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Tamaki Suoh app for Entranceway

Character Name: Tamaki Suoh

Series: Ouran High School Host Club

Timeline: The end of the manga [or the latest chapter out for it]

Canon Resource Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ouran_High_School_Host_Club_characters#Tamaki_suoh


Character Background: Tamaki is half-Japanese and half-French. At one point he lived with his mother, not playing with the younger kids to tend for his mother and keep her company. He had always insisted that he wanted to stay by his mother’s side. She would continuously tell him that he should be out having fun with the other kids, but he always declined. He would keep her company, playing the piano for her and various other activities. Though, Tamaki’s grandmother did not approve of his mother. She even went as far as to separate him from her. He was brought to Japan to live in the 2nd Suou house and to attend Ouran Middle School.


He started the Host Club when he started high school. In his first year of high school, he insisted that Hikaru and Kaoru both joined. They would not be bought so easily, however. He had done various tests and tasks to get them to join. When they told him that he had a certain time limit to point out who was Hikaru and who was Kaoru. If he succeeded in the time given, they would join his Host Club. Eventually, he finally got it right, after a lot of bad guesses. When they realized he tried so hard to get them to join, they decided it could be fun to do so.


As for the other hosts, he had gotten Kyouya over time. It was up to Kyouya to become Tamaki’s friend because it was good for business. Even though he was needed to do so, it irritated him. Every time he would try, Tamaki would make things difficult and change plans off the wall. Over time, he finally agreed to join the host club. Though, there is a major misconception that Kyouya is the king of the host club, due to him taking care of finances and the website.


He was able to bring in Honey through much easier means. Honey had always loved cute things and sweets, but because he was a Haninozuka, he had to hide these likes of his. He finally approached Honey, by wearing a rabbit puppet and luring him to him. He told him that he shouldn’t have to hide what he loved and he should be able to express it freely. He said if he joined the Host Club as a host, he would be able to eat sweets and express what he loved. That took Honey, agreeing to join the club. He also got Mori with almost no effort, thanks to Honey joining the Host Club. He followed Mitsukuni into the host club.


He set up the host club in an abandoned music room, the 3rd music room to be exact. When Haruhi was looking for a place to study, she stumbled across the room. She was subjected to presuming she was gay, mostly because they thought she was a boy with her short boy cut hair and appeal. Tamaki acknowledged her to be the honor student who got here through good grades. Practically the ONLY commoner at Ouran. When he was trying to accommodate her for what type she would like, she backed up and accidently broke a vase very valuable vase. It was obvious she couldn’t afford to pay for it with cash, seeming as she couldn’t even afford their school uniform.


As payment for the vase they were going to put up for auction, she was dubbed as the Host Club’s “dog”. She did all the errands and such. After a while, she brought back the wrong kind of coffee, others proclaiming it was commoner’s coffee. Tamaki decided that it was fine. He would drink this coffee. The others were hesitant, saying their fathers would disown them for it. He ordered Haruhi, after convincing the girls to drink it, to make some of this “commoner’s coffee”. When he tried it, he became in love with it, always wanting commoner’s coffee. While Haruhi stood to the side, Tamaki was explaining how it was every host’s duty to make every girl happy. When Haruhi pretty much told him that looks didn’t matter and it was only what was in the heart that should matter, this shocked Tamaki. He took her glasses off, then ordering Hikaru and Kaoru to get her in an Ouran uniform, Kyouya to call his hair dresser, Mori to get her some contacts, and incidentally, Honey to just eat his cake.


After the makeover, they said that she would be a host to pay for her debt. Her first few requests, she seemed like a natural at, earning her the “Natural Type” title. This made Tamaki slightly jealous that she was new at it and already doing fairly well. However, this added attention caused his own “princess” to grow somewhat jealous. She began to harass Haruhi in secret, even throwing her stuff in the water fountain. When Tamaki found out that she did it, he poured the water onto her head, telling her that she is not to mess with Haruhi and she was not allowed back into the host club. By this time, the others have figured out along the way that Haruhi was really a girl, but it wasn’t until when she was changing after getting wet herself that Tamaki finally realized she was a girl.


He became very protective of her and started to claim that was her “father”. He acted like an obsessive father, fretting over so many different small things, but then… it’s not Tamaki if he doesn’t, right? He was in charge of the different kinds of themes and cosplay that went with it. There is a physical exam for everyone to take. At first, Tamaki is overjoyed of Haruhi being found out she’s a girl, but realizes later with the help of the twins that it would be bad later. He, doing as the twins suggested just to see if he would do it, tried his best to protect Haruhi by impersonating her, but he is easily found out that he is Tamaki. The doctor who agreed to keep her gender a secret turned out to be someone looking for his daughter. This worries the members of the host club and they go to save Tamaki. Tamaki is the one who took his shirt off and made her cover herself with it, getting mad at the man. It was later realized that he was looking at the wrong school for his daughter. Tamaki becomes touched, wanting to help him find his daughter. He gave him directions and tried his best to help him.


