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Serah Farron app for Luceti


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Personality: Serah is a pretty mature girl. She does well at giving advice to those who need it and tends to speak beyond her years at times. Because of that, she is -- for the most part – a very well-behaved for her age. She’s down to Earth and realistic about things; which tends to get her depressed at times. Even when the worst happens, she’ll take things as they are and try her best to move on. She refuses to let anything stop her for the sake of living.

She’s believes in doing what’s right. When she became a L’Cie, she started to worry because she didn’t want to become a monster. Instead of someday becoming Ragnarok or causing trouble to anyone because she was an L’Cie, she chose to run away. In hoping in running away, she could wanted nothing more than to protect those she loved and cared about and the innocent citizens whose lives could be put in danger. If she had to, she’d run away from Snow and Lightning, never tell them what she had become, and find a way to complete her focus on her own without harming anyone; She wasn’t successful, but that was her initial plan of action.

Serah is also very kind, always trying to help others as much as she can. She’s the kind of personal who’s able to forgive someone easily. She also puts her trust in those she cares about and tries not to hurt them. Love is one thing that will keep her going, no matter what. Her love for her sister keeps her from breaking down and giving up after their parents died. Her love for Snow gives her a sort of confidence and cheers her up to keep going. Both Snow and Lightning mean a lot to her and she’d do anything for them. She's loyal to those she cares about, but she can also be pretty stubborn at the same time.

Serah is pretty self-dependant, just as much as Lightning is. After the death of her parents, both Lightning and Serah had to mature and grow up much quicker than any other person their age. Both Lightning and Serah changed, but she didn’t quite take the same route as Lightning. Lightning chose to use violence and fighting as an outlet. She had to be strong to make it through the days with Lightning.

Because Lightning was often engrossed in her work, Serah had to learn to not rely on somebody too much. She had to learn how to be more domestic and kind of pick up the pace in place of her mother. In a sense, she essentially took over the role of mom. She tries to be independent and keep from leaning on anyone, but she does rely on Lightning and Snow from time to time.

She feels the need to protect those around her as much as possible. She wants those she loves to live happy and free lives and will do anything in order to help achieve that. She'll even give up everything if it means that those she cares about will be safe. She would much rather take the pain or weight off of somebody else’s shoulders and carry it herself rather than to see people she cares about suffer.

Serah seems to share the stubborn trait with Lightning. She is the type of person who would rather deal with her own problems on her own and if that failed, THEN ask for help. She believes that others shouldn't have to worry about problems they didn't originally have. She was too afraid to tell her sister when she first became a L'cie and she had even tried breaking up with Snow to protect him. Although when it all comes down to it, she's willing to admit when she's wrong.

She's an intelligent girl who strives to do the best she can with every aspect of her life. She’s also very understanding and will listen to other people’s issues quietly. If they simply want to rant, she’ll listen whole heartedly. Although if they’re looking for advice, she’ll do what she can to give them appropriate advice. She does her best to be a good person.

She’s much more logical than Lightning tends to be. She’ll try to think things through, rather than to run in head first with no plan. She tends to be more logical and practical. For Lightning’s 21st birthday, she couldn’t think of anything to get her at first. After talking about it with Snow, she finally decided to get Lightning a survival knife. She hoped that it would help her be safe while she was working under dangerous conditions.

Serah is pretty modest and humble. While she may be intelligent, she's not the type to rub it in anyone's face. She doesn't mind wearing skirts or dresses, just as long as they aren't too revealing. It's not that she's uncomfortable with her body or anything, but she doesn't like showing off too much skin that seems unnecessary.

She may be pretty mature, but she is still a teenage girl with a dream to marry the man she loves. She is a bit naive to some extent. She hasn't seen the evils and hatred of the world like Lightning has. She is also able to run off in tears, just as any other teenage girl is bound to do from time to time. Needless to say, the whole L’cie thing was just a small thing to make her realized that there was much more to this world than she’s seen.

When hope is running thin, she tends to let love drive her to continue on. Love for her sister and love for Snow are two benefactors to her strength. It's also possible that her relationship with Snow was all started due to the fact that Lightning was so busy with her job and barely had time for her. It's clear that Serah loves both Lightning and Snow dearly, though. That's not to be mistaken for anything. For the most part, she knows what she wants and she thinks of living for the day, rather than the future or past. There's always another day right? She'd rather not regret not doing something she should have, but that can also lead to mistakes all on its’ own.

Friendship is one of the most important things to her and it helps drive her to stay strong, just as much as her love for Snow and Lightning does. Her studies are also important, but she's the type to remember birthdays and other important days. In general, she’s a fast learning. She's a very hard working individual. She also tries her best to be grateful for everything in her life, especially for what her sister does for her. Even if she may breakdown from time to time, she is stronger than people might see.

Along with being more of a logical person, Serah would rather talk things out than to fight or argue. She's a pacifist and feels that talking things out solves more problems than any fight could; It doesn't solve everything, however.

She's a very curious girl. She may be intelligent, but her curiosity and impulses tend to get the best of her more than often. That’s something that’s not likely to change about her. Although after the vestige, she’s a lot more hesitant to act on strictly impulse anymore. She just wants to know what’s to offer around the world.

