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Luna Lovegood app for Entranceway

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Character Name: Luna Lovegood
Series: Harry Potter
Timeline: After Order of the Phoenix [Movie because I'm far too lazy to look through all of the book all over again]
Canon Resource Link: http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Luna_Lovegood
Character Background: Luna's first appearence in the series was Harry's fifth year in Hogwarts. Starting on her fourth year, along with Ginny, she met the gang on the way to Hogwarts. The way there was slightly different from usual. Most kids rode on magical carrages that moved on their own. When Harry mentioned about the horse-like creature that was pulling the carrage. Even though the others couldn't see them, Luna had finally spoken out and said, "You're just as sane as I am". Not that it was really all that comforting to hear on Harry's part. That was her first encounter with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville. She was preoccupied most that time. Doing what you ask? Of course, reading The Quibbler upside-down with her wand tucked behind her ear. At one point, Hermione mentioned that The Quibbler was rubbish, which, surprisingly, Luna found to be insulting. She told them that her father was the editor and took it back.

Upon their arrival, they got settled in. As usual, they had the feast at the beginning of the year. Usually, Dumbledore would be welcoming them back and going over announcements. The order of procedures went as planned. That is until Dolores Jane Umbridge, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, interrupted him. Of course, things got worse over the course of the time. According to Harry, she was one of those people who opposed him at the hearing of the dementor attack. Though, Luna wouldn't know about that bit. She only really talked to him when Harry went to Hagrid's shack and found Luna. She was feedind the nargles. The first thing that Harry noticed about her was that she was barefoot. It turns out that her shoes have gone missing somehow. Naturally, it was from other kids, but she blamed the nargles stating, "I fear the nargles may to be blame for it". When Harry asked about the thestrals, Luna informed him that not many people can actually see them. Only when you witness a death do you gain the ability to do so. In Harry's case, witnessing Cedric's death triggered this odd ability. She also informed him that she was watching when her mother had loved to experiment. She was an extrodinary witch, however one day, it backfired on her and caused her death. Luna was only 9 when it happened. And while she missed her mother terribly, she had faith that she would be able to see her again one day.

Unlike nearly everyone else, she is one of the very few people who believe that Voldemort is back, just as Harry said. No one else seemed to really want to believe him, but she had always thought it was true. After a while, Umbridge witnesses a situation that makes her claim that the school was in a much more worse situation then she thought before. With that, in due time, she was appointed High Inquisitor through Minister of Magic, Fudge's power. Over time, Umbridge got more and more power, slowly knocking down every possible way to express their freedom. Some of the laws she started were no music, proper dress code, and no PDA [Public Display of Affection] allowed. Little by little she began to even poke into the teacher's ways of teaching and their methods and finally got to the point were she even tried to make Professor Tralawney to be thrown out of Hogwarts. Dumbledore came to her rescue and stated that she had the power to sack the teachers, but she had no power and making them leave the campus. That was his job.

As Umbridge as the teacher to Defense Against the Dark Arts, she ensured they had no use for wands and they would practice in an environmental safe area. In otherwords, the students were not learning the kind of defense spells that they needed to protect themselves from outside dangers. They needed to learn and by god, that's what they would do! They met in the Hog's Head for the first meeting of Dumbledore's Army for the sake of being somewhere remote. Harry was about to give up and leave from all the negitivity in the room. Luna was the first to discuss any interest in the group idea, asking if he could do the Patronus Charm. He said that he could and that's when more and more people became interested. Before long, they were all signing up for Dumbledore's Army. They had a few things to figure out, however. What would happen if Umbridge found out? Where would they go to practice? The answers? First one was a who cares answer and the second was found by Neville on accident. Thankfully, he had come across the Room of Requirements. It only appeared when someone was in a great need of something. Umbridge had her suspecions and called for all organizations to be disbanded and they could be questioned for suspicious acts. A few things that were taught were the Expelliarmus charm, the levicorpus charm, and, of course, the Patronus Charm (Expecto Patronum). In order for it to work, you had to think of the happiest memory you had and only worked as long as you stayed concentrated on it. Each person had their own Patronus, Luna with a hare.

