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Haku app for Luceti


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Name: Haku
Canon: Naruto
Gender: FeMale
Age: 15
Wing Color: Teal

Canon Point: Right after his death.
Canon Point Explanation: I figure that would be the best time for him to grow from. He needs to learn there’s more to life than living as a tool ;_;
History: Wikia
Personality: Haku is a very friendly boy and loves to make new friends. He smiles most of the time and is very outgoing. He tends to be very easy to talk to. He loves to help those in need. That sometimes gets him in trouble by Zabuza, but he feels it’s worth it. He would even give what little money he has to those who need it more than he does.

As Zabuza mentioned quite a few times, Haku is about as pure and innocent as the snow that falls. Even while fighting, he wants nothing more than to fight for not only Zabuza or someone precious to him, but also for those he’s fighting against. Even though they may be his opponents at the time, he’ll fight for their sake too. He’s not exactly the type to swear or act out. He can be pretty naive from time to time. He does know enough of the ninja world due to his travels with Zabuza to keep from remaining completely naïve.

He’s a very intelligent boy and knows a lot for his age. He knows a lot about the human body and maybe even medical jutsus. He was able to knock out Zabuza and even trick Kakashi into thinking Zabuza was dead. It didn’t take long for him to realize, but that’s all the time he needed. He’s a fast learner and loves to learn new things. He’s always open to becoming a better and more perfect shinobi for Zabuza’s sake. He really dislikes feeling useless so he does what he can to keep from being useless.

Haku is a pretty level headed boy. He’s usually very calm and collected. He very rarely loses his head. Even when he’s angry, he really doesn’t yell. He’s also very respectful and uses honorifics. Even with Zabuza, he still refers to him as Zabuza-san despite how dear he is to Haku. He has the utmost respect for Zabuza and would do anything for him.

Haku’s the kind of guy who doesn’t particularly like to have all the attention on him. He’s much more comfortable with blending in the background unnoticed like a wall flower. He’s much more concerned about other people than he is himself. Haku is really just a quiet boy who keeps to himself or the few people he actually knows. You could say he’s introverted.

Haku may keep to himself, but it’s not all that hard to befriend him. He tends to like most people unless he has a reason not to. If it means hurting somebody innocent, he’ll most likely feel on edge with you. Once you really get to know him, he’s quite a bit more open to you, depending on how close he is to you. He’s much more playful and child-like when it doesn’t involve his work as a tool. He loves to mess around would those he knows and most the time that ends up being Zabuza.

Haku feels that he needs a reason to live. He needs to have a purpose in life; otherwise he feels that he’s not good enough to stick around. Without some sort of guidance, he sort of wanders around senselessly without a purpose. Once he finds someone important to him, he’ll protect them with everything he has. If it means dying for them or even killing, he’ll lay aside his nurturing ways to protect who he cares for. That being said, he tends to sort of cling to his precious person unless it’s absolutely necessary for him to part with them for a short while.

Haku really has no issues with being seen as a boy or a girl, but he will comment about it if he feels he needs to. He didn’t actually tell Naruto that he was a girl until the point that Haku was leaving. Because that, he has no qualms about wearing girl clothing. His casual look is a pink kimono/yukata, after all. He also tends to favor snow and ice. Being from the Land of Water, it was a natural thing to see it snow all the time. He doesn’t mind spring time, but he’d much rather have it snowy and chilly rather than sunny and warm.

He really has no reason to live for himself and tends to follow somebody else’s dreams and goals. As long as he can help out the best he can and fulfill the goal of the person he cares about, he’ll be content. Because of that notion, he really has no goals, hopes, or dreams of his own. He’s much happier being useful for someone else than to living for himself.

Haku is a pretty friendly and warm boy, but he does take on a completely different side to him when it comes to his work. AS long as he can be of help to Zabuza or someone else important to him, he will put aside his playful side. In fact, he can be quite cold, distant, and ruthless when it all comes down to it. Feelings as a shinobi should be under wraps when it involves a mission. Feels just hinder your progress when you really need to stay detached. The only thing he sees is his goals and blocks everything else out in order to achieve those goals.

Even in his shinobi mode, he is still kind hearted Haku who only wishes for the best. He’ll do everything he can to avoid killing someone. As long as he can harm them enough for them to back down, he’ll do what he can to keep from killing. He would much rather have his opponents back down than to have to resort to drastic measures. Only when they refuse to back down will he continue to fight to kill. He really dislikes the idea of killing people, but when it means it would help Zabuza or someone precious to him, he’ll do it without any sort of complaint or hindrance. Failing Zabuza is not an option.

