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Train Heartnet app for Since 1969

Name/Nickname: Terra
Age: 21
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Character Name: Train Heartnet
Canon: Black Cat
Age: 23
Appearance: Here
Canon Point: End of the manga
How will your character react to the initial night period?: Train really doesn’t fear much, so I don’t think it will really affect him much. He will protect those he cares about, though, so there’s always that option too.
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<u><b>Mun</b></u><br /><b>Name/Nickname:</b> Terra<br /><b>Age:</b> 21<br /><b>Dreamwidth Username:</b> <user name="ritztheditz"><br /><b>Contact:</b> <br />AIM | Sugoitera &amp; Niaeron<br />MSN | Yuuri-chan@hotmail.com<br />Plurk | Sugoitera<br />PM<br /><b>Current Characters in Game:</b> N/A<br /> <br /><u><b>Character</b></u><br /><b>Character Name:</b> Train Heartnet<br /><b>Canon:</b> Black Cat<br /><b>Age:</b> 23<br /><b>Appearance:</b> <a href="images2.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20101027000323">Here</a><br /><b>Canon Point:</b> End of the manga<br /><b>How will your character react to the initial night period?:</b> Train really doesn&rsquo;t fear much, so I don&rsquo;t think it will really affect him much. He will protect those he cares about, though, so there&rsquo;s always that option too.<br /><b>History:</b> <a href="&rdquo;" blackcat.wikia.com="" wiki="">Train</a><br /><b>AU History:</b> N/A<br /><cut text="I've come to deliver bad luck"><b>Personality:</b> The first thing you should know about Train is that he is like a stray cat. He goes where he wants to, when he wants to. He&rsquo;s not exactly considerate when it comes to letting people know where or when he&rsquo;s going somewhere. It became quite a common practice for him to be there at night time and gone the morning after without so much of a word or letter as to where he went. Sven and Eve just got to the point that they would just say, &ldquo;He&rsquo;ll be back when he gets hungry.&rdquo; He&rsquo;s a free spirit and nothing/no one will hold him down.<br /><br />One excellent example of his random disappearance act is when it has anything to with Creed. As soon as he hears news about Creed, he&rsquo;d be gone in pursuit of him in the middle of the night while everyone else is sleeping. Sven always seems to catch up in time before he&rsquo;d do anything stupid. He&rsquo;s absurdly reckless when it comes to Creed. Needless to say, Sven always makes sure to punch him a few times to point out how stupid and reckless Train was acting.<br /><br />He does have his moments where he&rsquo;s absolutely reckless and even stupid. Most of the time, it has some connection to Creed. Although, he does have times where&rsquo;s plan off stupid. The time when he was hit by Lucifer (a bullet that was still in a testing phase containing nano technology in it; it was said that each one had random side effects. His just so happened to make him younger physically) while protecting Kyoko, he simply brushed it as if it was a simple cold. Once Sven said it seemed to have some sort of nanotechnology, but it seemed to be different from what Eve had, he had the bright idea to try to grow wings. Needless to say, he decided to jump out of the window to try to grow wings and crashed to the ground. He&rsquo;s also drank a bottle of alcohol to keep from an old man pitying himself any further. He&rsquo;d never drank prior to that and really didn&rsquo;t take in account the effects that would come from foolishly drinking at least half a bottle of alcohol. That being said though, he does have good intentions.<br /><br />Once he becomes close to someone, he becomes pretty loyal to them. He&rsquo;ll do a lot for the people he cares about under the guise of his own personal gain. That&rsquo;s not true though and will make excuses as to why he&rsquo;s helping people out when he really just felt the need to help them. (I.E. It&rsquo;s not because of you. I&rsquo;m doing this because a bounty means money. You just happened to be in the way at the time.) He puts his trust in his closest allies. While that&rsquo;s true, it doesn&rsquo;t necessarily mean that he&rsquo;ll trust just anybody. In fact, it takes a lot for him to really trust you. The only person he really trusts the most enough to &ndash; for the most part &ndash; not question and just follow what&rsquo;s being said would be Sven.<br /><br />If you go from his earlier days as a child or Chronos Eraser, the word lackadaisical would not apply to Train at all. Once he left Chronos, he became very lackadaisical and went about his business without a care in the world. There&rsquo;s always a time and place, but he&rsquo;ll even be this easy going while catching a bounty. He&rsquo;d give off smart ass comment or seem very casual about catching the bounty to lighten up the mood a little. He does take his bounties serious&hellip;. sometimes&hellip;? While Durham was trying to track him down, he just so happened to be passing by Durham and Eve and acted very casual about it. Because calming saying, &ldquo;Hey I know you. You tried to kill me,&rdquo; as if saying he liked milk is interesting all on its own.<br /><br />Saya pointed out to him that &ldquo;he wore his heart on his sleeve&rdquo;. Of course Train denied that, but it&rsquo;s very true. He has a hard time hiding how he feels about something. People tend to pick up on his emotions fairly easily. Maybe that&rsquo;s why he doesn&rsquo;t really lie much? That being said, he is a bit of Tsundere at times; although he&rsquo;s not exactly the affectionate type. He won&rsquo;t tell you his feelings that much and doesn&rsquo;t really understand them half the time.<br /><br />Train was never all that talkative in the first place. He&rsquo;s the kind of guy who acts more through actions than ever expressing anything in words. That was probably one of the many reasons Train was Chronos&rsquo; number one Eraser. He does get a little more friendly and talkative as the story progresses, but even then he tends to keep to himself. He&rsquo;s not the kind of guy who would randomly go up to a stranger and strike up a conversation. In fact, you&rsquo;d almost have to have someone talk to him first. Once you become friends with him, he tends to be more talkative.