Sadly, the classes ended when Umbridge and the others had found the Room of Requirements. How? She had forced it out of Cho Chang through a truth serum. As the name states, Dumbledore was the one who was targeted. Even when Harry tried to explain he had nothing to do with it, Dumbledore went along with it and said that he had told Harry to assemble the group under is name. He would have gone to Azkaban, but disappeared with his phoenix. After which, Umbridge became the Head Mistress of Hogwarts. This didn't set well with the others and Fred and George even thought up an idea. During the O.W.L.S. (Ordinary Wizards Levels) exam for fifth years, they came in on brooms and tons of fireworks filled all over the place. Nearly all the students gathered outside to watch the fireworks go off, including Luna. Harry had envisioned Sirius in deep trouble and left for him. Ginny, Neville, Ron, and Luna all stopped Hermione and Harry. He wasn't going anywhere without them. They all set off to get out by the floo network. The only place that wasn't supervised was none other then Umbridge's office. Sadly, they didn't get far. They were stopped and Umbridge tried to get Snape to give the Truth Serum to Harry. Luckily for Harry, he was all out for the questioning of the students before. It went as far as even threatening to use the Cruciatus Curse on Harry. Hermione saved him in the nick of time, mentioning about "Dumbledore's secret weapon".

They lured her out to the forbidden forest where Hagrid's half-brother ogre was. Thankfully, the Centaurs came to their rescue and took her with them. That allowed them to go to London. How? They flew, of course, by Luna's suggestion. They went on thestral to London where the Ministry of Magic is located. Once inside, they went to the Department of Mysteries. As Harry had seen in dreams/visions, he found the prophacy at 97. That's when things began to grow more and more complicated. Lucius Malfoy showed up asking for the prophacy back. The other Death Eaters made their appearance sometime around this time. When they had the chance, Ginny had used a spell to knock over the shelves with the different orbs on them. They had to run back to the door. They had barely made it. They came to find an archway; However, only Luna and Harry heard the voices coming from it. It wasn't long until the Death Eaters caught up, taking Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, and Neville at wand point. Harry had no choice then to give Malfoy the prophacy.

Lucky for them, the rest of the Order of the Phoenix showed up to assist them. They were released and brought to safety, but Harry stayed to help fight with Sirius. The battle wasn't serious until Bellatrix killed Sirius with Avada Kedavra. Naturally, Harry was very distressed and Lupin had to hold him back. That only worked for so long until he broke free and chaised after her. Unknown to Luna, Voldemort finally showed his face. After a little while, Dumbledore, too, came through and they began to battle it out. During which time, Bellatrix had escaped throught the floo network. Voldemort disappeared, only to try posessing Harry. Durring Harry's struggles to break free from Voldemort's mind, the others finally arrived. Harry was successful and Voldemort came out. Only when the wizards and witches came out, along with Fudge, did Voldemort leave. Sad enough, Minister Fudge feels the need to state the obvious,"He's back!". Way to go, Fudge.

With both Fudge and Umbridge gone, Dumbledore was reinstated as Head Master and the year was coming to a close. While the feast was going on, Luna was no where to be found in the Great Hall. Instead, she was putting up fliers for all the objects of hers that had gone missing. She stated it was all good fun, but she really needed them back now. "Things we lose always find their ways back to you". That was defiantly true, because at that time they saw some of her shows hanging from the ceiling. Instead, she decided to get some pudding before leaving to return home.

There are quite a few odd things that Luna believes in. She, obviously, believes anythign written in The Quibbler. That's worse then the muggle tabloids! She also seemes to believe that Sirius Black is really Stubby Boardman. Who the heck is Stubby Boardmand? He was the lead vocalist of the band, The Hobgoblins. Oh, and ironic as it seems, she also seems to think that Rufus Scrimgeour, who would take Fudge's place as minister later, is actually a vampire. She also believed that Aurors were really a part of the Rotfang Conspiracy. It was to bring down the Ministry of Magic from the inside with dark magic. Naturally stated earlier, she believes Harry's story about Voldemort being back and also that she will see her mother after death. The most odd one is about Fudge. According to her, she believes that Fudge ordered goblins to made into pies (Ew! Sweeny Todd much?) or even assassinated. She also believed that he had an amry of Heliopaths, yet another creature she believes that no one else seems to believe in. The most outragious thing she seems to believe in is that the Department of Mysteries was used to develop poisons for those who opposed him.