Though her character arc stops personally, her presence is very important to the storyline. She is the one who got everyone into the mess that unraveled unintentionally. She is also the strength of Snow and Lightning though out the game.

Physical: Serah really doesn’t have any means of protecting herself physically. Even if that is the case, she’ll fight with all that she has, even when the odds are against her. Even when she has a ton of her own problems stacking up, she'll do whatever she can to help those around her instead. She puts others before herself, which could be both a good thing and a bad thing at times. When she became a L’cie, she was scared but in the end she resolved to take care of it on her own.

Mental: While Serah has no physical strength, she can get through difficult situations mentally. She keeps her hopes strong and finds strength within herself when thinking of all those she cares about. She reminds herself that there are people she’s fighting for. Those years after her parents were gone, she kept herself going by reminded herself that she’s holding in there for Lightning too.

Emotional: Serah is a fairly emotional girl and it’s really what drives her to do a lot of things. While she doesn’t have the physical strength, she does have her mental strength and emotional side to rely on. Because she puts her trust in Snow and Lightning, it’s enough to keep her from giving up. The aspect of saving those important to her and people around her, she attempted to run away to keep them safe. And while she was scared, she tried to keep herself as calm as possible and continue on.

Physical: Serah can do all she wants when it comes to trying to fight on, but she really has no way of affectively doing so. She’s never really had a need to fight. While Lightning took a path that involved fighting, Serah became much more domestic. Of course… after turning into a crystal, she's going to want to know how to protect herself physically, too; Not only herself actually, but those she loves as well.
Mental: Serah thinks everything through before acting and sometimes that means she doesn’t act when she should. Putting things more into consideration actually pushes back the action in doing so. Not only that in mind, she also has moments where she over thinks things to the point where it’s unhealthy. It causes more panic and allows things to sit in the back of her mind. There are also all of her insecurities that she tries to keep to herself. She’s scared out of her mind and so it also makes her pretty fragile at times due to the events at the Bodhum Vestige and the Fal’cie.
Emotional: Just like every other teenage girl, because she is an emotional girl it does get the best of her. She may be pretty mature, but she’s still a teenage girl. Because of this, she’s often swept away by these emotions. She does tend to take things hard. This is evident by her reaction when she told Lightning about being a L’cie. Of course, having your sister not believe in you and even threaten to kill her if it was true is a scary thing.

Anything else?: There really isn’t anything else, but I do have a small question. With her Focus complete, would her L’cie brand be like Fang’s?


First Person: Test Flight & D_M post

Third Person: Serah knew instantly when she glanced around that she was no longer in the Bodhum Vestige anymore. It was impossible for her to be there when she’d fallen into a tree suddenly. If hitting branch after branch wasn’t a good enough wake up call, what else was? She finally stopped when she fell to the ground. Everything ached as she lied in the snow. As she started to push herself off the ground, something fell and hit her.

“Ow! What the heck…?” she groaned, checking to see what hit her.

She noticed some sort of device lying in the snow, going to grab it. She wiped off the snow off of the device. She pushed herself up out of the snow as she sat down in the snow. Glancing around, this place really was different. She’d never seen any place like this, but then she’d never really traveled much. Sitting there in the cold, she ached all over. Obviously from the fall, but more than that her back hurt the worst.

One obvious thing was that…. It was cold and snowy. That was made clear while she sat there shivering. Wearing a skirt and sleeveless shirt was hardly a good idea in this sort of weather. Back in Bodhum, it was still warm out. She stood up, patting the slow off of her as she searched for somewhere warm. She also noted to herself that people here… they all had wings.

As she was walking, she felt a little sick from time to time. It must be because of this weather. As far as she knew, she was still supposed to be a crystal. Did she get free from crystal stasis faster than most people? Looking to her arm, she noticed her L’cie brand was still there. She stopped at the sight of her brand, shivering a little.

“It looks like I’m going to have to worry about this later,” she muttered under her breath, finally setting sights on a restaurant.

She hurried inside, immediately feeling the warmth. Now that she inside a warm building, she hurried to the bathroom to look at her L’cie mark. It seemed to be… scorched over, but what did that mean? Did that mean that she still had a Focus? Was she going to end up a Cie’th after all? Upon looking in the mirror, she froze. Not only did she see her L’cie mark, she also found…. Wings? Why did she have wings on her back? She hadn’t really thought about what her body ached when she fell because she figured just falling down itself was enough to answer that.

Pulling at her wing, she had to check to see if it was real or just some weird fashion statement. When she accidently pulled a feather, she felt a sharp pain; the kind of pain that caused a gut pain. What…? What did…. that mean? Were these wings…. real? There were so many things to worry about right now. These wings, her L’cie mark, and… was that a bar code on the back of her neck? Was that just there to be there? Was there for a purpose that she didn’t know yet?

All she knew was that she was definitely scared of what happened at home and what was going on here. Now she just needed to see if anybody was around. She had so many questions that she needed to be answered. Heading outside of the bathroom, she searched to see if somebody else was around.

“Hello? Is there anybody here?” she called out.