, went to help the girl. She came to, but desperately looked for a place to hide, going underneath their table that was covered with the table cloth. It was great timing because her pursuers, the Netherworld Emperors, just walked in, in search of what seemed like a sweet innocent little girl. They were just local hoodlums around the area.

They went around asking people if they’d seen her, but no one spoke. Too bad Flonne is a little idiotic. She did her best to help Maharl, but she was so obvious that it was a dead giveaway that she was in there. Saying, “I swear to god she is not underneath this table” isn’t the best way to cover for the girl. The Emperors saw Laharl, and started making a fuss about finding Maharl and doing something about Laharl since he was there. Laharl was prepared to send a ball of demonic power. It wasn’t for Maharl, no. It was because they were interrupting his dinner. He hated being interrupted when he ate or slept. They withdrew for the time being, seeing it wasn’t possible with Laharl around.

Maharl was finally able to get out of hiding spot and she thanked him for saving her. Of course, Laharl’s not that generous. He didn’t do it for her in the first place. After Flonne’s rants about how he couldn’t just leave his little sister there and doing a little scheming, he finally agreed to let her come with them. Both Flonne and Etna were in charge of watching over her as Laharl went to do something.

During that time, they were curious how her parents met. Apparently, Krichevskoy and her mother met in her mother’s shop named Miracle Garden. In her words it was, “A store that you could talk to girls and drink, but the girls changed all the time. Men had to pay for drinks and to talk to them and they sometimes gave them presents.” Etna knew what this was and said it was enough, but Flonne didn’t get why Etna was freaking out about it.

For some reason, they were told to wait in one of the most obvious places, but Maharl didn’t want to. She started to walk away, only stopping to send a ball of demonic energy at Etna, barely missing her on purpose. She has great hearing, so she heard Etna calling her a conceited brat from where she was. One more thing to convince them she was indeed Laharl’s sister. Apparently, that was also one of Laharl’s traits. She only came back to them when Laharl came back. Trying to play mister nice guy in order to figure out why she was acting to be his sister, he offered to treat her to anything she wanted to eat. Of course, curse their luck, she wanted to eat Dragon’s Engawa, one of the three classiest foods in the Netherworld. According to Etna, it was “upper-upper class” and she hadn’t even had it before.

Laharl tried to make her choose something else, but she started to cry until he finally give in, dragging her with. Maharl, though, had to make things difficult. It was a pain to find one and just when they finally found it, she decided not to eat it. Instead, she wanted something simple. She didn’t feel like eating it anymore. This didn’t go well with Laharl, especially with Etna in the background telling him he’s taken advantage of. He just makes the prinnies make food for her. She wasn’t a light eater. She ate a lot of food before she was full. As useless as it seems, she started commanding the prinnies to separate the burnable trash with the recyclable trash, threatening to “punish them”.

She was getting tired, so she got Laharl to carry her. She called Flonne her servant, because her brother’s servants were her servants. She also went to get tons of shopping done, tayaki, and went for karaoke. By the end of the day, they were really tired from running around so much. Of course, Etna poked fun of him along the way, saying he’s taken advantage of. She couldn’t sleep at night, due to a bad dream. Just like any other child does, she asked if she could sleep with him. This seemed to convince Laharl that she has done a lot of work to try to impersonate being his sister when she repeated things only his father and himself knew. “Do you know where the Dark Lizard’s Tail is? It’s the treasure of treasures passed down along the royal line”.

Laharl had asked about her doll, saying it was always with her. According to Maharl, it was a memento from “mama”. In the morning, Etna, Flonne, and the prinnies were cleaning when Maharl and Laharl came. Apparently, Maharl had ordered them to clean it. She showed signs of a high fever, asking to eat the dark porridge that her father made. As surprising as it seemed, he actually started to make it for her, even feeding it to her. Just as it was said, she felt better in no time. While in town, Laharl and Maharl ended up running into Mid-Boss. Laharl claimed you’d get stupid if you paid attention to him. He noticed the doll move, but they just walked on.

RP Sample [First Person]:
[You see a small girl that looks to be about 6-7 years old appear from the All Powerful Gate. Maharl’s out for a while, but after a bit, she finally comes to. There are a number of things she notices about her surroundings. One, It was not the Netherworld that she was oh so accustomed to. Two, five men with guns were coming at her. And three, most importantly, she’s naked. She blushed at not having anything on, but that’s the least of her worries right now.]

What’s going on? Where am I?

[Seeming as there was no answer and guns pointing to her, she really didn’t know what to think. All she knew is that this wasn’t good. She slowly got up, feeling angry that she was taken to some random place, nude, and no one was answering her questions. She attempted to summon a ball of demonic energy, but with no avail. She was confused, but now she had to think of a new plan]

H-hey! Wait a minute! This isn’t how you treat a kid!

[She put on her innocent, whimpering face, somewhat real to her thoughts and emotions at the moment.]

A-Are you… Are you going to hurt me?
RP Sample [Third Person]: Maharl roamed around, looking for someone, it seemed. She had a plan, but to make it work, she had to pass it all off as she planned. She had to convince the public eye, which wouldn’t be hard. People were easy to make believe something was true. All she had to do was bat her eyes and give off that innocent look, saying she was looking for her big brother and that she was lost.

She also had to have another plan. The public eye would be convinced and talk amongst every demon they knew. King Krichevskoy had another child that they didn’t know about. Of course it would be interesting news. As time went by, it would eventually reach Laharl. That was for sure. But she had to know more about Laharl. To pass off as his sister, she would have to know some convincing stuff before she could do anything. She was sure to get what she wanted if she did that much.

She looked at the residents of the current place she was at. She looked for some poor sap that looked easy to convince. That’s when she found two humans, of all people. That was great! Humans were so gullible that it was almost pathetic. Demons had learned not to trust others, for the most part. It was a common, every day thing. But, humans didn’t have to deal with it on a day to day basis. She walked into the pub she saw the go in. She batted her eyes, asking if they had seen her “big brother” Laharl.

They apparently bumped into him before and said something about an angel-in-training, but she didn’t care about the angel. She spilt a fake story about how she was related to Laharl and what not. After this went on, she left, sure that they would probably help with her alibi. But, she couldn’t just go with that plan. So the next day, she hired a few lackeys. She had them “bully” her. She ran in a few days later, asking the two humans to hide her. She had to pull off the innocent, “I’m so scared” look, which wasn’t a problem. She was able to hide, and it just convinced them even more that she was in need of finding her dear “brother”. She had news from the lackeys that Laharl was seen outside the city and bound to come through tomorrow. That was her chance.

Why do you play this character? I’ve always loved Maharl and I was disappointed to find out she was really a doll, but seeming as there’s a Disgaea cast here and Flonne was already taken [I like her too], Maharl’s my next choice.