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Rose Hathaway app for Maison de Portes

Player's Name: Terra
Contact info: [AIM] Sugoitera
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Character: Rosemarie "Rose" Hathaway
Canon: Vampire Academy
Version: Book series;
Book series ;
1) Vampire Academy
2) Frostbite
3) Shadow Kissed
4) Blood Promise
5) Spirit Bound
6) Last Sacrifice

1) Bloodlines
2) The Golden Lily
Canon Point: After Dimitri left to go to the research group at the end of Bloodlines.
Age: 18
Gender: Female

History: Rose Hathaway
Personality: Rose is a very caring person. That can be hard to see most the time, though. With how she is and how she acts, it sort of gets hidden in the midst of everything else. She is pretty outgoing and has a lot of energy. More than she should be allowed to have. That's probably a good thing to have because she'll always be there for a friend and do what she can to help them. Unless.... you're Lissa and being used for a good distraction. To be fair, it was good for her to become the next queen.

Rose may have her moments in which people may think of her as unreliable; For good reason too. She tends to say or do things she shouldn't at the worst times possible. She acts before she thinks which tends to get her into trouble. No matter what she might do, one thing should be known. She is a damn good guardian. She's serious about her work and she's serious when it comes to protecting Lissa or any other Moroi for that most part.

She has a certain kind of charm that comes with her personality. She tends do it without really trying. She may want to have a life of her own from time to time, but when it all comes down to it, she's ready to give her life for Lissa. If it's for Lissa she can deal with it, no matter how hard it might be. As long as she can save and protect those she cares for, she'd die for them.

The one thing that is clearly obvious though is how reckless she can be. Anything that is dangerous, you can count on Rose to have something to do with it. I'd like to use the term, dangerously reckless. Recklessness might be considered as maybe cheating on a test and getting caught. Being dangerously reckless is completely different and on a whole different level. Like... say... walking into a headquaters that's swarming with Strigoi. That's dangerously reckless. Most the time the bad ideas and schemes are Rose's ideas.

She's hot-headed and gets angry very easily. It's best not to push it. She's snarky and comes with tons of witty phrases to say. She's quick to be sarcastic and irritate people. In fact, she gets enjoyment out of pissing people off sometimes. That being said, she's very passonate about what she does and has an intense stubborn side. To the point that she won't back down to anything most of the time once her decission is made.

Rose tends to get big headed at times and she can be arrogant. Most of that comes from her pride. She's a very prideful person and doesn't like to be called out or even be wrong. In fact, her personality becomes clear once you meet her father. They're very similiar and while most fathers would look down on having their children sent to prison, her father couldn't be prouder. Rose won't say anything though.
Fears: During the time Lissa and Rose sill had the bond between them due to being shadow kissed, it was a very real possiblilty that she could eventually go crazy. Even though she acted like it was nothing and she could handle it towards most people, she constantly feared the thought that she could one day go crazy.

By saving Lissa's life from the darkness caused by using Spirit, she was taking it from her. Eventually if things went on like this, Rose could eventually go insane and kill herself; Just like Anna, guardian of St. Vladimir. No matter how much of a strong outer appearance she had, she couldn't help but constantly worry about possibly killing herself. Yet her sense of duty towards Lissa is stronger than her fears and will always do what's in Lissa's best interests.

Her friends are the most important thing in her life. While family was never really that prominant in her life, friends have been. She'd gotten a lot closer to her mother than what they used to be in the first place. She didn't mind her father as much, but she did have her moments when she didn't particularly like him. That being said, it should be noted that if anything ever happened to her friends, she wouldn't know what to do without them in her life. If anything happened to her friends, she would kick the asses of whoever harmed them in whatever way. May it be physically or just simply emotionally/mentally.

She may not show it much, but she fears of losing friends for whatever reason it may be. Losing friends to things like people killing them or anything else such as disease or illness would tear her apart. The thing that would get under her skin the most is knowing that it was her fault for them getting killed; rather it be because making them mad and their death was because of stuff they did afterwords or if it was directly because of her. It didn't matter.

A death was a death. No matter how used to it she was with Strigoi and Moroi alike, friends would just destory her if they ever got killed. Mason's death was proof enough. She feels that it was her fault that Mason was killed. He wouldn't have gone and done something so reckless if she hadn't caused him to storm off like that.

Her worst fear would probably be Lissa's safety. She constantly fears that Lissa could someday be killed due to her neglance. She could be killed because Rose might not be strong enough to save her. Maybe she won't have enough training to efficiantly protect Lissa. She always has that picking at her. The fear of not coming to Lissa's aid in time worries her. With the bond gone now, her fears of not being about to protect Lissa or any other person that she cares for makes it difficult for her sometimes. She would rather save everybody else that matters to her than to take her own life in account. She often forgets to think about helping herself.
Rose may be pretty strong and talented, she has her flaws just like anybody else does. She is a good fighter, but that's not to say she's the best. Even if she was one of the best Dhampirs in her class, that doesn't mean she's unstoppable. She has a way to go with her training yet. She may be pretty good at fighting, but she still has a lot to learn about the world and different enemies out there.

She can usually win fights against other Dhampirs and Strigoi. Not all Dhampirs are easy to fight, though. Strigoi are a touchy subject though. It's not easy to kill a Strigoi in the first place. Even with Rose's training, that's not enough sometimes. Even for Rose, it's hard to kill a Strigoi. She picks her fights and in the end, it's quite possible that she can lose. By no means is she perfect.