<br /><br />He&rsquo;s a very straight forward person. He doesn&rsquo;t like to beat around the bush, she he comes off as very blunt. No sense talking in circles just to explain something that could be easily said bluntly. He&rsquo;ll say what&rsquo;s on his mind most of the time, as long it doesn&rsquo;t really have any emotionally influenced stuff. He really has no reason to lie and thus he&rsquo;s usually pretty honest with what he says. The only thing he really won&rsquo;t talk to about unless there&rsquo;s really no way around it is his past and especially what he calls, &ldquo;his pet cat days.&rdquo; If anything, he doesn&rsquo;t particularly lie as much as he just leaves out details every now and then.<br /><br />While he was in Chronos and even while he was a kid trying to kill Zagine, he really didn&rsquo;t care about the fact that he could easily kill someone without any kind of remorse behind it. All he wanted was to get his revenge on Zagine, but that was thwarted when someone else got to him before he could. Once Saya taught him he didn&rsquo;t have to follow what other people ordered him to do, he began to do things he actually wanted. Up until then, he never really thought he had any kind of say in that kind of stuff. Saya taught him that it was okay to be a stray cat. <br /><br />From that moment on, he swore to himself that he wouldn&rsquo;t kill another living person. Even when it came down to killing Creed, in the end he just took away the powers that allowed him to live the way he did; He allowed Creed to live as a normal human being because it would be much more affective when it dealt with living with the consequences. At most, he would just knock someone out.<br /><br />The one most obvious thing about Train, aside from acting like a cat, is that he&rsquo;s a black hole when it comes to food. He can <i>easily</i> deplete 3/4th of the money that they earn on bounties with his appetite. So much so that Sven has officially dubbed his eating habits as his &ldquo;Eat like a pig and live of Sven for free&rdquo; plan. It doesn&rsquo;t stop there. He&rsquo;s stated that he can easily drink down at least 10 bottles of milk <i>per day</i>. He&rsquo;s not exactly someone you want to treat to a meal if you value your money.<br /><b>Abilities:</b> Train has no super powers like Tao or the use of nanotechnology, but he's an expert gunman. His pistol, Hades, is his primary weapon. He's very agile and fast. His aim is nearly perfect, but of course, he can't take the role of perfection just yet. He also has the ability to use a power called &ldquo;Railgun&rdquo; just because of that short amount of time he was affected by Tao; Although it takes a lot of power and his current limit is at 3 shots.<br /><u><b>Samples</b></u><br /><b>First Person:</b> <a href="&rdquo;" dear-mun.dreamwidth.org="">Dear_mun post</a><br /><b>Third Person:</b> When Train arrived to Hotel California, he had no idea where he was or how he&rsquo;d even gotten there. All he knew was that he was tired and wanted to rest somewhere. He had just gotten paid from a bounty, but he wondered how spendy this place would be. It made him very surprised to be able to get in for free. That did raise a red flag for him, but he was too tired to really care at the moment. After a great feast, he went to sleep only to wake up about two in the morning.<br /><br />Finding it hard to fall asleep again, he wandered about. It didn&rsquo;t take long for Train to realize the once beautiful hotel had changed from day to night. His first reaction was that something happened while he was asleep. He just didn&rsquo;t know what would have happened. The wall paper seemed to peel of the walls and look like it had been long since abandoned. The flickering lights really got annoying, but it certainly added onto the eerie feel that night time had on the hotel. Just as the walls seemed to be ignored, everything else seemed to have turned sour.<br /><br />&ldquo;Just what exactly did I miss?&rdquo; he thought out loud.<br /><br />His thought process was interrupted once he heard a blood curdling scream. That was never a pleasant thing to hear. He knew that sound all too well from his pet cat days. If it made any difference, he did make the assassinations quick and as painless as possible. Still, he couldn&rsquo;t help but to think back to that time. Rushing to the direction of the scream, he tried to get there as soon as possible. <br /><br />Unfortunately, he&rsquo;d been a little too late. The girl had already been stabbed and lying on the ground in a puddle of her own blood. He&rsquo;d long since gotten used to the sight of blood, but it didn&rsquo;t stop him from cringing very slightly. He was usually able to save those innocent victims in time, looks like this time he didn&rsquo;t make it in time. The man who had killed the girl was about to drag the girl off by her leg. He recognized the man as one of the bell hops he&rsquo;d seen around. As far as he knew, he seemed like a nice guy. This was why Train was hesitant to really give an accurate opinion on someone; they just might turn out to be cold-blooded killers.<br /><br />It wasn&rsquo;t until the man dropped the girl and charged at him when Train pulled out his Hades. This man clearly meant business. He knew that look better than anyone. It was the same look he&rsquo;d had so long ago now. He would usually be pretty laid back, but right now called for a more serious tone. Smacking the man across the face with Hades, he made sure that he didn&rsquo;t accidently shoot the pistol. He had never really had issues with avoiding killing, but when someone was charging to try to kill him, he couldn&rsquo;t just stand there. If it called for it, he could just as simply use a special bullet to paralyze the man for the time being.<br /><br />After a good while of attacking the man, he was finally able to knock him out cold. There was no hope left for the girl, she he left to find something to tie the man up with. He eventually found rope and tied the man up. The question now was what did he do with him? This man wasn&rsquo;t exactly a bounty, but he was clearly a danger to himself and everyone else around him.<br /><br />&ldquo;Hell of a hotel you have here,&rdquo; he said to the man, even though the man was knocked out. &ldquo;I just wanted some milk&hellip;.&rdquo;</cut>