At one point, Renge shows up, pointing out everyone’s flaws except for Kyouya, claiming he was perfect the way he was. She made Tamaki portray that of a “Lonely Prince”. The others found their character makeovers annoying or off. However, Tamaki practically shipped the Lonely Prince title. She even started a film about, but when things got out of hand and violence from Tamaki for hurting Haruhi, which wasn’t the case, was caught on it, Kyouya finally put an end to it, damaging the lens of the camera. He told her that violence of the host club could not be seen publicly and he was not who she made him out to be.



She finally realizes this, declaring that she would give up on him. Just when they think she returned back to France, she came back, claiming that she was their director in characterization and things of the Host Club. As time went by, he had met a young boy, Shiro Takaoji, who wanted to learn how to be a host. At first, Tamaki believed that he wanted to make women happy. However, as time went by, he noticed that he would stare at a certain girl and got mad at him. He said that stuff worked on other girls, but when it was someone he liked, it wouldn’t work. He needed to do that on his own. He organized a piano recital for the girl and Shiro. Because the girl was about to move, they played a song on piano together. It turns out that later they were doing fine together as a couple, even if it was between e-mail. Though, he continued to flirt with the girls at the host club as the “Naughty Type”, of course arranged by Renge.


When the host club goes to an artificial jungle area, of course property of Kyouya’s family, the twins and Tamaki decided to play a little game. They have a water fight with water guns. When Tamaki is tricked into it, he tells them that guarding the water was cheating, he slipped on a banana peal, slipping all over the place and finally hitting a totem pole. This somehow caused Honey to be swept away in the water. Mori set out to find Honey, but Haruhi gets worried about Mori and followed him. Kyouya said that a small boy was missing, but when they think Haruhi is the boy, things get messy. Honey comes out of no where and saves them. When they got back, they all show that they are glad to see them safe. When Tamaki mentions that Haruhi didn’t like swimming, she said she did, just not at places like the jungle there.


It is decided that they go to a real beach, taking Haruhi’s words into account. Though, because customers were there as well, Haruhi was still unable to wear a swim suit. Tamaki and the twins decided to play a game to find Haruhi’s weakness, claiming only real friends would know. They try scaring her with bugs, crabs, ghost stories, and such, but nothing works. Pictures of Haruhi in middle school were offered that somehow Kyouya came across. When 2 girls are threatened by a few men, Haruhi goes to save them, but she is pushed off. When Tamaki arrives, he went to protect them and dived in to save Haruhi. When he comes back to shore with her in his arms and sets her down, he is very worried and mad at her. He asked what she was doing against two boys. Haruhi didn’t seem to understand that Tamaki and the others were worried sick about her. He declared that he would not speak to her until she said she was wrong. It wasn’t until dinner when Tamaki left that she realized she had worried everyone.


She accidently stumbles in Kyouya’s room, also getting her to see why Tamaki was worried. She finally realized why he was worried for her sake and claims that Kyouya wouldn’t take advantage of her. Tamaki came to borrow shampoo from Kyouya, seeing her on his bed with Kyouya in the dark. When he left, Tamaki began to ask questions about it, but when thunder strikes, she claimed she had something to do and crawled into the dresser from the lightning. Tamaki finds out that she was afraid of thunder and she was always alone to handle it. He gets her to come out, comforting her telling her that everything was okay. They are later found in the room with head phones and a sleeping mask so she wouldn’t hear or see the thunder. The twins state that he was doing perverted things, of which of course he got worked up about.


When girls from Lobelia Girl’s Academy come for Haruhi, the host club become worried that she’ll leave to go to Lobelia. In their attempts, they all dress up as girls, adding in ballroom dresses and wigs/extensions. Mori, incidently, was the only one who remained a guy in uniform. When Haruhi saw this, she began to laugh hysterically, finding what they did very funny. She said she was honored, but she hadn’t wanted to go to Lobelia. The host club decide to visit Haruhi’s house some days after. They attract a lot of attention, but Haruhi is not pleased. Though that is the case, Tamaki and the twins become high strung about not insulting Haruhi, which Honey asked carelessly, getting a not-so-bad-as-they-thought answer from Haruhi.


When she was asked to cook, she goes to the store, saying they couldn’t come. In which they come anyways. Ranka, who also follows them, has a hate for Tamaki for thinking he did things with Haruhi. They all followed her to the store, but when Tamaki is kicked out in plain view, he uses the excuse that, “Daddy loves to carry the basket of groceries” that Ranka used years ago.