A few of the creatures she also believes to be real are Moon Frogs, Blibbering Humdingers, Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, Heliopaths, Umgubular Slashkilters, Nargles, Aquavirius Maggots, Wrackspurts, and Gulping Plimpies. Few of those have proper definitions. A Heliopath is a spirit of fire that gallops and burns anything that it touches or around it. Luna has claimed that Fudge had an army of them. A nargle is probably the most known of the creatures she believes in. A Nargle is known to do two things. One, it infests mistletoe; Two, it likes to take things and cause trouble. All in all, they are known to be "common household pests" to Luna and her father. According to Luna, Aquavirius Maggots are creatures that resemble brains. Another interesting creature she believes in is called a Wrackspurt. Say hello to the common thing we call a, "brain fart". It is an invisible creature, only seen with Spectrespecs, that floats into a person's earts and makes their brain go fuzzy. Apparently, they are real.
Abilites/Special Powers: Luna is a witch, so she can use spells. Currently, of course before being abducted to Wonderland, she is a 4th, going onto 5th, year in Hogwarts in Ravenclaw. Though, due to her... dotty ways, she can see Thestrals and other creatures others can't; Though most of it goes to thanks to The Quibbler that she believes them.
Third-Person Sample: It was dark out. Everyone seemed to be in bed or was getting ready to go to bed and it was quiet. Luna, unlike everyone else, wasn't getting ready. In fact, it took her by surprise to find herself all the way outside and near Hagrid's home. She looked about. Maybe there was a sign of any idea why she came out there in the first place. Her feet had a thing of doing that to her. Well, her feet and her mind. Perhaps it was the Wrackspurts that did it? She didn't have her Spectrespecs with her, after all. Those little buggers liked to mess with peoples' minds. Or it could be that she was busy staring at The Quibbler. It featured the idea that Rufus Scrimgeour was a vampire. A vampire! Don't you believe it? Who would have thought he was a vampire. Luna, of course believing anything in The Quibbler, was convinced. She glanced back up to notice she was not alone.

Who did she see? Well, she saw one of her beloved friends, Harry. He seemed to look at her as if thinking of something. He finally spoke, "Luna? What are you doing here?". She was about to answer before she stopped herself, looking to the side with her naturally wide eyes that gave her a surprised look. She had to think about that. What was she doing? That was a great question. One that she didn't know the answer to, however. She simply looked back to him and shrugged. Though it made her wonder. Why was he out so late? She looked at him in great interest, trying to figure it out just as she had tried to figure out why she was there. After a while, she finally managed to ask him. His answer? Well, he wasnted to see if Hagrid was back. Well, that wasn't odd for him. After all, Hagrid was one of his close friends, so to speak.

"I'm not sure why... Though, it seems to happen a lot to me. I suspect the Wrackspurts are to blame" she answered back late.

She wasn't sure what her purpose was out here, but she was there. She figured it would be best to at least say it. Harry looked at her nonchelantly. After a while, it finally turned to a look as if that was how she normally was and that he wouldn't question it. It was, naturally, how she was. They seemed to stand there randomly for a few minutes before he suggested that she should come with to see Hagrid with him. She just shrugged and went along with it. Besides, it's not like she really had a place to go, other then maybe back inside before she was caught. Luna didn't seem to think of things like that, however. She walked alongside Harry as he knocked on Hagrid's door. There was a little bit of shuffling inside, but nonetheless, out came Hagrid. He seemed to smile to Harry, but looked geniunely surprised to see Luna with him. Nonetheless, he welcomed them both in. In which both Harry and Luna thanked as they walked in.
First-Person Sample: Oh my.... Where is this place? This is interesting. I don't remember coming this way. Perhaps it was because of the wrackspurts that I lost my place...? Ah, well, it seems like it would be interesting here. I wonder if there's any pudding here...?