While Rose does a fairly decent job at keeping herself from becoming emotional, she's still a living being and has her moments just like everyone else does. Her angry and outbursts are bad on their own. When it comes to hurting or just crying or anything along the lines of that, she does an alright job at keeping them to herself. She's still part-human and still alive though. As the books went on, she became more and more emotional. When your best friend dies because of something that probably could have been avoided, it takes a toll on you.

She does her best to avoid getting emotional, but she's cried her fair share of times. Sometimes she could have avoided it there too, but she chose to give in to her emotions rather than to hold it back like she usually does. The whole Strigoi thing really stressed Rose out. When Dimitri was normal again and told Rose his feelings have changed, it devistated her. She was probably more affected by, "Feelings change. Mine have," than she was anything else, on exceptiong the death of Mason.

Self-restraint is probably the worst benefactor of her personality traits. What was that? She has no sense of self-restraint and no sense of tact almost all the time sometimes. Due to the lack of self-restraint, Rose tends to fight first and then ask questions later. Because of that small little fact, she really doesn't really think things out and she sure as hell gets into a lot of trouble. She'll run into the headquaters of the enemy without a single thought or plan at times, only to realize she had nothing to go on.

Mundane Strengths/Abilities: Rose is a Dhampir. Unlike Moroi who can’t be in the sun for too long and feed mostly on blood -- thanks to the courtesy of Feeders -- she is able to eat normal food and go out in the sun just like any other person. She does have some Moroi blood, but she fits in well with regular human society. She’s very strong and has staked multiple Strigoi. She had the ability at one point to tell when Strigoi were around, but since cutting her bond off with Lissa, she can no longer do so; That includes seeing Mason's ghost. Before cutting off the bond, she was able to look into Lissa's mind and sense whenever she was in danger no matter how far away they were. She no longer has the ability to do that either.

Sensitivity/Magical Ability: Since Rose is fairly strong in the physical aspect, she really doesn't have anything for magical ability. The closest thing to magical ability or even sensitivety is that due to being brought back from the dead once, she tends to linger in the middle of life and death in a sense. Her aura, according to Adrian, is darker and has a glint of gold in it.

Supply List: The only thing Rose really carries with her at all times is a few silver enchanted stakes and her recently bought cell phone.

Game Transfers: N/A

Sample RP post: Rose had followed Lissa around as her job demanded. She was a Dhampir, guardian to the lovely, last of her kind, Vasilisa Dragomir. It was astounding as to how she managed to make it as her guardian. It felt empty lately and it sort of bugged her. Before she would have been all for it, but things didn't work that way this time. Lissa had two official guardians. Rose was one of them naturally; the other one that was supposed to be with her was DImitri. It didn't matter now. DImitri was no longer with them. While he was alive and back to normal now, he was off in a completely different state.

With Jill in trouble, it couldn't be helped. She knew that if Eddie and even Sydney were there, Jill would be perfectly safe. The fact they had another dhampir there named Angela should help. She was sure that Adrian still hated her and she wasn't sure what good Adrian was there, but maybe it helped Jill get by with his presence. She knew Dimitri had to be there for the research, but she couldn't help but to miss him. They'd finally started to date and it made her happy. At least they could call sometimes. She knew he was busy.

Either way, she couldn't let her loneliness get in the way of her duties as Lissa's guardian. She'd gone too far to throw it all alway now. Dhampirs were ordered to guard Moroi and fight for them. It was as simple as that. Without being totally focused, Rose could risk Lissa's life; She never wanted that for Lissa. Without her bond it made things even more difficult, but this is what every other guardian dealt with. She watched in the back, leaning against the wall. She made sure to still be proper about her job. They had strict rules about how a guardian should act.

Personally, the dark clothing and the stiffness for staying in one spot and position for an hour or two really bugged her. She wanted nothing more than to break loose and run around the room. That was not accepted, no matter how much she wished it was right about now. She refrained from doing something that would make the others believe that she really didn't deserve to be Lissa's guardian. Damn straight she was going to make sure of that. She just did as she was required to do, no matter how much it annoyed her. It was for Lissa; She had to remember that. She had to do it for her. Lissa was her life now, literally.

Everything was put second or on hold in her own life compared to Lissa's busy lifestyle. Despite a few urges she got at times, this really didn't bother Rose too much. She couldn't help that she really wanted to rebel out at times. Rose was Rose. There was nothing that could be done about that. She glanced around at other guardians doing their duties. They were mostly guys, because girl guardians were rare these days. There was one other girl there, but she had short hair. She had the desire to feel her own, long dark brown hair. She had put it into a pony tail instead of cutting it like most female guardians did. Dimitri had always insisted that she just put her hair up rather than to cut it, even if it was more common to have short hair as a guardian.

She looked about the room, only hearing bits and pieces and a few selective things. As a guardian, she was to hear without actually hearing and see without actually seeing. It sounded confusing, but it wasn't when you thought of it. All that really meant was, you have to be observent to catch any trouble that goes on, but at the same time, you were not to let your eyes wander carelessly -- something Rose obviously had trouble with. You were to hear for purposes of a possible Strigoi attack, but not easedrop into the conversations in the room. That was especially hard for Rose because people were so close and talked so loud. It was almost impossible to tune them out. She glanced to Lissa, who seemed bored as she fiddled with her pencil. That made Rose feel a little better. She wouldn't have to worry about school anymore, thank god for that. She had a lot more things to worry about in place of school now; It was much more serious stuff.

She told herself that everything was at ease for the moment. The class went on for what it seemed like forever. She wanted to take a nap, but obviously that wasn't an optional thing. When class finally ended, Lissa walked over to her. Thank god that was her last class for the day.