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Athena Cykes app for Destiny Strings

Out Of Character Information
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In Character Information
Name: Athena Cykes
Series: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
Canon Standing: End of game
Age: 18
Birthday & Astrology Sign: April 17, 2009 (AA year is 2027) & Aries
Arcana: High Priestess

Personality: Athena is a girl with a lot of heart and a lot of emotions. Due to her special hearing, a lot of the things that she does are really based on that alone. Because she can sense emotions from somebody’s voice, she is very emotional. This is often seen outside of court and even during court. May it be due to inexperience or not, she tends use “Objection!” and “Hold it!” only to rebuff the prosecutors or even some of the witness’s personal attacks about her character.

It’s very clear how inexperienced Athena is as a lawyer from how she acts during trials. She had just started as an official lawyer, though; she has more than enough reason to still be “green” at her job. That being said though, she has the most important things that a lawyer needs to be successful. She definitely has the heart.

She has a strong drive to win for sure. Needless to say, she’s very determined. While she’s trying to save a client, she’ll keep trying to prove their innocence. Even when things aren’t looking good for her client or their case, she’ll continue to try until there’s no other way. She may have gotten her unwavering determination and bluffing from her mentor, though. She can sometime be a little reckless in the process of trying to help her client. And while defending your client and believing in them no matter what, the truth is far more precious. If a client is truly innocent, evidence will point in that direction, just as long it is legal.

With that knowledge, it’s easy to assume that she’s a hard worker in every aspect in her life. When it comes to cases, she’ll do everything she can legally. She isn’t likely to sit around an mope when times get tough or when she needs to do something. She can do almost anything when she puts her mind to it, although that’s true for most people. As far as the stance of herself, she wanted nothing more than to become more confident and stronger. And by becoming more confident, she also eventually became a happy-go-lucky girl.

Athena is something of a genius when it comes to psychology. Originally, she studied it to become closer to her mother. Every time she studied psychology, she felt like her mother was right there with her. Once she learned that she could use it to save Simon and others like him in court, she decided to work on that. As long as she could do this, she could focus her studies on becoming a lawyer and facing her fears to accomplish her goal. She’s also studied quite a bit of self-defense while she was studying. This has also become something of reflex from time to time. It just goes to show that once she decides something, close to nothing can change her mind. She’s pretty stubborn.

She’s the kind of person to put others before herself. She would much rather protect those around her than think of herself. She could be suffering herself, but smile brightly to cheer another person up. That was the case with Solomon. She’s a people person and everyone else seems to be more important than herself in her eyes. She wants to belief that everyone is innocent. She wants to believe the people she cares about and her defendants.

She can also be something of a klutz from time to time. Most the time it’s when she gets too excited. And man does she get herself over excited from time to time. She also has the tendency to put her foot in her mouth. She says things at the wrong time sometimes, and while she means well, it’s usually not a good time.

Athena hasn’t always been a cheerful, confident girl. Juniper even told Phoenix and Trucy that she had always been a quiet and shy girl. Never leaving the space station (aside from the occasional outings that made her wear the special headphones her mother made for her), she really didn’t know much about the world. Because of this and Juniper’s sick days, she’d been the only one who she’d really become friends with. Due to her childhood trauma, she’s definitely been affected by this for 7 long years.

Despite the trauma she’d gone through as a child, Athena came back with a positive attitude and much more confident person. It had been to the point where Juniper was surprised to see her so outgoing and cheerful. Besides her normal cheerful antics since she’d come back from Europe, she uses it to hide whatever fear or sadness that her childhood brought upon.

This is clear while they began defending Solomon Starbuck. It was clear when they arrived at the Gyaxa Space Station that something was on Athena’s mind. She also knew a lot about the place and space. This became even clearer in court as the day progressed. From time to time, Widget would display a sad face while she was smiling. Because Widget shows her emotions, it’s clear that she was simply doing what a lawyer should do; a lawyer smiles until the very end.

This only intensified as Athena became the defendant for the murder of her mother and Clay Terran. Solomon even noted how she had smiled to him and gave a peace sign while telling him, “Congratulations on the acquittal. Now you’ll be able to go to space again.” Even though she was being detained, she still smiled and wished him luck while he noticed she had been crying.

One thing that had been made clear was that she is terrified of courtrooms, yet she does a good job to hide her fear. It’s not until she is obviously ignored in court that it really shows. It reminds her of when her mother was killed and Simon Blackquill was the defendant. She kept trying to tell everyone that he didn’t do it, but nobody listened to her. Being ignored in court in her other cases just makes her remember the UR-1 case; especially when things aren’t looking good for her client. This may also be due to her inexperience as well as her heavily emotional side. She begins to panic and Widget seems to shut off. Needless to say, the fear of not being heard/believed in takes the reigns when she’s feeling uncertain.

Backstory: Wikia

Canon Powers: Athena has no amazing powers, but she does have very sensitive hearing. To be more exact, she can hear the discord in somebody’s voice. This discord is caused by misplaced feelings that should be otherwise not fit.

She uses Analytical Psychology in court (and sometimes outside of court). It has actually been very beneficial and had brought out the truth in effective ways. With the help of Widget, her necklace, she can bring up what is called the “Mood Matrix”. It can act as a therapy session in order to calm down a defendant/witness to allow them to give a level headed testimony.

Outside of court, Athena tries not to intrude on somebody’s emotions. Every now and then, she’ll question about it. Although she really keeps it to people close to her (Apollo, Phoenix, and Simon). In court is a different situation. Widget also has the habit of blurting out her emotions and what she’s thinking from time to time.

And while it may not be a “power”, Athena has the knack of speaking in Spanish, French, and German from time to time. That was probably due to her time while she was studying in Europe. It also has the tendency of annoying Apollo most of the time.

Canon Weapons|Items: Athena has no weapons, but she does have her trusty sidekick Widget, a technological necklace made by her late mother. It has the ability to bring up the “Mood Matrix”. See powers for example.

Canon Allies: N/A

Canon Baggage: Athena won’t actually have much that she’s bringing with her. Aside from her lawyer badge and Widget, she’s not likely to bring anything else. Mostly because she has a habit of forgetting her stuff when she gets excited and leaves in a hurry. Like say…. her evidence, badge, cell phone, bag, house keys…. From that you can just assume she’s forgotten everything else besides her badge and Widget.



► Destiny String ( Allows you to see other visitor's Destiny Strings.
► Hapirma (40% chance of inflicting the Happy ailment on one target.(2 turns))
► Balzac (40% chance of inflicting the Rage ailment on one target.(2 turns))
► Tarukaja (Doubles an ally's Attack power. (1 turn))
▷ CommLink ( Allows the user to communicate telepathically with other Persona users that they know.)
▷ Deep Breath (Lessens instances of succumbing to Fear, Confusion, Charm, Egoism, and Rage attacks.)
▷ Ailment Amp (All status ailment attacks are 1.5 times more effective.)
▷ Evil Touch (40% chance of inflicting the Fear ailment on one target.(2 turns))
★ Mood Matrix (A giant Mood Matrix screen appears. One of the four emotions (Joy, Anger, Sadness, Surprise) randomly lights up, and the effect is different depending on which one lights up. Joy- Mediarama (medium group heal), Anger- Matarukaja (attack buff, all allies), Sadness- Marakukaja (defense buff, all allies), Surprise- Masukukaja (agility buff, all allies).)

► Kouha (Inflicts a small amount of Light damage on one enemy.)
▷ Mazio (Inflicts a small amount of Lightning damage on all enemies.)
▷ Swift Strike (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage up to twice with a 10% chance of Confusion on all enemies.)

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