Physical: Haku is a very skilled shinobi, even if that isn’t exactly what he’s striving for. If it means being useful for Zabuza, he’ll do what it takes to be an excellent shinobi. Without Zabuza around, he’ll most likely carry that on to the other precious people in his life, too. He’s able to do powerful jutsus and even do them with only one hand to do hand signs without any issues. He’s a pretty powerful kid for his age, but even so he’ll avoid fighting if he can. He would rather solve things out peacefully before ever having to actually fight. Haku’s best physical attribute is probably his speed. His speed is incredible and that’s evident in his Demonic Ice Mirrors.
Mental: Haku is a very smart boy. He knows a lot of information about the body. He was able to knock out Zabuza within an instant of throwing his senbon at him. It was enough to trick even Kakashi into thinking that Zabuza was “dead”. It didn’t take long for him to realize shortly after, but that’s all the time Haku needed to get Zabuza out of there.

He’s also the kind of person who would think things out before actually acting on them. It wouldn’t do him any good to charge in like a fool with no plan. That being said, he observes from a distance, taking in everything he can. It could be the silliest things like quirks and habits, but every little thing matters. Even the people his opponent might know comes in handy.
Emotional: Haku very kind and selfless. He fights when he needs to, but even in a fight he won’t aim to kill. It was pointed out by Sasuke that while he had been hurt badly enough by the constant senbon, none of the senbon actually hit any vital areas. Zabuza pointed out that it wasn’t just for Zabuza’s sake, it was also for their sake that he fought. Being calm and collected, not once did Haku lose his head, even in the midst of Zabuza’s near death due to the Chidori. He had a sense of urgency to get to Zabuza, but he hadn’t been freaking out.

Physical: He may be a pretty strong boy for his age, but he does has his flaws. He may be pretty strong, but he’s not the best person out there by any means. He would rather take a hit here and there than to kill someone. He does have a fair amount of chakra because he really needs to have a lot of chakra to sustain the Demonic Ice Mirrors Jutsu for a long period of time, not including his other jutsus.
Mental: While Haku can be very level headed, he does still succumb to certain emotions. Once he feels that he’s no longer useful as a tool, he’d rather be killed than let free to live. He told Naruto to kill him once he felt that he was no longer useful. Only when Zabuza was in danger did Haku finally stop Naruto from killing him, only to be killed by Kakashi’s Chidori meant for Zabuza.
Emotional: For the longest time, Haku has felt unneeded/unwanted until Zabuza came along. He’d always felt like he’d done everything wrong. Needless to say, his own self-worth is very low in his eyes. As long as he can be a proper tool for someone or have a purpose to live, he can continue on his way. Once he loses a purpose to live, it’s hard for him to want to stick around and find another reason to live. He doesn’t exactly have low self-esteem, but it’s definitely something like that. That being said, it’s safe to say that he does tend to quickly attach himself to those he cares about easier than he really should. Friendship and loyalty drives him to be the best he can be. His intent to protect those precious to him can sometimes get in the way of thinking out things rationally.

Anything else?: Haku has a bloodline (or otherwise called a Kekkei Genkai) called Ice Release. It allows him to manipulate water. It mostly deals with ice, as the name suggests. Mostly all of his jutsus revolve around water and ice. He has gotten to the point where he can create senbon out of water and only have to use one hand to do hand signs.

The Demonic Ice Mirrors is probably the most impressive thing about his Kekkei Genkai. With the 21 ice mirrors, he could travel from one mirror to another within a blink of an eye. He’s thought to be unbearable, but Naruto has proved – with the help of Kyuubi’s chakra – that it can be broken. The only reason Sasuke was able to track his speed was because of the help of his Sharingan and multiple tries from Naruto’s Shadow Clone Jutsu.

First Person: Test Flight

Third Person: (300 words minimum. Remember to write using proper grammar, verb tenses, and paragraphs.)

After getting over the initial shock that he was alive again, Haku found himself wandering aimlessly. He really didn’t understand how he could be alive again. The last thing he remembered was taking the blow for Zabuza. There was no way he could simply recover from Kakashi’s Chidori and especially not when it was such an obvious impact. These wings really did nothing to reassure the boy that he was alive. Honestly, when he’d arrived, he thought that everyone else around him was dead too.

Being alive was a lot to take in and without Zabuza around, he wasn’t so sure that it was better that he was alive. Without Zabuza around, what purpose did he have here? What could a broken tool like himself possibly do when there was nothing left to live for. This place – called Luceti by those he’d spoken to – was said to be a paradise for them. No need to get a job or earn money. He got everything he desired. Something had to be included in that; A catch. Was it these wings or even that strange barcode on the back of his neck?

He was certain that there had to be more to this that met the eye. If whatever force kidnapped him and the others and brought him back to life, it was clear they wanted something in return. No amount of free stuff could change his mind about that. Why else drag them here, but not allow them to leave?

The pain he felt on his beak was nothing compared to the Chidori. He would simple have to get used to the wings. Was this what it felt like to be dead? He couldn’t say. He’d already been told multiple times that he wasn’t dead, but something just…. assured him that he was; technically speaking anyways. What could he do now?

Without a reason to live, he was lost on what to do from here on out. He wasn’t the type to commit suicide, but was there really a place from a broken tool? Wandering around aimlessly, he messed with the journal he found next to him when he came to. He’d never seen something like it, but it certainly held his interest at the moment.