He also meets Kirimi, otherwise found out to be Nekozawa’s little sister. He tries his best to bring the two together, but that was easier said then done. Nekozawa wanted Kirimi to know he was her brother, but he hated bright lights and wore a black coat and wig in order to keep from it. However, sad as it is, Kirimi was afraid of cats and darkness. This caused her to be scared of Nekozawa. At first, Tamaki said that he would pose as her “Onii-san”, or big brother. However, when Kirimi sees a cat, Nekozawa went out in broad daylight without his coat or wig on, chasing after her to save her from the cat. Even though it takes a lot out of him, she later acknowledges him as her older brother and looks up to him, despite his dark nature. She gets over being afraid of him. Over time, he finally realizes he is in love with Haruhi as anything but a father.


After a long time, he was finally able to move into the 1st Suou mansion with his grandmother, hoping to accept him into the family. However, she orders Tamaki to break all ties with Haruhi. As much as Tamaki hates it, he agreed to it, disgrouping the host club and taking care of the rest of Haruhi’s debt. When the president, Tamaki’s grandmother, is voted out of office as an excuse that she is too old and shouldn’t have to worry about the company, Tamaki’s father takes her place as owner. They had been working on a cure for his mother and he would be able to see her soon, but Tamaki becomes very sad/mad at his father upon finding out the news. He felt bad for his grandmother and becomes heartbroken that the one thing her husband passed onto her she cannot take care of anymore. For a week or so, he hardly ever ate and missed a lot of school.


Tamaki is and has always been flamboyant and narcissistic. He claims himself to be the Princy type, especially as his job as a host. He is dedicated to being a host and has a goal to make every girl happy. He is mainly comic relief, easily over reacting or letting his imagination get to him and run wild. He is outspoken and he can be quite naïve, especially when it comes to Haruhi. He continuously claims that his is her “father”. He has a thing for referring to people like family. I.E.: He is Haruhi’s “Father”, Kyouya is “Mommy”.

He is very dense when it comes to his own feelings and understanding something right away. Yet, he is very perspective about other people’s feelings; he is the only one who does not realize that he is really in love with Haruhi until later. He get easily jealous, especially when Hikaru and Kaoru flirt with Haruhi. He is very loyal to his friends and tries his best with things. Though, he IS a bit of an idiot. He often fantasizes about Haruhi. Despite his wild, naïve side, he is very caring and gentle, as seen by the way he treats his grandmother even though she despises him.

Abilites/Special Powers: Does the ability to charm countless women count?


Third-Person Sample: [As time flew by, it was hard to believe that Tamaki had already been on his last year of high school. One moment, he was with the Host Club, the next they were disbanded and he was about to graduate. Graduating had been hard on Tamaki. He would really miss everyone and the Host Club. It wasn’t long after until he entered college, a prestigious one, of course. It was hard not being about to see everyone as much as he had wanted to, but somehow he was able to get through it. He had been on his junior year of college before he knew it.


He sat in his room, trying to balance his pencil on his face in boredom. He looked around the dorm, almost expecting Haruhi to show up or even Antoinette. He sighed, putting the pencil down on the desk and thinking of Antoinette. He missed her so much. He had to love her. After all, she had been the sibling of his mother’s dog. He also missed his mother. Though, it was a relief to see that his mother was doing a lot better and that he could see her. He still couldn’t justify how it happened, though.]


Antoinette~ Where are you when I really need some company from you?


[He whined a bit, missing her licks and being able to pet her soft fur. It had been a few years since he had last seen everyone. A few months ago, he had tried to visit Haruhi, but she was gone and Ranka had been there. If that was the case, then you could probably tell what would happen. Of course, he was kicked out without another word, knowing Ranka’s dislike for Tamaki.]


Ugh! I can’t study! Maybe I’ll go for a walk and get some commoner’s coffee…


[He stood up, screeching the chair against the floor as he pushed out and got up. He went for his shoes, slipping them on. Once he was done, he started out of his 2-bedroom dorm and around campus. He looked around for a place where he could find the commoner’s coffee that he had grown so fond of, definite thanks to Haruhi.]


Mommy! Those disgusting twins are trying to steal Haruhi from me! Do something! Stop it! You can't- THAT'S DISGUSTING! STOP VIOLATING HER. My precious daughter is too good for you two and you can't have her!


[He took Haruhi, hugging her while keeping her away from Hikaru and Kaoru.]


I won't let you destroy my precious Haruhi's innocence with your... with your... uhh.. Your perverted acts! Yeah! That's it!


[This is about where Haruhi says something blunt.]



W-what is this?! You hate me!?


[He goes to the corner, starting a mushroom farm covered in gloom.]